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This is one of those days that you are glad to see the sun set. My niece called first thing this morning and asked "Are you busy today?" (that's always a loaded question) i had things to do but they really could wait, so i asked her what she needed. She needed a pickup to go get a new riding mower at Home Depot about 40 miles away. So I took her, we got the mower and came home and unloaded it..thankfully there is a ditch with a deep embankment that i could back up to and roll the mower out. After dropping her and her mower off i needed to go to the post office about 8 miles away and get some stamps, send hubby some mail and send off bills. After leaving post office i was on my way to our bank which is only 28 miles from the town that the post office is in. By this time I was getting hungry and was planning to stop at the Sonic to grab a jr. burger and a large sweet tea.....got to town and the Sonic was "closed due to moving to another site on other side of town"....i thought--- well this day is really going good... went to the bank and stopped at a convenience store to grab a bar-be-que sandwich and an Icee. Had my heart set on that sweet tea though :-(
Left town and had one other stop to make before heading home. Had to pick up a birthday cake and ice cream for my mom. Today is her birtday and she doesn't know we are showing up at her & dad's later for cake. I am taking her (asked dad too, but said he did not feel like going, oh well-his loss) to Cracker Barrel in a couple of hours for supper. So my day is not over yet. This is one of those days when you can't wait for your head to hit the pillow ;-)...........I guess now i had better start fixing hair and putting make-up on.......don't want to scare people ya know......

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