Posted by: cheryl

I haven't been on here very much in the past couple weeks.  I have been way too busy preparing for a wedding. Our daughter was married on April 22 at the Will Rogers Dog Iron Ranch near Oologah, OK.
We were praying for good weather.  It had been stormy and cold and the day of the wedding it was supposed to be stormy.  But.... the bad weather stayed south of us and everything worked out fine.  The only problem was that annoying wind.  We had to improvise on the table coverings.
Here is a picture of the newlyweds during their "first dance" as a married couple.

Everyone had a wonderful time.....but Ritzywife was "wore out"!!!  I am just now recovering.  But, you know...  I would do it all over again.  I guess that's just how mom's are ;-)
The next day was spent returning rented items.  Ritzy got that job along with taking the couple to the airport (early)...  I spent the whole day putting my house back in order.  I thought I would never find the top of my table, haha!!  Caught up on some sewing for the son, and all the other things that had been neglected due to wedding preparations.  Now if this rain would just let up a bit so I can get back to fishing..We needed the rain, but geez.....
We did not have evening services at church yesterday.  After eating Easter lunch at Granny's, I came home , crawled on top of my bed, covered up and slept the afternoon away.  After finally getting up at 7 to take my bath, my son said that I would not be able to sleep in the night.  Well, I had no trouble getting that sleep. 
Now, we just have to wait on the garden to dry out so we can finish planting our tomatoes, cukes, and pepper plants.   Oh yeah, and this crazy weather......i am ready for it to warm up and stay that way!!!!!!
Ritzywife is tired of these "cold spells".....  Ritzy just got home and the son will be home soon, so I had better get to the kitchen.....that being said, Ritzywife is out............


Posted by: cheryl

That is where Ritzywife has been the past couple of weeks.  I caught a fish on that new rod and reel I received for my birthday.  So, I have it "broke in".  Have been eating crappie and boy do they ever taste good!!!!
Yesterday I left the house at 7:30 am and returned home at 8:30 pm.   Made for a long day, but I caught 21 crappie.  YEA!!!
I only went for 4 hours today  because the fish just weren't biting......only caught one and that was by accident.  My sister-in-law came over and asked how i "hooked" my minnow, so I grabbed a pole with the intent of showing her, I started reeling  in and realized there was a fish on it.  The only fish I caught for the next 4 hours. 
I did take a few days off  fishing so Ritzy and I could take a much needed mini-vacation to Oklahoma City.  We visited the 45 Infantry Division Museum and just "chilled" out in our hotel.  We got to meet up with an old friend and have a meal and wonderful visit.  I have known her since childhood.  She and Ritzy worked together for a while in Perry, OK after he moved to Oklahoma from Wisconsin.  (She is the one who introduced Ritzy to Ritzywife ).
I can hardly believe it is just a little over a week til our daughter's wedding.  Everything is coming together nicely.  I have been watching the weather and now it looks as if it is going to be a sunny day, a little on the cool side for this time of year but we can handle that........this is important because it is an outside wedding with no back-up plan ;-)
I plan to get up very early in the morning to go fishing.  This is before a cold front/low pressure system moves in.  The fish should be biting.   After the system passes it will be a couple of days before the fish will bite again.  Next week is going to be crazy.......I have wedding preparations to make......and some fishing to do!!!
That being said.....Ritzywife is out...............