Achee Wawa........ino other words "OUCH"!

Posted by: cheryl

I was watching the grandsons here yesterday because their parents were taking advantage of this beautiful spring like weather and finishing up painting the woodwork on their home.
 We were having a blast outside and I got the bright idea to take them down to Ni-maw's fishing hole.  We actually drove on around to the boat ramp because it was less of an incline.  I really didn't want to fish one of them out of the water---haha!!
So we get out and walk down to the water and I tell them they can pick up "little" rocks and throw them into the water.  Well their interpretation of "little" and mine are NOT  the same.  ;-)
Before I could get them separated so they would not accidentally hit each other with a rock, i just happen to look Calvin's way and I saw it coming about a millisecond before it hit.  I heard my whole head have never experienced that sound or feeling before  in my life, nor do i ever want to again.  This is the aftermath:

Calvin saw the blood and started crying and assumed he was in big trouble.  I had to calm/comfort him to assure him that it was an accident all while my head was really hurting.......let's just say all was well after he gave it kisses and Ni-maw gave him kisses and an I love you hug. ( we really got to work on focusing on where we are throwing and making sure no one is in our line of fire.)
Well we got over all that and they proceeded to toss rocks into the water while I made sure no one caught one with their face.
After throwing rocks we went exploring.....we found spent shotgun shells, some really fine river sand that they loved playing in and this big piece of driftwood that they loved playing on:
After playing for a while I asked if they were ready to go get some ice cream at the store and they about beat me to the truck.  Earlier in the day the store's owner ( a good friend of ours)  told me to bring them over to get some ice cream and I was gonna take him  up on that.   He has been so nice to give these two boys ice cream since they were about 4 months old.  They call him "Uncle Ice Cream".  They ate their ice cream and we then went back to Ni-maw's to play some more till P-Pa got home.  When P-pa (Ritzy) arrived they dropped what they were doing and sprinted toward him.  I then informed Ritzy that if he wanted supper he better watch the boys while I went inside and cooked it......
Everyone came in to eat and those boys had worked up an awesome appetite.  After cleaning the kitchen i went in to join P-pa and them  while they were watching tv  til their parents arrived.  I don't know who was more "pooped" --  the parents after spending the day finishing up the painting or ni-maw spending the day keeping track of 2 energetic boys or the two boys themselves after spending the day running, playing, exploring and doing whatever else they could think get the picture.   Let's just say it was a wonderful day for ALL........ and a beautiful day in Oklahoma in the middle of winter  to boot!!
After kisses and hugs they left and Ni-maw took her shower, spent some much needed quiet time in my chair and then went to bed...I sure didn't have any trouble falling asleep after such a wonderful day.
Ritzywife out...................................................