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That is exactly the kind of mood I have been in the past few days. I don't know why but it sure isn't any fun. I have been spending the evenings at my sister's playing with her grandkids just to get out of the house. I miss Ritzy so much!!!!!
I went down there tonight, I watched Sissy play outside. This child loves it outside. The nephew lit some fireworks while sissy and I watched.
I came back home and the son made me laugh, which felt good. This may not seem funny to anyone else, but you have to understand the son's sense of humor. He was putting some ice thru an ice shaver. then poured it in a cup, he then dumped it out poured in some pop and them put in some more shaved ice and said " when you put in the ice and then the pop, then the fizz all comes to the top" without skipping a beat he then said " and I didn't mean for that to rhyme, but it just did. he was so serious. it was just the"way" he said it that was so funny. I just had to laugh. We are always kidding one another in this family. That's how a person survives life, I think....... He just beat me to the punch, cause I would have surely teased him about it.
He is alot like me with the sense of humor and being able to find humor in just about everything. The daughter is a lot like Ritzy, always serious about everything, not kidding around too much. I think Ritzy's family thinks I am nuts sometimes, but hey you might as well see the humor in life, and not take it so serious. I have to admit, my being able to find humor has diminished somewhat since the beginning of this deployment, I try and sometimes, like tonite, I am able to have a good laugh.
Ritzy doesn't have that much time left before he redeploys and I thought this would get easier, but I thought wrong, and believe me it's not the first time that's ever happened ;-)
I just want this to be over!!!!!!!!!
Our 25th anniversary is coming up at the end of July and maybe that is part of the reason I have been taking it so hard. I would have never thought we would have to spend our 25th anniversary so far apart.
I'll just have to wait and see how this goes,,,,,,,I hate waiting!!!!!!!!

Just in Time!!!!

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I didn't know if we could do it or not, but we did...... While i was at my sister's house this morning, I was trying to call my son to tell him to get the lawns mowed before the rain came. Couldn't get him on the phone. I found out why when I got home. He already had our lawn mowed and was starting on the neighbor's. These kids suprise you once in a while ;-)

We just finished putting everything up just before the storm came in.
We probably received an inch of rain out of it........
That second picture is one of our papershell pecan trees after that ice storm last December. Not much left of it. The tree on the left is the other pecan tree. It is not any better off.......

It will be a while before these trees give me any pecans.
That nephew came over for a few hours this afternoon. I just returned from taking him back to his Nana's. I still have to study for my class tomorrow, write Ritzy, and a few other things before bedtime. By the way; Ritzy has sounded "down" or tired the past few days. He says he is ok but the wife knows better ;-)
I just want this time to go by so he can get back home with us!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss him & I know he misses home!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I can cross another day off the calendar. I will be doing this till Hubby gets home.
The time can't come fast enough for me!

Pretty Boring Around Here........

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The last couple of days have been a lot slower than "normal". Yesterday I had some errands to run.
After that I went to my sisters to watch her grandkids while she cleaned out the swimming pool to get it ready for the summer.
Those two kiddos sure can wear a person out, whew!!!!!!!
I came home in the late afternoon and fixed supper. Rested the remainder of the evening..
Today I didn't do much of anything. I got up later than normal. Fixed my coffee and breakfast. waited for Ritzy to call. He was tired too. After he called, I stayed on the computer for about an hour then went to lay on my bed for the afternoon. I wasn't feeling so good today. I even went to bed tonite at 8pm, but at 9 my sister called and while she didn't wake me up, it made me awake enough that I just got up and here i am. Made me some flavored shaved ice. i about forgot i had one of those ice shavers. i sure like it. I didn't eat supper, i'm hoping i can go to bed without getting hungry. i don't like to eat late at nite.
Tomorrow we have a good chance for rain. I hope we miss it cause i sure want that lawn mowed. I woke up to thundershowers yesterday morning. They didn't last long, but got the ground wet enough.
Heard a guy in the store yesterday saying that he thinks July will be wet also. I sure hope he is wrong ;-)
I keep saying this, but it's just a fact: I sure do miss Ritzy, and will be so glad to have him home again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't slept good since he has been gone and I won't till he is back.
I have to go help that sister in the morning (if it isn't raining) to stretch her liner and get all the wrinkles out of the bottom. sounds like fun, huh???
I have a feeling tomorrow isn't going to be so "boring"..........

Busy Wednesday

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Today started out ok enough, but as it got going, I started finding more that needed to be done. I spent the first part of the morning working on the church business. I had to go to Vinita to take care of personal business and pick up some snacks for church tonite. Which is something I don't intend to get in the habit of doing. I just happened to be in town so I picked them up. I am afraid if a person starts something like that, instead of being appreciated it will be expected. That's just the way people are. I have enough jobs in my church without adding this little job to the list....
After returning home, I ate a late lunch, then took a nap and by that time it was time to get ready for church tonite. I made the boy eat leftovers for his supper ;-(
Went down to my sisters after church and me and the nephew decided to go to Nowata to get some fireworks to set off tonite. I also told him we might have to stop at Sonic and get something to drink....he didn't turn me down this time ;-)
After buying the fireworks, we went to the Sonic, but he wanted a corn dog, cheese tots and rootbeer. Guess what???? He got it!!!!!
We returned to Nana's and set off those fireworks, he had a blast, hahahaha!!!!!!!!
Sissy slept thru the whole thing. I didn't see her till her mama put her in the car to leave. I think she was still half-asleep then. I sure hope she sleeps tonite.
Came back home and here I am . Waiting for the dishwasher to finish. I don't have a built-in, I have one that hooks up to the kitchen faucet. I didn't want to give up the cabinet space.
It still does a very good job tho. I call it my "maid". Probably about as close to having a "maid" as I'll ever get!!!!
I still have to send Ritzy his daily E-mail, so I better call it quits for now......................

Thankful for Good Friends....

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I am so thankful for having good friends that I can confide in and feel that they can confide in me. A friend asked if I wanted to run around in Tulsa today, so we went and had a really good time eating out and shopping and talking. It really helps take my mind off missing Ritzy.
Of course, Ritzy called while I was shopping and was giving me a hard time about it. I told him that I was not wasting anything and he knows that, he just likes to tease me. I told him we were going to eat at "On The Border" cafe just to get him back. haha!!!
The food sure was good, I even brought some chips and salsa home. yumm.....I will enjoy those tomorrow..........
Spent the evening back down at my sisters playing with her grandkids. Their momma was sick today and this evening. She had to go to the emergency room. Found out she has a "urinary tract infection". she is about 3 months into her pregnancy and it was really making her sick. She came to nana's and thought she was going to be ok, but later decided that she might be better off in the hospital overnight. I agree. She has been sick with each of her pregnancies and she needs to really take care of herself. I guess Bubba and sissy are going to be spending the night at nana's.
After supper tonite my brother-in-law was fixing the ice maker on their refrigerator and "sissy" thought she had to get right down there with him. What was so funny though was - while sissy was right in the middle of helping her grandpa fix the refrigerator,, bubba was painting my daughters fingernails. I looked at my sister and told her to look at what was going on. she got her camera and took pictures of the two kids. I teased their dad about the little girl helping fix the refrigerator while brother painted the fingernails. he did not see the humor in that. ;-)
You see, my sister does nails for a living and works out of her house, so the polish and everything needed is always out. usually when I go down there sissy wants to paint my toenails. I let her do anything she wants. She is so grown-up about the way she does it, which makes it so cute..........
You know, I still don't know what I would do or how I would survive this deployment if I didn't have friends and family to spend time with.....they are so important..........................

Plugging the Time Away.....

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Most of the days that Ritzy has been on this deployment, I feel just like what the title to today's entry says. I was writing him earlier and was telling him the same thing. I told him that I would have expected by now to not be taking it so hard. But, some days I just can't shake the feeling of being so "alone", even around my family and friends. I miss Ritzy and I am not ashamed of it. Part of me is gone and will be until he returns.........
I was talking to a cousin/friend who has recently had to put her husband in the nursing home. We could each understand how the other was feeling. We know that each one of us is always thinking about the other and how the separation from our loved ones hurts. It does help when you can talk to someone who is going thru a similar situation.
As this friend was leaving, my neice, her husband and the 3-year old great-neice pulled in the driveway. They had come to the convenience store across the road and were on their way home. They knew that if they didn't stop I would get em, haha!!!! Well "sissy" was out the window and in my arms before I knew it. They were ready to leave and she was NOT getting back in. I told them to go on and I would bring her home afterwhile.
We walked all around the yard, picking flowers, (I kept her away from the tomato plants) haha!!!
she was riding a tractor that Ritzy had when he was 5 or 6. she explored the garage etc......
Finally the mosquitos started doing their thing, so we went to see Granny & Papa, (my mom & dad). after leaving their house I finally took her home while she was trying to get me to let her stay at my house. I told her that her house and her anmals and dolls missed her, so she was ready to go home after hearing that. She is sooooooo cute!!!!!!
A friend called this evening asking if I wanted to go with her to Tulsa tomorrow. I said I sure would. We are going to eat out also. Mexican food. I think that is about the best kind of food there is ;-)
I just want the "time" for Ritzy to be home to hurry up and get here....................
I sure miss him..........

Turned Down ;-(

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After mowing and weed eating lawn I called that 6 year old nephew and asked him if he wanted to go to the Nowata Sonic and eat a hamburger. He said no,,,,,can you believe it?????????? Turned down by a 6 year old.........he did ask if I would bring him a hamburger and I said "sorry, buddy, if you don't go you don't get anything". So I went alone and ate a grilled chicken sandwich and fries and 2 ice tea drinks. After working outside this afternoon I was really thirsty.......
Speaking of working outside, I was weed eating the ditch because it was to wet to get with the mower. As I was working on the ditch I happened to think that I was holding an electric weed eater and I was standing in water. Not a good combo!!!!!! I came to my senses and said to heck with that!!!!!!! It has been 2 weeks since we were able to mow because of all the rain. I think we are going to be in a dryer weather pattern now. thank goodness!!!
After returning from Nowata I decided to go play with Bubba and Sissy. Sissy and I watched big brother ride his four-wheeler for a while. she pushed her bicycle all over the place. I told her it would be easier to ride it, but she kept pushing away. Never try to reason with a 3 year old. ;-)
She saw the swimming pool and started stripping down. I said ok I guess you can play in it. There was only about 4 inches of water. Brother saw us and joined in. After they played for a while I remembered that I had some new water guns in the truck and told bubba. enough said!!
he was out there to get them in no time. We all three filled the guns and started chasing one another and squirting each other. Sissy can shoot pretty well for a 3 year old. That kept us busy till almost dark. we kept having to "reload", and I got that job. We were pretty wet by the time we quit. We'll save those for another day, you can count on it!!!!!

First Day of Summer....Just barely

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Summer will start today at 11:59pm. Most calendars show summer starting tomorrow.
It was a lazy day around here. I was tired all day, mostly because I was awakened by my cell phone telling me I had a text message early this morning. I looked at it and noticed it was from the son. It said "Is it just me or does it smell like updog outside?" I thought what the heck is he talking about so, like a fool I go open the door to "smell" outside, not smelling anything I call him and say I can't smell anything, then he informs me that he sent it to all his people, it was a joke that I was supposed to answer----What's updog? and he would reply " nothing with me, how about you!!!!!" I laughed and told him - sorry, I did not have the sense of humor going that early in the morning ;-) especially before the first cup of coffee and breakfast. You have to understand this kid has a weird sense of humor. For that I am thankful. he is really funny
" sometimes".........
Spent most of the day doing NOTHING!!! my neice (that nephew's aunt) brought him ( and his bike) down to the house.. She, the daughter and that nephew rode their bicycles for a while. They came in and the 2 girls decided to go to the Subway in town and get them and the nephew a sandwich. He had already ate about 8 pieces of bacon I had leftover from supper. He must be a "growing boy" cause I don't have any idea where he is putting all that food. haha!!! While they were gone he wanted to write Ritzy a letter, so I told him how to spell some of the words and he did all the writing. I told him that his Uncle will really like getting a letter from him. I am gonna put it in the mail tomorrow. He sure misses Ritzy. They are "buddies"!!!!!
Heck, I miss Ritzy too.................
I have been reading and seeing pictures about the next rotation of National Guard troops leaving for their training (the ones that will be replacing our Oklahoma National Guard). Seeing them and their families brings back a lot of memories and feelings I experienced when Ritzy was getting ready to deploy. I feel for them and will be praying for them..
We have been really lucky the past few days in that no rain has fallen right here, soooooooo hopefully I will get my lawn mowed tomorrow. It has been 2 weeks and it is looking pretty scrubby.
I just want this summer to hurry up and get over with, so fall will get here and it will finally be time for our Oklahoma troops to return home to their families. This is the way I have been dealing with and counting down this deployment. Just counting down the seasons.................

Run, run, run.....................

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That about sums up my day. First me and mom had gone to visit a church member who is recovering from heart surgery and could not find them home. We then went to Vinita to get some things to fill a box to send Ritzy and a few groceries, stopped at the post office and sent box on its way, returned home and found out they had not given me all that I had paid for. I called the store and sure enough they had my merchandise. Mom said let's go back ( even with the price of gas being what it is) and I said ok. So here goes our 2nd trip to Vinita in one day, and it is 26 miles one way. While there, I called my sister to see what time the nephew played his ballgame and I decided to go with them. After returning home I was trying to figure out why my printer was printing the wrong colors. I had only 1 hour so I uninstalled the printer, turned off computer and by that time they were there to pick me up. Arrived at ballgame and Watched "sissy" about as much as I watched the ballgame ;-) I finally returned home around 8:30 and finished re-installing printer. It worked this time, thank goodness!!!!!!!!! This day was nothing like yesterday, which was really calm and uneventful.........I guess we all need those kind of days in our schedule once in a while.........Ritzy called while I was at Wal-Mart, and the past few times he has called I have been somewhere other than home, I'm beginning to wonder if he thinks I run around all the time. hahahaha!!!!!!
I think tomorrow will be one of those uneventful days again, which is just fine with me.
Running is for the birds!!!!!!!!

Firstfruits of the Season.......

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Not much happening here today. I ran into town to put the article and pictures about my parents anniversary reception in the paper. I didn't tell them I was going to do that, I'll just let them find out for themselves when they get their paper Friday
After returning home I went out to the garden and picked blackberries, raspberries and rhubarb.

Made this cobbler, combining them, can hardly wait to get a bowl of it with a little vanilla ice cream added, mmmmmm!!!!!! I will be sure and tell Ritzy how good it was. I will probably take my mom & dad some and take it to my sisters house, I'm pretty sure the dish will be empty by tonite ;-)

Nice day for weather here in NE Oklahoma. I wasn't sure this morning tho. It was really cloudy, but about noon it started clearing off and turned out to be a pretty decent day.

The son called and said he was going to be late getting home, now I am trying to figure out what I want for supper. It isn't any fun cooking for one. I don't know, I may just call that bowl of cobbler and ice cream my supper for tonight.

I always look forward to the time of year when we are able to eat our own homegrown food. Can't beat it!!!!

I Sure Do Miss Ritzy!

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I am so proud of hubby for serving his country by being a member of the Oklahoma National Guard. There is also a down side to that - his being away from his family and his home. For some reason today I have been missing Ritzy more than usual. Sometimes it seems like the time left on this deployment is short and sometimes it seems as if this deployment is never going to end. Maybe I have been so busy the past couple of weeks on other things that I just didn't have the time to miss him, who knows...........Someone told me on the phone today - well, the time for him to be home will be here before you know it,,,,,when people say that it really irritates me. When I am feeling this way the problem I am having isn't with his return, it is the fact that he is not here now!!!!!!! They don't have a clue!!!!!!!!!!!
I sat in the house and watched it rain nearly all day. Just before sunset it cleared up and the sun was shining thru my dining room window, it sure looked good......don't get too used to it tho cause it is supposed to be rainy all week, yuk!!!!!! (for lack of a better word) Our Oologah lake level is only about 5 ft away from me being able to see it from my house! With all the run-off water it won't take long to reach that if it doesn't stop raining. Last year around this time of year all the lakes in NE Oklahoma were flooded and closed, it looks like it may be the same this year too.
I just finished sending Ritzy his daily e-mail. If I don't write and tell him what I want to each nite, I ususally forget what I want to tell him by the next day. (i've heard that forgetfulness is a sign of growing old) ;-(
Speaking of growing old. I made my parents a picture movie set to music and was showing it to my brother before the party Saturday, there was a picture of him that I took Memorial Day and he said, "Gee, I look old in that picture", I said well, you know the reason is because you ARE old. He failed to see the humor in that. ;-)
He wears a cap all the time and we hardly ever see his hair, but he has a beard and let's just say he could use some color to cover the gray, hahaha!!!! My sister-in-law told me that when he first started growing it a few years ago he said he would shave it off when it turned gray, but he is so used to it, I have a feeling it's gonna stay.....
I sure am glad Ritzy doesn't have all that hair on his face, I like him just fine the way he is.........
I will be so glad to see him again....................................

Thankful for my Father......

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Another Father's Day has come and gone. I am so thankful for my Father, the love he showed and still shows and the sacrifices he made to take care of his family. Gave him a kiss and told him I loved him today. You never get to old to give "Dad" a kiss and hug.......Yesterday
I spoke about sleeping good last nite....well, I sure did. After attending church and eating lunch at Mom & Dad's, I came home. Ritzy called around 1:30 pm. We talked for about a half hour, told him I was going to sleep the afternoon away, then I got on my bed and fell asleep til 4:45 when I suddenly woke up. I had been sleeping so sound that I had to stop and think what day this was or what time it was. I sure needed that nap after yesterday. Made it to church on time, we start at 5pm. After chruch I went down to my sisters house to play with kiddos. "Sissy was asleep, and brother was lighting firecrackers that his grandpa got him today. I stayed til they were finished for the night. Got back home around 9. I see that it could be stormy tonight, hopefully not to bad. I want another good night's sleep ;-) As far as I know this is going to be a "lazy" week. I do not have anything planned. Just normal housekeeping.....which is just fine with me.
I just want to end with a "Happy Fathers Day" for all the fathers, especially the ones that have to be away from their families because of their service to their country!!!!!

We Did It !!!!!!!!

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I am so glad we pulled off the surprise party for my mom today. She did not have a clue....She honestly thought Dad was taking her out to eat, because he said that when they got near the church she said, "hmmmm they must be having something at church tonite. He said yes they are and it is for you so you better stop. ;-)

She said she was going to get us. It was so good to see her happy to have her family and friends around to help celebrate. It was a lot of hard work but well worth it. I am really tired.

I bet i sleep good tonite. haha!!
At the party, first-we ate, I read a story about some events in our family in the last 50 years, we showed a video of pictures that i had scanned, and my sister sang a song to them. After that Mom & Dad cut their cake and drank their punch.

I hope they realize how much their kids and grandkids love them.

I told mom I sure have had to do a LOT of "fibbing" this last week when she would call and ask what i was doing or where i was. you see,, the calling is normal for our family, we all keep in touch.......

Mom did not have a wedding cake or reception 50 years ago so we gave her one tonite. I believe she loved it. She has sacrificed so much over the years for her family, it was so nice to see her being given the thanks and attention she deserves.
I still have to e-mail Ritzy.....he called while I was preparing the food this afternoon and just as we were about to say our good-byes for the day the phone connection was lost. I hate when that happens, because it just feels like there is unfinished "business"..........i still have to study to be ready to teach my sunday school class tomorrow. I have to say bye for now..............

Big Day Almost Here....

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The day for the surprise party for my mom is only 1 day away. She called me today a couple of times and I had to "fib" to her. Hope she forgives me, hahahha!!!!! Today, my sister, niece & I did the last minute shopping for food and items needed for tomorrow. We were afraid of getting caught together by mom. When you live in such a small community it is easy to get "caught".........When one of us was on the phone we would tell little ones to shhhhhhhh!!!!
We finally got shopping done. After doing all that shopping, I went back to Vinita to do my own grocery shopping. I can honestly say that I have put in a full day of shopping. Now, in the morning we just have to get the food up to the church, get it prepared, set up tv and dvd player, and final preparations for party without mom catching us. My sister-in-law made the cake and has to set it up tomorrow also. It's kind of hard because if mom goes to town the church is on her way. We have to park behind the parsonage or church building and carry stuff inside, hoping all the time she doesn't come driving by..........
Dad is supposed to have her there by 4:15 would be nice if he could find a way to make sure she doesn't leave the house tomorrow.......
Well, we got more rain today. I think it is supposed to be clear tomorrow. That lake keeps coming right on up. It's getting closer to the house, less than 1/2 mile away. It's only 7 feet below it's flood pool. This happened last year about the same time. Oologah Lake got so high I could see it across the road.
I think it is about time for bed. I am going to send Ritzy an e-mail first though. I missed his call earlier while taking my bath. He left a message. I sure hate missing his calls. Goodnight for now..........

Decorate, cut, color........

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That just about says it all as to how my day went. First my sister, neice and I met up at our church fellowship hall this morning to decorate for my parent's 50th anniversary party this saturday. Took us a while but we got it finished. Looked really pretty too. After that we all went to my sister's house for my neice to cut and color our hair. she is a hair stylist and it sure comes in handy to have one in the family ;-)
my hair was getting "long" and showing some, (ok, a lot of ) gray. Long to me is over 3-4 inches on top and over 1 inch for the rest of it. I told her that when I can "feel" it on my ears or neck when I lay on my pillow at nite, it's getting too long..........Ritzy would rather I let it grow out, and he called while she was cutting it. Told him "sorry" but it was going to stay short. I have had long hair before and it is a pain to take care of. I have always hated spending very much time fixing my hair. My sister, mom and neice will spend up to 30 minutes on their hair and it would just drive me crazy to have to spend that much time on mine. I spend about 5 minutes at the most. I'm lucky because mine has just enough natural curl that I don't have to do anything but put mousse, gel and spray on it. The only part that I ever have to "fix" is my bangs, and I just dry them.
Enough about hair...........i stayed at my sister's house for a while to watch my neices' son and daughter irritate one another, and boy are they good at it. They are so fun to watch. Big brother had better watch out cause "sissy" is going to deck him one of these days and it ain't gonna be a pretty sight. We keep warning him that she will "let him have it" but I don't think the message has sunk in cause he keeps right on bothering her. I just hope I am down there when it happens, hahahaha!!!!!!!!
Came home, cooked supper, ate outside, it was a nice evening. That's about how my day went.
Have to go buy the food for saturday, tomorrow, that's gonna be "fun"......

I am gonna get some rest!

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Today was very slow.......Talked to Ritzy for our "30 minutes"..... went to church tonite......I think all this staying up late I have done for a while is gettin to me, I am feeling pretty tired so I had just better get some rest. I am gonna need it to get thru the rest of this week. Tomorrow me, my sis and neice are going to decorate for party. could take a while. friday i have to go after food, and saturday morning have to go pick up bouquet, then spend the rest of the day doing last minute preparations. then start greeting everyone. i hope mom & dad like it....time to go, for now........tomorrow will be here soon enough.....

Pretty Easy Day

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Can't complain too much today. Didn't have to run any errands. Just tidied up house and did laundry. Spent time on computer finishing projects for my parents' party this Saturday. Some friends who aren't going to be able to come to the party came by to leave a gift for Mom & Dad.
Yea, No Rain today!!!!
Went to sisters house with the updated DVD to make sure it plays correct. It Does!!!
"Sissy" (the 3 year old great-niece) had to paint my nails. She loves doing this and I don't mind. She is so serious about it ;-)
Ritzy sounded tired when he called today, so we didn't talk quite as long. I told him to go get some rest...I still need to take bath and get ready for sleep. Although that may not come till later. It's still hard to go to sleep with Ritzy away on this deployment, even though it's been almost 8 months. I can hardly wait til he gets home and we can get back to "normal", whatever that is.......I also realize it may never be the "normal" we knew before he left, but I just want him home where we can just live our lives together..........and not thousands of miles apart........I have been thinking about our 25th anniversary coming up on July 30th. I really don't like the fact that my husband has to be in a foreign country far away from me when that day comes. I am not quite sure how I will handle the day. This is one anniversary I am not looking forward to. Some might tell me to just get over it, but it's how I feel and think.
He may have been able to come home during that time for his R&R, but I told him that I could not bear to tell him goodbye again. When he comes home I want him to STAY!!!!!!! So we chose not to take the time off. We both would rather have the time off at the end of the deployment.
He has only 9 months left in the National Guard after putting in almost 21 years. I am so looking forward to that last day !!!!!! I think that is when I will finally be able to get a good night's sleep..........


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Today started out way too early. I was ready to go to Tulsa by 5:30 am when mom showed up. We went to be with a friend and his family during his heart surgery. We were told it might not be good, but thank God everything went well. After leaving the hospital, Mom & I stopped at the Cracker Barrel and ate breakfast and I finally got that coffee!!!!!! Everything was better after that. ;-)
Oh yeah, let me add that it was pouring down rain all day. Started around 10 last nite and did not stop til about 3 this afternoon. I think we got between 4 and 5 inches. There was water everywhere.
Well after returning home from Tulsa I made a trip to town to return some movies for the son, and came back home.
Later, I had to make another trip to Vinita to go to the bank, put gas in truck ( yeah, that $3.79/gal. stuff) My pocketbook sure does not like that. I picked up some bar-be-que sandwiches for supper.
Since then I took a picture and music DVD that I had burnt down to my sisters to try it on the player and tv we are going to use Saturday. It worked, yea!!!!!!!! I surprise myself sometimes, haha!!
My sister said it would sure be nice if I could make all of us kids one, so that is what i have been doing and am still doing. I only have 1 more to make.
I am so looking forward to this get-together we are having for my parents.
It's a lot of work, but they are certainly worth it!!!!!!
I think I get to stay home tomorrow.........also I don't have to get up before the sun, hahaha!!!!!

No Rest Today.....

Posted by: cheryl

Sunday is supposed to be a day of "rest". But not for some of us. That door I was talking about yesterday, well instead of repairing it I decided to replace it. After lunch I went to the Home Depot to get a new one. Brought it home and my brother-in-law helped me put it in. Took about an hour and a half. Boy, was it hot outside. I could feel the make-up sliding off my face. After we finished I had just enough time to get ready for church tonite.
While pushing the cart with the door in it out to the truck I was wondering how in the world I was going to get that thing in the back of the pick-up. With the wind blowing like it was it was not going to be easy. Just as I was trying to lift it up (which was not easy, but I was determined to get the job done) someone called across the parking lot and asked if I needed help. Ususally I say "no thank you" but this time I accepted the help. He lifted that door so easy and put it in the truck for me. I told him how I appreciated his help.
Ritzy called while I was on my way to the store and I told him what I was doing. He told me to do whatever needed done. I sure miss him doing stuff like this for me......
I have to get up very early in the morning ( between 4:30 - 5:00), a friend is having surgery at 6:00am at Tulsa and my mom & I are going down there to be with the family. I have always hated getting up before the sun comes up. There ought to be a law against that!!!!!! ;-)
I know, a lot of people will tell me to just get over it, but that's ok..........i still don't like getting up that early. And of course, there are storms rolling in tonight, just what I need-----something to keep me from sleeping............Also, somehow my dirty clothes hamper was overflowing this morning. Gonna have to do some laundry tonite too, it looks like.........Ain't that the way it goes???????????
I guess there will be time later in the week to catch up on that "rest"...............
I just about forgot......... how I don't know because.......24 years ago today I was in the hospital giving birth to Ritzy & my first child, a son. Ritzy was not taking the "birth" very well, he kept having to go out of the room. He wanted to just stay out but I told him I did not make this baby by myself and I was NOT going to give birth to it by myself!!!!! haha!!!!! He does not take hospitals well. I told him - too bad.......
It kind of humored my mom who was also in the room, we have given Ritzy a hard time about it ever since.........only because we love him so much.....that's how you tell if you are "loved" in our family. If we don't tease you ....there's a problem..

Better Late Than Never.......

Posted by: cheryl

Anyways, that's what I have always heard... These are my "Easter" lilies just now blooming in June. They were worth the wait.

We celebrated at Cracker Barrel tonite. There were 15 of us who could make it. (about 13 who couldn't) That steak, baked potato and salad sure was good. On top of that my sister and neice cooked and decorated a very pretty cake.....tasted good too. Poor waiter and waitress, we kept them hoppin'..........they did a good job though.......

I returned home and started walking up the sidewalk and noticed something strange about my storm door. Well it seems that while the son was mowing the mower must have thrown a rock or something thru the top window because it was shattered everywhere. He didn't even know it because when he mows he wears these combination sunglasses, music player. We had fun cleaning up that mess, and I never did find what went thru the window. Looks like I have a "project" for next week.....on top of finalizing plans for that surprise party........I will be ready for a vacation ;-)

Spent most of the day trying to make a dvd to play at the party next week. I think we have what we want. After showing some of the pictures I may be trying to find a place to hide. You can bet they will get me back,,,, somehow...........

Even tho I had a good time tonite, every time we are all together I am reminded of how much I miss Ritzy...........

Time to go for now, i still have some things to do before bedtime and I had better get with it........

Countdown to Mom & Dad's Party

Posted by: cheryl

I spent nearly the entire day on this computer. I am getting the final preparations ready for that "surprise" party next week. Made a cd with family pictures and music. made sure I had all the pictures ready to set on the tables. Decorated the Guest Book and Photo Album that I am giving my parents. Before I know it the day is gone. I got the privilege of talking to Ritzy 2 times today. I really like that ;-) There are now 3- 24 year-olds ( the son and 2 cousins) in the living room watching tv. I'm gettin the feeling it is time for me to exit and go to bed. My taste of movies and theirs is not the same. They are good boys, they each just have a strange sense of humor...haha!!!!! Being a mother, i am just fine with them in there watching tv, that way I know where they are and they are ok...........
We go out to eat tomorrow. I'm guessing there will be about 20 of us.....Looking forward to having a good time.........but for now I had better get some rest so I can enjoy tomorrow.
Next week will be here soon enough......

"Is This Wind Ever Gonna Stop?!?!?!?!?"

Posted by: cheryl

Today has been one of the windiest days I have seen in a long time. Wind blowing at 25-30 all day and gusting even higher. I looked out the window and saw my maple tree leaves falling like snowflakes.......We are supposed to be in for some nasty storms in a few hours. It looks like no sleep tonite....again.................
Had it pretty easy today. Talked to hubby, did laundry, just house stuff. That nephew called and asked if I would go watch him play baseball tonite and of course I said sure. They played a good game, they lost but still played good, gee they are only 6 years old. Took him to the store afterward and bought him a few things-- beef jerky stick, jelly beans, and strawberry milk..........what a combination!!!!!!!! If he has a belly ache tonite, I guess it's my fault ;-)
About that wind - I hate wind!!!!!! For some reason I always have...... I would just as soon it be raining as the wind blowing..........Our electricity was off today for about 40 minutes, I'm guessing because of the wind..........was pretty boring..........and quiet!!!!!
Not much elst to report tonite, so I am outta here for now..........

Go, Go, Go,,,,,,,,,

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There are just some days when it seems all you get done is run around. I had to go to Claremore to take care of some business getting ready for my parent's 50th anniversary party next week. Then I had to go to Vinita to pick up some prescriptions and items at the Wal-Mart. Ate lunch finally at 2:30 at the new Sonic. Was pretty good.........Came back home and prepared what I was taking for the pot luck dinner at church tonite and by that time it was about 4pm. I went into the living room and sat in the recliner for what I thought was a little while, but I dozed off and the next thing I new, I woke up and it was 6:00pm. I got up, put some make-up on, fixed my hair, changed clothes and headed to church. I did ok though, I made it up there by 6:30..... I hate waking up like that........I was going to my sisters to "bug" those kids afterwards, but a couple of friends and I got to talking after church and before I knew it it was almost 10pm. Where did the time go?????
I was telling them about that nephew and what happened Monday when he came to the house for a while. There was a blue raquet ball on the table and he wanted to play with it,, I told him ok, but do not bounce it in the kitchen. Well, I was busy on the phone and he comes and tries to get my attention and after a couple of tries he finally gets it. When I ask him what he wants he is biting his finger and looking down at the floor, he said he "lost" the ball. I asked him how in the world did he lose it and where did it go. He looks toward the stove where I have a pot of beans cooking for supper. I said: "You didn't let that go in the beans did you??" and he said uh-huh. It had splashed all over the stove, the mini-blind behind the stove and the cabinet. If it weren't so funny I probably would have gotten ticked off. I just said; "See why I didn't want you bouncing that thing in here????" He said uh-huh again and He left it alone after that ;-) There are NO dull moments around this kid!!!!!! I commenced to cleaning up the mess........ I just thought that thing had better not ruin my beans, hahaha!!!!!! I was afraid it might explode while I was fishing it out of the pan..........
Ritzy called just as I had shut off the truck in the Wal-Mart parking lot today and we talked for about 30 minutes. It was beginning to get pretty warm.
I also recieved a call tonight around 11pm from him just as he was about to start his morning at Camp Bucca. That was a very nice surprise!!! I keep saying it but "I sure do miss him!!"
Don't have much to do the rest of the week. That nephew has a ballgame Thursday & Friday, I may go watch him play...........and help Nana keep control of his little sister.......(his Mom & Dad help coach the team), she can wear you out...........but for now I had better get some rest..............

The things we do for our kids..........

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I was going to go to bed a little earlier tonite, but as you can see that did not happen. My son had washed his clothes for tomorrow and forgot to put something in that load of wash so he rewashed them. He asked if I was going to be up and if I was, could I put his clothes in the dryer. Well,,,,,,,since I don't have a "job" I said sure. So I am up waiting on them to finish. I can't complain about him too much because he does his own laundry, actually both kids do their own laundry, which is just fine with me....... It's kind of nice right now though because both kids are in bed, the tv is off and it is quiet in the house..Sometimes this is my favorite time of the day..
I also ran to Claremore today to pick up an air conditioner compressor for the son's car, because I'm his mom and I just do things like that for my kids. I know what Ritzy would say: Let him suffer a little........but, mothers do NOT think like that. Their children should be glad!!!!! We took his car up to my Dad's where his cousin came over and helped him and they had it fixed in about an hour and a half. Nice cool air blowing..........I talked to Hubby today, it's always good to talk to him. sometimes the days seem to go so slow with him being was a pretty quiet day around here. I have errands to run tomorrow and our church business meeting/fellowship dinner is tomorrow nite. I sure hope I get better rest than I did last nite. for some reason it was 3 am this morning before I could go to sleep. I had just finished reading LT. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez's book "Wiser in Battle", and got to thinking about this war and how much I disagree with it and also how much I miss Ritzy and I just could not go to sleep. By the way, it is a very good book to read. I love to read, I think my family thinks I am crazy sometimes because I am always reading something. I remember when I was young that I was always reading something.....I do like to read non-fiction/politics the best. I hardly ever read fiction. I think---why waste my time and mind on something that isn't even real. Some may think that sounds silly but that's their right. Well, it's getting late and I am getting tired. It sounds like that washing machine is about finished, so ......Let's just hope that sleep comes easy tonite or I will be "reading" until I get sleepy.........

Wait, What's That I Hear?????

Posted by: cheryl

Oh, never mind, it's "nothing".......for the first time in a while it was quiet last nite and today. No thunder!!!!! It was nice to have a day with no rain. I don't know what got into me today but I got in the mood to really deep clean the house. I thought I better do it, cause who knows when this will strike again ;-)
Maybe because I was thinking about Ritzy only having 3 1/2 months till he leaves Iraq. We are on the downhill slide of this deployment!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel for ones who have family who are just starting. It's hard to be happy when I know others are about to go thru or are going thru what I was experiencing at the beginning of this deployment last year. Is that crazy or what??? I want this to be over so much!!!!
I had taken that nephew down to his Nana's and when I returned home both kids (20 something's) were in the living room playing Guitar Hero. I kind of like the music on that game.
The nephew told me he wished Ritzy was home and that he missed him. He also told me that his uncle is the last thing he thinks about every nite and he says a prayer for him. I told him that Ritzy would really like hearing that. I also told him to keep up the good work......
I recieved about 5 or 6 cards from Ritzy today. He wrote them while he was recovering from surgery. I'm guessing he was really bored. haha!!!! I love seeing his handwriting.......I showed that nephew where I have kept everything that Ritzy has sent me while he has been gone.
Ritzy's being gone is still hard to take somedays tho. I guess it will be that way till he returns home............


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That was the sound that woke me up this morning as more thunderstorms rolled across this part of the state. It quit for a very short while,(just long enough for me to get to church) and started storming again while we were having Sunday School. I believe we recieved 2 1/2 inches of rain today in our area. We were lucky though, places southwest of here had wind damage and very bad hail damage. With hail the size of a baseball the auto windshields or anything else in the way didn't stand a chance. This has been one crazy weather year here in NE Oklahoma. Come August though we will all be wishing for some of this rain we are complaining about now. What is it, can we just never be satisfied?????? All I care about is it drying up enough to get my lawn mowed every week. sounds kind of funny, huh???
Don't know why, but I want the yard to look nice.....just ask Ritzy ;-)
He called today while I was eating lunch at Mom & Dad's. We talked while everyone else ate their lunch. By the time I got off the phone everyone was finished eating. So I just sat there by myself and ate while everyone else was clearing the table........haha!!! I don't care, though because that phone call from Hubby is gonna come before anything else!!!! He also called just a few minutes ago. WOW 2 times in one 24 hour period. Made my day!!!!!!
It looks like we could see more rain or storms this week.......oh well, what can you do?????
My fishing plans were just not meant to be, I guess.............unless I want to go in some of these creeks around here and catch some catfish. That's too messy, when I was younger I wouldn't think twice about going, but I find as I get older I am getting pretty picky about everything......Whether that is a good thing, who knows??????