{{Sick........Of Being Sick}}

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2012 Christmas at Ritzy &  Ritzywife's

For the last week to 10 days I have had a cold.  The past 3-4 days have been the worst.  Today I feel like I am on the mend.  I can actually breath thru my nose, haha!!!
I am still dealing with a nasty/annoying cough tho and it will probably hang on to the bitter end.
The son-in-law had to take Braedy to the ER last nite, it seems that Braedy started feeling bad and started to run a fever and was breathing "funny".  It turns out after testing that he has an ear infection and his breathing was because he just felt so rotten, poor little guy.   I was supposed to watch them yesterday but I was still sick so Keri took off work to stay home with them.  I sure do miss seeing them.  Tonight is Ritzy and my time to have them overnite but I told the daughter that we had better not have them  just yet because of my cough and Braedy's infection.  I am going to watch them tomorrow tho.  I will feel a lot better by then, I am sure.......
I haven't had a cold like this in a couple of years.  I forgot how much I hate the feeling :-(
I have a lot of pecans on the ground and up until today  I haven't even felt like picking them.  I will go out afterwhile and pick them.  I have hardly been on the computer and have had to do a lot of "catch up".  Those who know me know that I am NOT feeling well if those two things are not getting done, haha!!!  See, I have my sense of humor back too.  The other day Ritzy was trying to make me feel better and it just wasn't working, I just wanted to be left alone in a quiet dark house/room to rest......
Today I have finally felt well enough to do my housework....Ritzy will be thankful ;-)
This Christmas season is flying by way too fast.  It's hard to just relax and enjoy it when so much "drama" is going on.  I do not like drama unless it is in a movie!!!!!!!
I have my Christmas shopping 99.9% done, woo-hoo!   I had better get off her and go fix me some lunch so Ritzywife is out!!

It's December Already?!?

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Wow, November sailed by and December is trying to do the same.  I have been busy babysitting and decorating for the holidays.  Have all decorations up to enjoy.  Had a little more incentive this year with those grandsons.  They are crawling all over the place now and pulling up to anything that will stand still long enough, haha!!  Nine months old........ and going and growing like wildfire. 
The Christmas Season is approaching way too fast.  Ritzy and I and the kids and grandkids visited Dry Gulch and The Christmas Train last night.  We were only planning to stay a couple of hours but stayed the whole 4 hours.  We really had a good time and the boys loved it.  I was one tired "Ni-maw" when I got home. 
This week is starting out to be a  busy week.  Oh well, I guess it happens.....
We drew names for Christmas gifts tonite...it sounds like we are all going to have fun finding the "perfect" gift.  WE are not supposed to tell whose name we drew, we'll see if we can keep it a secret til Christmas....shhhh.....
The weather here in Oklahoma has been very warm.  We still have our AC (air conditioner) on.  It's bound to get cold one of these days.  In fact, in Tulsa they have had to delay their Winterfest because of the warm weather.  Cant get the ice to stay frozen long enough for the ice skaters, haha!!!!
It's getting late and I have another busy day tomorrow so I had better say goodnight, Ritzywife out..................

A Sad Start To November :-(

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The month started out ok I guess.  I have a cousin who has been sick for the past month.  She is really my Dad's cousin, but we have always been close.  Even tho she is 10-12 years older than I am  she had a son born a week after our son was born.  Those two boys were always close.  Her son was down here so much he started calling me "mom"  which was fine by me.  Anyways her sickness was something that should have been taken care of, but for some reason things didn't go right and she progressively got worse until she passed away this morning.  I am going to miss her and I know her family certainly will.  I am still trying to understand all this and sometimes I just have to shake my head and wonder why this had to happen.
Our family has lost it's share of members the past few months and it is time for a break!!!!
I have kept busy watching those little boys.  They are so fun and funny to watch.  They have the sitting up covered and are now working on crawling.  Braedy will put his hands out in front and pull himself forward.  he knows how to get around, haha.....
They spent the night last nite and before I took them home today my mom came down to spend some time with them.  She and I were on the couch and I was holding Calvin, I lifted him up and just as I started to look up at him "stuff" proceeded to come out his mouth and got in my hair, my face, my clothes and worst of all my mouth, YUKK!!!!!!  I was laughing and telling my mom that I could taste "spit-up" and told her that was about the worst I had ever gotten "puked" on, hahaha!!! I sure hope it doesn't get any worse ;-)
Calvin just stared at me, wondering why I was laughing and saying ewww.....it was funny and i am glad I can just laugh about it....
I need to get to bed to get some rest.  Have a busy day tomorrow.  The boys woke up early this morning because they don't comprehend the "time change".  I told the daughter it would take them a little while to adjust.  Heck, it's gonna take me a while to adjust.....
Ritzy and the son are in there working on something and I am staying out of the way, haha.....they might find something for me to do if I show up......
Well, I have to get up early in the morning (at least it is daylight now) so for now...............Ritzywife out!!

Where Did October Go?!?

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Wow, time sure gets away from you when you are busy.  I have been busy watching grandkids, cleaning house, cooking, going to church,  and whatever else I find to do.  I can hardly believe there is only one more week left in this month.  Geez..... Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here way too soon!!!!
Those grandsons sure are growing like little weeds.  They have been getting up on all fours for the past few weeks.  What is funny is that they don't spend much time on their knees it is their hands and feet they are on and have their little bottoms in the air.    Haven't started crawling yet, but that is in the very near future.  I was watching them today at our house and Calvin needed a diaper change.  After changing his diaper I turned around and did a "double take" because Braedy ( who was on his tummy on the floor when I was changing Calvin) was sitting straight up behind me with a little grin on his face.  I have a feeling he knew he had done something new and special.  I immediately took a picture and called his momma.  I told her I guess he wanted to do it all by himself the first time with no one watching, haha!!!  Well, since that happened this morning he has been trying out his new "skill" all day.  I just texted the daughter to ask if he was showing off and she said he sure was, especially in bed when he was supposed to be asleep.  I told her it was time to lower the mattress in their beds or he would try to escape ;-)
I have a feeling things are going to go in high gear around Ritzywife's home when it comes to trying to keep up the those little "firecrackers"..........
I wasn't sure about our Fall colors here in Oklahoma because of all the dry hot weather but it is turning out to be quite a colorful season.  I even have pecans this year for the first time since the 2007 ice storm that nearly wiped out our 2 papershell trees, along with all the other trees on the property.  The pecans are about half the normal size but at least I have some.
The son and I mixed up some beef jerky tonite.  I have 2 dehydrators going in there now and it has the house smelling wonderful......We put some jalapeno powder and ghost pepper sauce in one batch.  I don't know if I will be brave enough to try that batch, haha.  I told Matt to smell the powder but very easily.  He took a "whiff" and started coughing.. I laughed and told him that he had been warned.  That stuff is strong!!!! A couple years ago we had a bumper crop of jalapeno peppers so I dehydrated some and then ground some of those into a fine powder.  All I can say is that stuff is  "stout"!!!!
My plans are to take it easy tomorrow after the busy weekend, I will just have to see if things go as planned.  With that Ritzywife is out ;-)...............................



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Keri, Calvin, Braedy & Steven
Calvin & Braedy

Keri wanted to take some pictures of the boys Sunday so here are a couple of the ones that were taken.  Can you believe that after all that hot weather, they were having to wear jackets.  It has been kind of cool the past few days, but it has felt soooo good.  The burn ban has been lifted and Ritzy was able to do some burning outside and also able to start a fire in the fire pit.  We are still in a terrible drought.  The lake is more than 3 feet below normal.  If we don't get a lot of rain in the next few months, I will not have a fishing hole next spring.  :-(
I love watching those two little boys.  They are going to be crawling anytime now.  They put on a pretty good show for "Ni-maw"........I walked in their Nana's house the other day to pick them up to spend the night with Ritzy and I..... and when I came in the door and they heard my voice they both just grinned from ear to ear.  Braedy was moving every which way he could to get to me.  It felt so good to see them smiling at their Ni-maw....
It's getting late and I am getting tired so it's time to say Ritzywife out....................


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Calvin & Braedy
Ritzy & Grandsons

Yeah, that's how I feel after watching 2 - 6 month old boys for 3 days.....and that is with Ritzy's help.  I had gone to the daughter's to watch them Wednesday morning early and ended up staying til 10 that night because her hubby had to work late.  The previous nite she called when the boys were crying and could not get them to stop. they were just tired.  she kept me on the phone for about 40 minutes and i was listening to their crying all that time.  I threatened to come down there but she told me to just stay home, hubby was working late that nite also.  I told her wednesday that I was just going to stay until he got home because I did NOT want another phone call like the previous one on tuesday nite........Ni-maw could not handle that again ;-)
Thursday I had to watch them because their Nana could not.  Thursday was also my night to keep them overnite, so I picked them up about 1 that afternoon and brought them home with me.  I was going to have to keep them all day Friday and  Friday nite  because the daughter and son-in-law were both going to have to work on Saturday.  Even tho they also came out to stay the night, the boys ended up sleeping in Ritzy's and my room because the grown kids were watching a movie in the living room.  After watching them all day Saturday I took them home around 7 that nite.................After all that--this was one tired "Ni-maw"........
Ritzy noticed how much it took to watch those precious babies and he offered to help Friday and Saturday...I am pretty sure he finally realized why I don't get much done when they are at the house, haha.  I love having them tho.  they are at a really fun age.......just starting to laugh and giggle a lot  and move around and try different things.  Saturday it was wonderful outside so i took a blanket out and put the boys on it while Ritzy and I sat there and played with them.  they love being outside!!! can't say I blame them, I love it outside too.  After all that horrible hot weather we are finally experiencing some really decent weather here in Oklahoma.....
After church today two of my niece's kids came home with us for the afternoon.  they are old enough that i don't have to watch them every second, but they still do have to be watched...
I finally got my Fall decorations put out.  I have been so busy I was beginning to think it was never going to get done!!
It is 11:37pm and even tho I am still up, I feel the bed calling. I am about ready to call it a day.  With that Ritzywife is out!


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A sad day......It started out ok.  I had just spent the last couple of nights with the daughter and grandsons.  Her hubby was hunting antelope in western oklahoma. (he got one by the way)....
the boys had their 6 month checkup today, which meant shots in both legs.  they really don't care for those :-)
We came back home, fed the boys and ate our lunch around 3 in the afternoon.  I was returning home tonite and the daugher and boys were going to spend the night at my and Ritzy's home.  I left around 3:45 with the boys.  On the way home the weather was horrible.  The wind was crazy and I was fighting to keep the truck on the road in places.  the wind was blowing so bad that i thought i saw smoke south of the power plant at oologah, but as i got closer i realized it was dust blowing off the coal. WOW! on the way home, my son calls me and tells me there is a bad storm in Nowata and if i haven't left yet to just stay put for a while, well it was too late so i kept driving.
we made it home ok, but my patio table and umbrella was on it's side off the patio, limbs down and stuff blowing everywhere.  i had just started to get my house back in order after being gone for a couple of days and i received a call from my sister-in-law who proceeded to tell me that  my aunt, uncle and their great-grandbaby were killed in that storm. I was in shock, and think I still am.  How horrible!!!!  the story is all over the news.  looking at the pictures, i am not sure they even knew what was coming, the house was destroyed, looked like a bomb shattered it, and they were found in a creek east of where the house once stood.  that creek is one we played in when we were kids.  the property belonged to my grandma and grandpa when they were still here , (my aunt's mom and dad)....
well the phone started ringing and people started asking questions and calling to give me information.....after all that.... things finally settled down just about an hour ago. so -  here i sit eating my supper at midnight.  in the middle of all this the boys started getting restless so i had to give them their bath (was going to try to wait on their mom to get here).  gave ritzy a baby and told him to feed the little thing.  the daughter arrived just in time to feed the other one.................which means that i missed out on seeing them at bedtime tonite because of all the commotion going on.  i hope they have a good night's sleep, heck   i hope i have a good night's sleep...right now i am the only one awake in the house.  sitting here thinking about the events of the day and thinking about how quick life can change.  i feel so bad for my 3 cousins for losing both their parents and one cousin in particular who not only lost both his parents but a precious grandbaby also, and for his son who lost a child...... that cousin  and i are only 1 year apart in age and have always been close.
a lot to think about, ritzywife out........................... 

The "DASH"

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What did  I do with my "dash"?  What did you do with yours?
Did I spend it being the best person I could be, living a life that counted, loving my family, neighbors, and friends....or did I just look out for #1?  I would hope that people that know me can say that I cared passionately about my family and friends.  I was faithful to my convictions & I always tried to be a better person.  I know we are not perfect beings.  What I am saying is this -- that I tried and when I messed up, I did everything in my power to make it right.
Some people will never give their "dash" a thought.  They will just live their lives getting all they can and not caring who they hurt in the process. 
This post may sound a little odd, but I heard it in a sermon today at church and it got me to thinking  about what is really important in this life and what I should just ignore.   If you are wondering or haven't figured it out by now.............. here it is:  Date Born - Date Died.................we all see this on tombstones everywhere. The dash is the time a person has spent on this earth alive.  Such a small little mark but such big implications......when we think about it we all have such little time to make a difference in others lives and in our small part of this earth., so we should all try to make that time count for something. 
A short post tonite, but a lot to think about...............Ritzywife out!

One Busy & Tired "Ni-maw"!!!

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Geez, I had the misconception that "life" slowed down as a person got older.  Wow, was I ever wrong!!! I think it has accelerated..... Maybe it seems that way cause it's me that's slowing down, haha!!
I have been so busy, it's hard to find time to keep up with my writing.  Watching those little ones, trying to keep up with my housework, church stuff and everything else has me "pooped".
The son and I went to Owasso last nite to buy groceries, but before that we stopped at the daughter  & son-in-law's to eat supper.  I played with babies and the two guys played x-box while the daughter got caught up on her housework.  Ritzy was no where around because this is his weekend to spend in the woods cutting wood.  He is crazy wanting to cut wood in this kind of weather, but he loves it.... so there ya go.
It was after 10 last nite when we left their house to go buy groceries, and around 1 this morning when we got home.  After putting away groceries, taking my bath and unwinding,  I think I finally dozed off around 3 this morning.  Gonna make for a drowsy day today.  We have a birthday party to go to at 2 this afternoon.  After that I have to go to Vinita to get the food for a party we are having after church Sunday nite.  I am not looking forward to the  shopping at all because of the heat.  Speaking of heat - The next week is going to be brutal here in Oklahoma because of the high temps.  I just hope everyone takes care of themselves and stays safe.
Our family reunion is Sunday at Nowata.  After Sunday morning church, the reunion, getting to church early Sunday evening to prepare the food and then church.....Ritzywife is gonna be one tired Ni-maw!!!
Our garden is just about finished.  All that is left is the okra and a few tomatoes.  The tomatoes probably won't survive this heat in the coming days.  We will just have to wait and see.
The okra will be fine, it loves hot weather.  In fact, I saw it blooming yesterday. I am gonna pick some and fry it the first chance I get......maybe tonite!?!
This Monday July 30, 2012 is Ritzy & Ritzywife's 29th Anniversary.  I cannot believe it has been 29 years already.  Time goes by so fast.  That is one thing I have tried to make that daughter understand with those little ones.  They will be grown and out of the house seemingly in the "blink of an eye".  That is what it seems like to me with my own kids, anyways........
This has been a great 29 years....I could not have asked for a better man than Ritzy.  Sure I get ticked off at him sometimes, but he has always been just what I have needed and I have to believe God knew that when He brought us together ;-)   I look forward to our future together as we grow older and watch our family grow.
*The reunion we are going to is the Ketcum Reunion which was My Grandma Hayes's family.   I just realized when I looked at the date.... that today is her birthday.  She was born in 1910 and passed away in 1986, only 2 weeks before our daughter was born.  I was so sad to see her go. I wanted her to meet her "great-granddaughter" so much.  But, she was in pain and bad health and I hated to see her suffer.  I knew that when she passed she was a lot better off.  I would have lived with this grandma if my mom and dad would have let me, haha!!!* 
Ritzy called a few minutes ago and told me he was on his way home.  It takes about an hour for him to get here, so after he gets here he will have to change clothes and we will be on our way to the party for our 17 year old nephew, then off to Walmart to get the supplies for Sunday nite.  Ritzywife's bed is sure gonna feel good tonite!!!!
Gonna leave it at that..............Ritzywife out..............

Time Goes By Too fast

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It's hard to believe we are already into July.  This July 4th holiday didn't quite seem like a holiday I guess because it fell in the middle of the week.  We had a good time at Mom & Dad's.  We shot off our fireworks at our own home that night.  I knew the babies would be asleep and we didn't want to upset their schedule so we decided to put them down for the night then go out and watch our own fireworks.  Worked out great!  It sure was hot tho......Well, it's Oklahoma in July, I guess it's supposed to be hot, huh?

Ritzy cooked supper tonite on the grill.  I did not want to heat up the kitchen so I got the steaks, veggies and corn on the cob prepared and let Ritzy do his "magic" on the grill.   He did a great job.

This morning the son and I went to Owasso to do some shopping and on the way home we stopped by the daughter and son-in-laws home to see those twin grandsons.  They are growing so fast.  They had their 4 month check-up Friday.  Got their immunization shots too. I know they need them but it sure was hard for [Ritzywife,..Ni-maw] to see those little boys crying :-(
Calvin & Braedy at 4 months
 They are sooo cute!!!!!  They were in a much better mood today.
It's getting late so this Ni-maw had better get some rest.   Got a busy day tomorrow........Ritzywife out...........

Busy Summer So Far.......

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This has been a busy summer so far.  I have been helping out with those precious grandsons 2 days a week at least.  Been making plum jelly, picking blackberries,  sewing,  gathering and cooking veggies from the garden and trying to keep up with my regular household chores.  That is just during the week.  We never know what to expect on the weekend, so I try to stay flexible, haha.
As you can see, Braedy and Calvin are growing like little weeds.  It is amazing how much and fast they change in their looks and actions.  They are starting to try to talk and "coo" when we talk to them.  It is soooo sweet!!!!!  I love it!
Ritzy and I got to watch them nearly the whole day Sunday.  The daughter and hubby had somewhere to go and I told her we would love watching them.  They were so good for us......turned out to be quite easy, although I know they will have their moments in the future...that's when Ritzywife will "grab one" and then tell Ritzy to "grab one" and we will separate them, hahaha!!!!
The daughter called this evening and said she sure had an eventful day.  First of all I guess while she was at work Braedy got Calvin in the eye and scratched it a little.  Being a new mom, the daughter wanted to make sure everything was ok, so she and her hubby took the baby to get examined.  On her way there  a vehicle passed her  and threw a rock, which cracked her windshield on their new car.  The babies had not eaten and by the time all this was over it was about 6 hours since their last feeding.  {Poor little things}..Well..............she finally got home, got the babies fed and herself taken care of and I think things finally settled down.  She called and said the babies were in their swings, and just looking at mommy and daddy.  She later sent me a picture of them and they looked pretty content to "Ni-maw" (pronounced - knee-maw).  I finally came up with a "name".  I just couldn't find one that sounded right until one day I happened to see "Ni-maw" and thought ----I think I like that........
 Tomorrow and Thursday are my days to watch them.  I can hardly wait to get there to give kisses and hugs to those little boys.  The picture above is one I took last week while watching them.
In two days they will be 4 months old already.  WOW--- I told the daughter the time would go by way too fast.  
She is now having to get rid of clothes they have outgrown.
I have 2 high chairs coming tomorrow.  This  Ni-maw is ready.......
It is about bedtime so Ritzywife is out................................ 

Growin' Like Little Weeds..

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These two little boys are growing so fast.  They each are around 12 pounds at 3 months old.  They seem to get sweeter every passing day.  The daughter told me the other day she could not believe how fast they are growing.  I told her to cherish this time because they don't stay little long.
I get to go over and watch them tomorrow and Thursday for a half day while she goes to work.  I have so much fun being around them.  We bought them a couple of baby swings to hang from our big maple tree in the back yard.   They got to try them out Sunday evening after church.  They sure seemed to like them. 
Not much happening here around Ritzywife's home these days.  The rain this year washed out my fishing.  I have been trying to give more attention to my flowers. Besides the two soaker rains, the weather has been pretty decent.  I spend a lot of time out in my swing. 
We have already eaten food from our garden  and it was delicious.  Ate some green beans, squash, potatoes, onions & tomatoes.  YUMMM!!!  The okra is starting to  produce....I love a big pan of okra, tomatoes, potatoes, & onion - coated with corn meal, salt & pepper... with  cooked bacon added and  fried up in the leftover bacon grease.   Oh my...that is one of my favorite meals in the summer....another favorite is BLT's with tomatoes fresh from the garden.  There is nothing like a fresh garden tomato!
Ritzy has already dug our potatoes and pulled the onions.  We had a great onion crop this year, the best ever.........  The potatoes usually aren't ready until the first week in July, but with the unseasonably warm spring here in Oklahoma this year, everything is about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. 
Maybe the warm spring is why those grandsons are growing so well, ya think? haha
It was so wet and now the ground is really dry.  Our grass is already starting to turn brown and it's only June.  Who knows what kind of summer is in store for us this year......guess we will just wait and see....
Ritzywife's parents will be celebrating their 54th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow (June 6th)....Wow, that is great.  I wish them a happy day and years to come.  Nowadays you don't see a lot of people in it for the "long haul".  It gets a little rough and they "bail".  When Ritzy and I were married, we said "This is it, forever..."  and we meant it.. Being happy in your marriage doesn't just happen, it takes a lot of work, but it is well worth it all!!!  Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of times that I would like to give Ritzy a piece of my mind and I am sure he feels the same, but we don't make that the focus.  We focus on our love for God &  each other, our kids, & our grandkids... and the rest of our family and friends because in the end that is all that really matters. 
Enough said...............Ritzywife out..............

Good Friends....

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I attended the funeral service for my daughter's best friend's father today.  As I was going to the service I was making plans to stop at Claremore to visit an old friend whom I had not seen in over 10 years.  You may wonder why so long, but we just got out of touch and I didn't know where or how to find her.  I recently found her on Facebook and we visited back and forth  a little bit.  Recently  I saw that she was opening a Boutique in Claremore so I decided I was going to pay her a visit whenever I got the chance.   Today's activities gave me that chance.  I walked in and we hugged and immediately started talking about everything.  Just like old times before.  It was a wonderful visit.  There have been lots of changes over the years in both our lives but as far as I am concerned our friendship has never changed.  I would have to say that she is and always will be my best friend.......I am not letting "life" get in the way again.  Her friendship is worth that to me.
Now on to the "soapbox".....I keep seeing family members and people I know post pictures of them doing different things.......Well, my problem is that these same people who are doing these activities profess to be Christians.  I have to ask my self "How in the world can you call yourself a Christian and be doing the things I see you posting?!?"  It is beyond comprehension.  And they wonder why their lives are in such messes.  Geez people....don't you get it????  We are supposed to look different than the "world", not blend in........People should see something different in our lives.  "Our walk should match our talk."   When it doesn't, we are asking for trouble and we lose any credible witness we thought we might have. 
Ok, I'll step down now.
I get to go sit with the babies tomorrow while the daughter works her half day.   This grandma loves those two little boys and they are gonna know it.....
I was looking at a large tree limb just right to hang a couple of swings on the other day,  Now, if I can only get Ritzy to get up in the tree to hang the chains/ropes, haha!!!
Our garden has produced the largest onions we have ever had this year....they are about the size of a softball.  Our potatoes are being dug now, a month early, and they are really nice too.  I have some green beans that I need to pick in the next couple of days.  The weather has been really dry this May, but we are looking to get some rain tonight and tomorrow.  I can hardly wait on the tomatoes and okra.  I just hope nature doesn't just shut off the faucet like it did last year.  Our gardens were devastated.  We got nothing!!!
Our grass is already turning brown and it's only May here in Oklahoma.    Ritzywife's crappie fishing was crappy this year.......(sorry about that).  I had such high hopes, hmmm....
Well, I am going to turn in early to get rested up for those grandsons tomorrow.............Ritzywife out....

I Love Being A Grandma!!

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I never knew how wonderful it could be to become a grandparent until it actually happened.  Yeah, I have heard others talk about how wonderful it is but you never really know til it happens to you.  I love spending time with those precious twin grandsons.  I love to watch them, hold them, feed them,  rock them and yes even change their diapers.   They are growing so fast.  They both weigh over 10 lbs now and it is starting to feel like it......I told the daughter and son-in-law that they had better cherish this time because it will go by so fast.  Before long, those boys will  become mobile and start doing things on their own and they won't want to be cuddled and talked to.  I wish I had realized this when Ritzy and my kids were growing up.  It seems like such a short time ago.
Today I was "talking" to them and they were listening, watching and even trying to talk back to me.  It was so sweet.  Tonight the daughter called and I could hear a baby on the phone and I started talking to Calvin, he immediately  got quiet and Keri said he was listening to my voice and trying to make a sound.  I loved it!!
This Sunday is Mother's Day.  I hope everyone tells their mom how much they love her.  Kids and Dads have no clue what it is like to be a mom.  You would do anything in your power for your kids to keep them safe and healthy. 
I finally bought some flowers to plant outside.  Ritzy and I are going to do that tomorrow evening.  I love geraniums, rose moss, petunias, and most perennials.  One of my grandma's always had red geraniums planted and I guess that's where my love for them came from.  The other grandma always had those hen & chicks and I love those too.  The Oklahoma weather the past few days has been absolutely glorious.  The only drawback for Ritzywife has been the lake level.  It is way too high for me to fish in my fishing hole.  I don't know if I will be able to fish anymore this year.  The crappie have usually stopped coming up into where I fish by the end of May.  To catch any throughout the rest of the year a person has to be in a boat to find them.  
Did I mention that I love those grandbabies----always brings a smile to my face............Ritzywife out!

Interesting Evening

Posted by: cheryl

It started out calm enough.  The son and I were fishing, along with some other family members.  After being down there a little while we all heard thunder.  We decided it was going to stay west of us and stayed at the lake.  Well, the fish were not biting, so we came home.  This is where it gets interesting........we saw on the tv that the little bit of thunder we heard was part of a thunderstorm that was turning severe and headed north toward Nowata.  We watched it on tv for a while then the son asked Ritzywife if  I wanted to ride with him across the lake to get a better view of the storm.  It was turning tornadic and near Nowata which is only 15 miles away.  We got into his car and headed west,  After stopping and watching the storm for a while we both decided to head to Nowata to see if we could get a better look.  A lot of people were stopped along the road watching also.  Well, we ended up by the Sonic and was looking at the storm when the son told me that if he had any cash in his wallet he would buy us something........he had left his cash at home.......and Ritzywife did not think to grab her wallet.  So.....there we were, sitting at the sonic with not a cent on us.  It was kind of funny and ironic at the same time.  It was 9 pm and we decided to come back home.  We have been watching the weather ever since.  It is now 11 pm and the weather has broke in and let us know of a new tornado warning west of us.......It's gonna be a long night!!!
The rain we have received in the past few days is gonna ruin our crappie fishing this year I'm afraid.  The lake was just beginning to get to a decent level.....still 2 1/2 feet above normal and rising from the last rain a couple of days ago..... and now it is gonna be on it's way back up even more.  There has been a LOT of rain that has fallen in our county and north of us that is gonna run off into the Verdigris River which is where the Oologah Lake  is located.   Places North of us have gotten anywhere from 5 to 8 inches of rain in the last 24 hours.  WOW!!!!!
Well, I will be here waiting it all out..................Ritzywife out......

How I Spent My Thursday....

Posted by: cheryl

And I do mean all day.......I was at the fishing hole at 8:15 a.m. and left at 7:30 p.m.......
Had 15 crappie to show for all my hard "work".  Oh, and let's not forget the "slight" sunburn.  Well, I technically wasn't down there the  whole time, I came home a couple of times for a bathroom break and to fix lunch for me, my sister-in-law and nephew.  We always leave someone there to watch our "stuff" and to keep our "spot"... It's a sad thing to lose your fishing spot.  Fishermen and women are very territorial when it comes to their "spot" on the fishing bank. 
The sunburn isn't bad today, I usually just tan, guess that's the indian in me, haha!!
I was wondering if I was ever going to start catching fish this year.  This is a decent start. Now, if the weather will cooperate I will be happy and spending a LOT of time on this fishing bank. 
Saw my first snake last night.  It was wanting to come up to the bank where I was and I was having to watch him.  I scared it off and it went down to where the son was fishing and he scared it back to me.  It finally gave up and swam out to the middle of the water.  I hate snakes!!!! (snakes are the only drawback to this fishing hole, but we just keep our eyes open and a big rock or stick nearby, haha)
I wasn't alone tho, as I said before my sister-in-law, nephew and another man was down there.  Then my sister, brother-in-law, and niece came down.  There were a few other people I didn't know who stopped and fished for a little while, then left.  They don't have the "staying power" that Ritzywife has when it comes to fishing ;-)
We all had a good time fishing together and visiting.  Someone else, be it friends or family, was down there all day.  Some people think I am crazy when it comes to fishing.....but what can I say...I love it!!
We now have a nice "mess" of crappie in the refrigerator waiting to be cooked.  YUMM YUMM...
Ritzy and I are going to the daughter's tonite to mow...well, he is going to mow while I play with babies.....I told her I would fix hot wings and barbeque wings to bring over for supper. 
I am staying out of the sun today to help recuperate from yesterday, plus it it cloudy and we have a slight chance of storms this morning.
Well, it's time for breakfast so Ritzwife is out.....................

My Bad...

Posted by: cheryl

Yeah, I know.... that's another picture of the grandsons (Calvin & Braedy).  I can already see that I am gonna be one of those goofy grandparents that always has a picture "handy" to show off.  I think I love them more each time I see them.  They are just at the age where they can tell that we are talking to them.
They are getting most of my attention and thoughts at the moment.  That other guy around here, uh what's his name..........oh, Ritzy and I are loving being grandparents.  I did not think it was possible for Ritzy to act so silly, but you ought to see him around these two.  He puts on quite a show ;-)

I celebrated my 53rd birthday Saturday.  Got my hair cut, colored ( to get rid of that pesky gray hair that keeps showing up) and Ritzy and I went out for dinner, and most important I was able to spend time with these two little ones while Ritzy mowed the daughter and son-in-law's lawn.  They are just too busy.  I told her that was just fine.  We didn't mind coming over plus it was a good excuse to spend more time with the babies......

My sister-in-law called this morning and invited us over for supper.  We are having enchiladas.  YUMM!!!  I offered to make a peach cobbler so we are gonna have some fine food tonite, haha!..Called the son and told him he better pick himself something to eat on the way home,, but...I would make him his own peach pie for dessert.  I am pretty sure that pie will make up for me not cooking for him.
I can smell those pies cooking now and it smells wonderful.    May have to stop on the way over to brother's house and get some vanilla ice cream to go with that warm cobbler.  YUMM YUMM!!!!

I am not able to get any crappie fishing done because of the lake being up after all that rain we received a couple weeks ago.   It is sure putting a damper on my fun.  The lake is up 8 1/2 feet now and I can't even get to the fishing hole.  It will have to drop at least a foot and a half for me to get down there.  I check the lake levels every day and it seems to be staying the same.

This weather has been great.  I am lovin' it!!!!!  We (Ritzy) will be putting out the tomato and bell pepper plants in a couple of weeks.  It sure is tempting to do it now, but we aren't taking any chances.  This Oklahoma weather can change way too fast.

I am gonna go check on those pies so Ritzywife is out....................................

I Am Lovin' This

Posted by: cheryl

Being a grandma, nanna, nanny, grammie, granny, g-ma.....you get the picture.... is wonderful!!!!  Those two little ones just melt my heart.
I find myself thinking about them all the time.  I am gonna give these two little guys all the love and kisses they can handle, haha!!
It's springtime in Oklahoma and I am lovin' it!!!!!! I love to see all the green pop out on the trees and the yards finally turn green and all the flowers starting to bloom.  Our garden has potatoes and onions up and looking forward to planting tomatoes, beans, okra, cucumbers, squash, peppers, flowers, you get the picture.....
Spring is my favorite time of year!   The crappie are starting to bite. The only drawback this year is all that rain we got last week has flooded out my fishing hole.   The lake is up 8 feet.   I will have to wait til the water goes down to start fishing there again.  I just talked to my sister-in-law who told me they could not find the fish yesterday while fishing in their boat.  The lake rising always messes up the fishing for a while.  I'll just have to be patient and wait on the right conditions to start again..........
These temperatures in the 80's are spoiling me.  I know it usually comes a cold spell around Easter and I am hoping this year that cold spell skips Oklahoma.  The only thing bad about all the warm temps is all the bugs are out earlier.  I hate bugs....they bug me........
That being said, Ritzywife is out.................

I've Been A Busy Grandma!!

Posted by: cheryl

Those precious babies were able to go home last Thursday.  On Monday this week I went to spend the week with the daughter, son-in-law and those babies.  I had a wonderful time helping out.  It was such a joy to help take care of them.  They are growing so fast and doing great.

I returned home today and while driving, the son called and asked if I had seen the lake.  He told me that it was up 7 ft. since all this rain started.....and it is still rising.  Well I just got home, Ritzy unloaded some of my stuff and the son and I drove down to look at the "fishing hole".  WOW, the water was up to the road.  We saw some friends who had been there all day and had caught a few crappie.  So........we went back home to get our fishing gear and some bait.  We fished for a couple of hours.  I didn't even get a bite, but the son missed one bite and caught the other.  It was a channel catfish and would have weighed a couple of pounds.  He gave it to someone else fishing down there.  But.....it was so great to be able to be outdoors and enjoy the weather after this past week of rain every day.  I just hope all this water doesn't hurt our crappie fishing over the next month.  We are probably 
going back tomorrow.  There are a few things I have to get done around the house first, tho....
I have a birthday coming up next Saturday.   Ritzy had better come up with something, haha!!!!
I am really tired so I am gonna get some rest.....I now see why we need to have kids at a young age......Grandma Ritzywife out.................

Crappie Fishing Here

Posted by: cheryl

Today a friend called and asked if I wanted to go fishing and visit. I did not turn down a chance to fish and visit with a good friend.  I only caught one fish but it was a beauty.  It's only gonna get better for the next couple of months as the crappie get closer to spawning for this spring. 
I did not go down to visit the babies today, but the daughter posts pictures on Facebook every night.  They are changing so much and getting cuter every day.  They may even get to come home by the end of this week.  YIPPEE!!!!! 
They are doing very well. 
I got my share of the sunshine today.  I love the outdoors and listening to the birds and other animals.  I had to bring my friend back to the house to get her car at 4:00 and I stayed there till the son came home and I had to fix supper.  After eating supper, the son and I went back to fishing.  I had left my fishing gear down there because my Aunt was also fishing beside me and she said she would watch it for me.  Well we fished till almost dark and I only ended up with that one fish, they had 2 and another fisherman gave me 1 more fish.  It was a good "mess" for a couple of people.  I cleaned the fish and took them to my neighbor/cousin and her husband.  I hope they like them........
I don't know if I will go to Tulsa tomorrow or not.  Tomorrow nite is church so I will not go fishing....it's just too much trouble to come home and get cleaned up for church. 
Ritzy and I went down to Tulsa yesterday to take an infant/toddler CPR course.  They recommended anyone watching the babies  know what to do in an emergency.  I think it would do everyone well to know how to help in an emergency situation.  I am glad we did it.
It's getting late and I am tired so Ritzywife is out!


Posted by: cheryl

I don't know how else to describe the feeling.  It happened Friday afternoon.  I had gone to Tulsa to visit the daughter and those precious babies.  When I arrived, the daughter and hubby were with the boys.  I joined them for a while.  While in the NICU  they were trying to soothe Braedy and get his pacifier to stay in.  They were using a cloth diaper to prop it in his mouth and I made the comment that maybe that might not be a good idea to leave a loose cloth close to the baby's face.......but they were determined to do it anyways.  Well the nurse came over, rolled up the cloth and placed it under the pad the baby was on.  I had let the incident go.  But.............later that afternoon in the daughter's room the son-in-law proceeds to tell me that they did not appreciate my interfering and would not be open to any advice in the future.  They wanted to make their own mistakes raising their kids.  I just about felt the floor drop from under me.  I am someone who has made it a point not to stand in their way, or tell them how to do things with these new babies.  I could not believe what I was hearing.  What they were saying is something that should never be said to anyone!!!!!  The fact that they thought I needed to be informed of this is what really hurt!!  I did not get mad but, I was devastated........I spent the next hour or so not saying anything for fear I would come across as being bossy according to them.  They have put me in a difficult position--one where I will not be able to say or do anything around them or those babies because I might offend them.  And they cannot understand why I would feel this way.  They want the freedom to express their feelings without dealing with the consequences of how it makes the other person feel.    I told the daughter I was not going to "walk on eggshells" around her or anyone else.  They could take me as I am or not at all.  I also told her I would not be back, and I would not be coming to their home when the babies get to come home.  But..........if she needs me, all she has to do is ask and I would be there for her.  I guess this is what you would call the "straw that broke the camel's back".  I feel now that they are their own family and they will have to deal with their own problems without leaning on mom so much.  They even told me that I am the one who has been and is always there for them and why they thought they had to tell me all this is beyond me.  All I know is it hurt then and it still hurts.  I was telling Ritzy and my mom that I don't even feel like I have any grandkids right now.  I want to be there with them and for them...... and now I have been put in the position that I can't do or say anything. 
I just hope all this works out soon.............Ritzywife out!

We Got Babies!!!!!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

Those precious grandsons were born last night.  I am one happy woman!!!!!  They are so beautiful!!!!

                                                                            Braedy - 5 lbs.
Calvin - 5 lbs. 6 oz.
They were a little early, but are doing very good.  The daughter is doing great.  The boys have to have a little help with air and have not actually eaten yet but that is just because of their age - 34 weeks 3 days.  Keri did a wonderful job and tried her best but these little guys were not waiting.    They looked a lot better today.  The daughter is doing wonderful.  I am so proud of her.  She and her hubby now have their own little family to start all sorts of memories.  This grandma is going to be busy doing a LOT of spoiling and loving on these two little boys.  I can hardly wait to hold them.  That new rocking chair is just sitting there in Ritzywife's living room waiting on them. 
All the excitement last evening sure made for a long night.  I am getting pretty tired and am planning on going back down to Tulsa in the morning with my mom, so I had better get some rest.  I'll keep ya posted.  Ritzywife out.....................

Anxiety is NO Fun!!!

Posted by: cheryl

Here is is 3 weeks later and I am still having to deal with the anxiety.  I have seen my Dr and he seems to think it was the tremendous stress I was under on or Wisconsin trip.  I have started back on my Lexapro.  I wish it would hurry and kick in.  Have been taking it for 6 days now.  I have had a couple of good days where I felt fine, but the rest of the time it has been rough.  I was able to go with the daughter yesterday to see the babies.  They are beautiful, even on the ultrasound.  She and the babies are doing good.  She found out yesterday that the "feelings" she has been experiencing are Braxton-Hicks contractions.  Her technician pointed out that little fact to her.  I told her that her body is just practicing for the delivery. 
It's really hard to focus on everyday life when a person is going thru this kind of problem.....I spent the whole day outside because I felt trapped and alone in my own home.  Our minds can play tricks on us.  I still think it could be hormonal because of my age.  The Dr wants me back in 2 weeks for a fasting blood test. 
A friend called today and invited me to run around with her tomorrow.  I jumped at the invite......I am looking forward to it.  Was talking to Ritzy tonight and told him how good it felt to have something scheduled to do right now.  I am going with him on Friday to cut wood.  I don't care were I  go, it beats staying home alone at this time. 
One of these days soon I will be back to my "old" self.  And yes I said old..........
And..............Ritzywife is out!!


Posted by: cheryl

That's about the only way I know to describe what has been going on in Ritzywife's life the past couple weeks.  We made the trip to Wisconsin.  Ritzy and I decided the best thing to do was for all of us to drive back together.  We did drive all the way back (830 miles) in one day.  The day (Wednesday)  after we got back Ritzy and I had business to take care of and I was fine.  Wednesday nite we went to church.  I was taking my bath that nite when all of a sudden I felt like I was gonna pass out and started feeling panicky.  I have had panic attacks before and that is what this felt like.  I also am at the age where things are starting to change and could not tell if this was a "hot flash" or not.  After that happened I just felt anxious and could not get calmed down.   I have been dealing with this for the last 10 or so days.  I must say the past couple of days I have felt like myself, which is a very welcome feeling. 
To anyone who has ever suffered a panic attack, I don't have to describe anything further.  To anyone who has never gone thru this, I don't know if you could ever understand no matter how much I talked about it.
I suppose that the rushed trip to and from Wisconsin had something to do with it.  I was nervous about the whole trip because the kids were in a separate vehicle.  I know that produced a LOT of stress for me.  That has to come out somehow.  I had been off and on with the anxiety until a couple days ago when, like I said before I finally started feeling "normal".....I have cut out caffeine and  most sugar to see if I feel better.  Can't deal with the feeling the caffeine gives me now.

We had our Sweetheart Dinner at a Steakhouse in Tulsa last nite.  There were 20 adults present and everyone said they had a good time and the food was good.   I didn't know if I was going to be able to pull that off, considering the way I was feeling last week, but we did it. 

This coming week should be  less stressful.  I have been invited to a friend's house to come work on their woodworking machines.  I am going to take them up on the offer.  I love working with wood.

I am also getting very excited for those soon to be born grandbabies.  I think their parents have gotten things ready at home ;-)

That's about all I can come up with right now...Ritzywife out!

A Sad Post

Posted by: cheryl

Ritzy's Dad passed away Thursday night.  Right now our family which consists of ----Ritzy, myself, our son, our very pregnant (30 weeks with twins) daughter and her hubby----is in Northern Illinois for the night to get rested up to finish the trip to Appleton, Wisconsin tomorrow.  "Dad's" service is Monday morning.  It was a sudden illness.  We are all doing ok.  It has been a long day with all that sitting in the truck.  Only 4 or so driving hours  remaining of the trip.  After the service Monday, the "kids" are planning to leave Tuesday morning and  drive all the way thru without stopping for the night.  It is about 830 miles from our home to Appleton.  That makes for a long one-day trip.   The daughter has a Dr's appointment Wednesday morning that she does not want to miss.   My wish would be for us to travel home together but, we will just have to wait and see. 
I have been pretty busy and no time for "goofing off" on here ;-)
The daughter is doing great and that tummy of hers is beautiful.  Those babies sure are growing and getting active.
Before leaving, I fixed the church bulletin for tomorrow, took care of business for the church.  I even called the preacher and told him that the piano player (Ritzywife) was not going to be at church this Sunday due to these circumstances. Someone else will have to make copies of the bulletin, teach ladies sunday school class, play piano, etc....
I am now sitting in the hotel room, listening to the tv,  and I also hear  Ritzy snoring.........I guess it is time I get some rest also.
Ritzywife out!..............................

Life Choices

Posted by: cheryl

That may sound strange, but that is what I have spent most of the week dealing with and thinking about.  Mine and other's choices.  I am going to guess that we make hundreds if not thousands of choices each day------  Am I going to get out of bed, what am I going to have for breakfast, what am I going to wear.......you get the picture. Then there are other choices such as------am I going to stay single or get married, am I going to have children or not, what kind of job do I want, am I going to college, Those are pretty easy choices, but then -  there are some that are not so easy,  am I going to be a gossip today, am I going to treat my family and friends the way I want to be treated, am I going to make a (good or bad)  difference in someone's life today.............
Yeah, this past week I was "called on" more than once to go clean up someone else's mess.  I tried my best, but the result remains to be seen.  People do not stop to think about what they are getting ready to say or do.  I am not gonna say I am perfect, cause I know I am not, but I am also not going to act like I am either.  If I mess up, I try to "make things right".  Some people think they are justified in their thinking or in the way they feel  and are not about to change for anyone.  That kind of person cannot be helped.  
I also had some good times this week also.  I was able to spend some time with our very pregnant daughter (28 weeks with twins).  She and her hubby treated me to lunch.  That was so sweet of them.  After eating, the hubby went to work and we started shopping (isn't that the way it works, haha!)  Anyways, she needed some stuff and I didn't think twice about getting it for her.  I remember how hard it was starting out.   I love my kids and will do anything I can for them.
When it was time for me to leave we said our good-byes and I left, not thinking anything about what I had just done.  This brings me to explain what the preacher's sermon was about last Sunday--------it was about going the extra mile for people without complaining or expecting anything in return or anything extra.  He called it -  going  the "smile mile".
Fast forward to Wednesday evening after I got home------the daughter sent me a couple of text messages that made me cry.  She told me that she appreciated how I always go the "smile mile" for her and her little family and that she hoped that she would be the same way someday.  I told her that I don't have any doubt about her being the same way because I see it in her.   She also told me that her hubby thinks he is the luckiest guy around to have been brought into our family.  Hey, we feel pretty lucky too.  I guess I said all that to say: When we are being the kind of people God wants us to be, we don't have to put on an act.......it just comes out.
I don't want the people around me to have to wonder about my feelings or intentions.  I want them to know.  Like I said before, I am not perfect and sometimes I mess up, but I do try to make it right.
Now that Wednesday evening I was talking about - it was about time to leave for church when I received a phone call to go talk to someone in the church  ( who also happened to be my friend)  when I could find the time, because someone else had hurt them.  I  did go because this person was my friend and wanted to let her and her husband know that Ritzy and I were there for them.  To me this was more important than going to "church".  In all reality the person/people that should have gone to my friends were the ones who were asking me to go.  I thought to myself - there is something wrong with this picture -  I decided later the next day I was gonna start calling my self "the mop lady"........
I don't know how this is all gonna turn out, but I can say that I did and said everything I could.  I have come to realize that in church a person has to realize that they are ultimately doing their job for the Lord and to not let others get in the way.  A lot of times people in the church like to give a person a job - that no one else wants - and then "micro-manage" the job.  If the church is going to give a person a job or mission to do, then step back and let them do their job  all the while supporting their work and not gossiping or complaining about them or the job they are doing!!!!!   This causes nothing but strife and hurt feelings......
I can almost hear what one person will be telling me as i walk in the doors  tomorrow ---oh, I didn't mean any harm....Well, I am gonna call them on it and say that I am not the one you should be telling this to.  The person who was hurt is the one that needs to hear this from YOU!!!!
Now, it's getting late and I have to get the bulletin ready and study my lesson for Sunday School.
Ritzywife out...........................