What Season Is This, Again....Anybody Know????

Posted by: cheryl

On the last post was a picture my son took while on his ride to work.  It showed the outside temperature to be -27 degrees.  Here it is exactly one week later and it is 75 degrees.  A 100 degree difference in only one week.  WOW, this is crazy.  Ritzywife is threatening to turn on the AC unit.  It seems we have jumped from the freezer to the oven.......hehe!!  All that beautiful snow is just about gone.  I had about forgotten what my yard looked like...  You want variety.....come to Oklahoma!!!!!
I am starting to get  "Crappie Fishing Fever".....  You fishermen out there know exactly what I am talking about.
I was reading on a weather site the other day about what to expect in the coming months.  They said to expect dramatic changes in the temperatures.  They won't last long, but it will turn cold, them warm etc....
With the daughter's wedding coming up in April, that is not exactly what I was wanting to hear.  I told Ritzy last night that I was going to wait until I know what the weather is going to be like before I buy my clothes for the wedding ;-)
Speaking of the daughter, she came into our room early this morning wanting a thermometer.  We found it and she proceeded to tell me she had been up half the night with fever/chills, back hurting , rapid heartbeat, and just not feeling well.  I took her blood pressure and it was normal, her heart rate was a little fast.   She was holding a cold wet cloth on her face and neck to try to "cool off"... She said that some of her co-workers had come to work sick, but she didn't know if she had "caught" anything off them.  I asked her again to show me again where the back pain was.  After that, I told her that it was possible to have either a kidney infection or kidney stones.  Told her a trip to the Dr.'s office was probably going to be needed.  That is where she and her fiance are right now.  He texted me a while ago and said they were waiting to take a ct scan, because the Dr. thinks it could be kidney stones.  It sure is hard watching your kids hurting and not be able to "just make it go away".....  I was going to take her, but he offered and I figured they are about to start a life together and they need to learn how to take care of each other.  So, here I am at home....She said she had a full day at work, but I told her that sometimes these things happen and her boss knows how hard a worker she is, so try not to worry about it.  Just an observation here--My and Ritzy's kid's  work ethic is one of their  qualities we are really proud of.  They both know their jobs and they do them well.  Sorry for the bragging ;-)
After the daughter and her fiance left, it was around 8:30 am.  I debated on whether to go back to bed, or just stay up.  Well the bed won. I didn't get up til 10.  Psst, don't tell Ritzy.   Oh well, I will probably tell on myself tonight.
This warm weather had me thinking about supper tonight.  When Ritzy gets home I am going to ask him to get the Weber charcoal grill out and fire it up.  I have some steaks thawing right now.  I am usually not a steak eater, but that sure sounds good now....Sure glad  Northeast Oklahoma is not included in that "burn ban"....
I have a feeling this is going to be one of those days where at the end of the day I am going to be scratchin' my head wondering where the time went.....
Ritzywife out.........................................

How Low Can You Go?!?

Posted by: cheryl

Can you believe it?!?!?  Oklahoma is in the freezer....... That was the temperature (NOT WIND CHILL) here in Winganon this morning.....We have had the most amazing weather that I have ever witnessed.  First of all we dealt with a blizzard about a week ago and a couple of days ago both  record snowfall and cold temperatures.  There is about 3 ft. of snow on the ground in our yard and drifts up to 4 & 5 ft.
The Oologah lake ( just a mile west) is frozen with about a foot of snow on top of the ice.
Even though all this is going on......it is still beautiful, so I am trying to enjoy it instead of whine about it.  Here is a picture of the latest snowfall added to the snow we recieved last week:

My patio table and chairs are almost covered up and the swing by the porch is covered.  That red thing peeping out of the snow is a lawn chair.  Ritzy sure has had his fill of shoveling snow for a while.  He was even at the roof shoveling snow  by the porch to prevent ice dams.
Speaking of the lake ...here is a picture of the snow drifts ON the lake taken from the  road crossing the lake looking to the north. 
Ritzy and I made a trip into town to get the poor little birds some seed.  We grabbed a snack and I asked if we could just go park on the road and just look at the lake for a while and eat our lunch/snack.  Just a chance to be alone and out of the house.  With all this bad weather and 5 adults in the house.......there isn't much "alone" time for anyone.
I hear it is supposed to warm up by this weekend....then we will be dealing with the slushy mess this melting snow will create.  Ritzy and I are having to put off starting our garden becuase of the snow...Usually have our potatoes in by middle of February to first of March.  That is just so hard to imagine.... seeing all this "white stuff" around.
Well, it's time for Ritzywife to get off here and fix this crew some supper.
Ritzywife out....................

******2011 Blizzard******

Posted by: cheryl

Well, as you can see - we did get that snow.  All 18-20 inches of it. The top picture is our a/c unit outside the back door, buried in the snow. the bottom picture is my porch swing on the other side of the back porch buried in the snow also....   It was amazing to watch it snow so hard and tso long.  That wind was really blowing.
All the family was stuck at home yesterday.  They are still here today.  Ritzy shoveled snow in the driveway and sidewalk.  He had to do the sidewalk 3 or 4 times.  By the time he would get finished it would be covered again.  We could not open our back door all the way til he shoveled some of the  snow away.
The daughter's boyfriend (fiance) thought he would drive his 4-wheel drive to work and get the equipment to pull people out of the ditch.  Well, he got stuck, but he was close to the place where the equipment was so he got the loader and graded a road, did a little work and finally got his truck unstuck and headed to the house.  He was 3.5 miles away (across the lake) when he called and said he could go no further.  There was a truck stuck in front of him and an emergency vehicle behind him coming after those people in front of him.  I tried to tell the daughter to tell him to go with those people cause it was COLD outside.  But NO!!!!!   He gets out of his truck and starts walking in knee-deep snow to the house.  All this is about to get the best of me.  So I go to the  kitchen and proceed to make some potato soup.  Well the daughter comes in the kitchen and proceeds to tell me that she is going to go meet her guy.  I do not like the idea, but I really can't blame her.  I make sure she has enough warm clothes and she goes on her way to meet him.  He is at the bridge at this time, about 2.5 miles away.  I holler at Ritzy and tell him she needs a light because it is after 5 at this time.  He comes after a light and I tell him that she is not to go alone.  He goes with her and after a while I hear him come in.  I ask where they are and he said his feet were getting too cold.  He only had on rubber waders at the time.  He gets his feet warm, puts on his army boots and heads back out the door.  He meets up with them finally about a half mile away from the house.  About 30 minutes later they all walk thru the door.  I was a mess while all of this was going on.  When that soon to be son-in-law walked in I told him how glad I was that he was ok, but then I grabbed his shirt and told him that if he EVER tried anything like that again, that Ritzywife was going to "punch his lights out."
After all that.... we all grabbed a bowl of soup and had our supper.
I hope everyone stays put today......&
I hope to get outside to take some more pictures later.
Ritzywife out...................................