# 3

Posted by: cheryl

Ni-maw is so happy.  We learned a few weeks ago that grandchild #3 is on the way.  Expected arrival is sometime in May 2016.  Yes, it's only one this time but it's still not known if baby is boy or girl.
Should find that out on daughter's next appointment in 3 weeks.  Boys are so happy to be getting a little brother/sister.  Braedy says it's a little sister.  I'll take his word for it.
Plus, last easter when I ordered Braedy & Calvin's Easter baskets the two boxes came in the mail and I was so excited to open them up and give them to boys.  i could not believe my eyes when i opened both boxes and inside each box  was a girl diaper cake.  Are you kidding me?!?!? it could have been anything else.  At first I was ticked off, then I got to thinking about it and thought that maybe i might need them in the future...hahaha!  Well whether this baby is a boy/girl, they are getting used.
Also that Easter basket mix up made for a mad dash to the store.
This Holiday season seems to be quickly coming upon us.  I didn't even decorate inside for Fall.  I did some outside decorating tho.   Was just too busy.  Can hardly wait to decorate for Christmas.  I have all the gifts ready to be wrapped and placed under the tree and in the stockings.
The boys and I have been singing "Santa Clause Is Coming to Town and Jingle Bells".  They love to sing and I hope they continue to love singing and appreciate music as they grow older.
They are on vacation this week.  It will be Friday before they come back.  Ni-maw will be so ready to see them and get/give hugs and kisses...   It was funny on Saturday before they left, Uncle Matt and I stopped by to get "Nemo" their beta fish and Calvin said " Well, Ni-maw you are coming with us....Braedy agreed.  I told them that no, ni-maw was staying here to take care of Nemo.  Last night I was talking to them and they both said they wanted to come to my house.  I said sorry boys, you are on  vacation with mommy and daddy, you are gonna have so much fun and Ni-maw will see you when  you get back.
Now, on to Nemo -- the beta fish.  I told my daughter that I will not be held responsible if that fish "bites the dust".....that is if a fish can do that.   A few years ago I thought it would be a good idea to have one of those fish... so I bought the fish, container, water, & food .....  Well let's just say that after the 3rd fish in one month's time I decided I was not meant  to have ANY kind of fish for a pet.
I reminded my daughter of that little fact, but she still let me bring him here.
Pray for "Nemo"....with that Ritzywife is out ;-) ...................