Military Spouse

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Military Spouse Day. (Friday, May 9, 2008) A time to recognize the sacrifice of Military Spouses and their families. I had forgotten about it til I was reading some online news. All of a sudden I felt a great sense of pride and sadness at the same time. Pride because of Ritzy and the hard work and time and dedication he has given the Military in his 20+ years of service. Sadness because of our being apart right now and also of all the time that the military has separated us in our soon-to-be 25 years of marriage.......... I know he is in the National Guard and not Active Army, but when you add up all those "drill weekends" and 2 or 3 week Annual Trainings, the one month deployments and the 12 month deployments that he has served over a 20 year period of time, it adds up..............If you know anyone who is a Military Spouse let them know you are there for them, and do something as small as taking them out for a meal. You won't believe how much they will appreciate it. That could be the only adult conversation they may have that day. Sometimes the only person a "spouse" may talk to during the day is the loved one that is gone and they are lucky if they get to talk 2-3 times a week and the talk time is limited. They will appreciate the fellowship and it will mean more than you can know.......... I am so thankful for the ones who serve in the military, it is not easy and a lot of sacrifices are made, so to these military and their families I would like to say "THANK YOU"!!

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