Another Busy Day

Posted by: cheryl

I know today is Sunday the day of rest, but here the last week I believe I have forgotten what "rest" is. I started out going to Sunday School & Church. Our church is a small church with only about 50 or so attending. We always go to my parent's house to eat on Sundays. My Dad usually does the cooking which is so odd because when I was growing up my Dad never did anything in the kitchen. The only problem now is he still doesn't know how to clean up his mess ;-) We had Brisket today, it was really good... My Great-nephew came home with me afterward and was supposed to help me burn 2 huge brushpiles from the December ice storm, but he and the son got to playing X-Box games and that's the last I saw of him for the afternoon ;-) I should have "rested" but today was the first day in a long time that the wind was hardly blowing so I saw a chance to burn and I did. Started about 1:30 and finished about 4:00, just in time to go get ready for church tonite which starts at 5:00. You know....yesterday and today were the first time I have actually cared about what the outside looked like since Ritzy left. I went thru the first few months just getting by. You might say I should have expected him to be gone and just gotten over it, but during our almost 25 years of being together, this is the first time we have ever spent a long period of time apart. When he was on deployment in 2003-2004 it was in Arkansas and either he would come home for 3 days every 15 days or I would go there. It would alternate and that was bad enough. When you love and care for someone and each of you have been used to doing everything together it's hard being apart, no matter what. I still think about him while I am out working in the yard because I know he would love to be out there too. I have gotten my first sunburn of the season....I just can't believe how nice the weather was this weekend, I hope there are a lot more of them...Tomorrow I still have some running around to do and I believe the remainder of the week is free, yea!! I guess I will be able to "rest" later......maybe

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