21 More Days

Posted by: cheryl

That's right...... only 3 weeks and Ritzy is a FREE man. Free from the military anyways. Ritzywife is counting down the days........
March 21st is his ETS date. March is an important month this year...Ritzy retires from the national guard and on March 31st Ritzywife turns """50""". WOW. I can't believe it!!!!
Today in Oklahoma was a COLD day. Everyone here at home just hung around doing mostly nothing. Not much to do when it is 30 degrees outside with a windchill in the teens. Gonna get warmer toward next weekend tho. Supposed to be in the 70's. That's Oklahoma for ya, tho..Love it or leave it......
Next weekend is Ritzy's last Guard drill weekend. I am going with him. Just another excuse to get away from home and the adult kids for a weekend. Hey, we will take what we can get ;-)
Ritzy got some potatoes and onions for the garden, but we will wait til the end of next week to plant. Too darn cold out there now(((((BRRRRR)))))....
I let Mazzio's cook supper tonite. haha!!!
I have already studied for tomorrow's Sunday School class. Not much else to do tonite except to try and get some sleep. I have had a hard time getting to sleep. I thought that would change when Ritzy returned home in October but, he is so tired he goes to bed way too early for me so I just let him get his rest and I stay up til I am pretty sure he is asleep before I go to bed. I have never been able to just go to bed and go to sleep right away.
Haven't heard from Ritzy's family this week, I hope they are all doing ok.
With that, Ritzywife is out.........

Just Checkin' In

Posted by: cheryl

Not too much to talk about during the past week or so. Yesterday, my sister (Nana) called to see if I could come down and watch her grandbaby (3 months old) while she worked on someone's nails at her home. She is a Nail Tech. So I go down there to play with the baby and big sister, the 3 year old. Sissy wants to come home with me so I let her. Ritzy was home and I figured the both of us could corral her ;-) WHEW!!!
Gee, that kid was everywhere...........we had fun tho. It was time to go back to Nana's and she did NOT want to go. I said "Too Bad sister", your ARE going to your Nana's...haha!!
This evening Ritzy and I went up to my parent's to visit. Bubba was there and Sissy showed up while we were there. The first thing our of her mouth was----"I go to your house." I said I didn't think so. They are spending the night with my Mom & Dad. YIKES!!!!!!
Don't get me wrong, I love these kids very much and would do anything for them.
They are fun to be around, for a little while anyways....just kidding.....
Ritzy has 4 more weeks until his ETS date. YAY!!!!!!!!
ETS is the date he is out of the National Guard.
His last drill is in a couple of weeks. I will be going with him. We have to travel around 170 miles to get there. I have been with him all the years he has been in the military (over 21) and supported his service to his country and I told him that I would be with him at his last national guard drill weekend.
I am so proud him and all he has accomplished in his military career.
It is getting late and he is already been in bed for a couple of hours. I guess I ought to try and get some sleep since it is Sunday tomorrow. I have to teach and play the piano at church. I still have not been able to go to bed early since Ritzy's return from deployment.
Ritzywife is out for now and going to try and get some rest.........


Posted by: cheryl

I hope everyone had one. Ritzy and I took my sister (Nana) and 2 of her grandkids (Bubba & Sissy) out to eat at Olive Garden today. Nana's Hubby wasn't feeling well so he stayed home. We got him something and brought it home tho. They had never eaten at an Olive Garden. I think they liked it......

Was pretty interesting with a 7 year old and a 3 year old. Not a dull moment ;-)

Ritzy was wanting to take me out, but I asked if we could include the others cause "Ritzywife" is always thinking about her family.

Nana's hubby has had some health problems since last October and they have not gotten out much. So we decided to go out together. I figured the 2 grandkids would be along to cause they are usually with their nana. Although "Doodah" didn't come, we all enjoyed ourselves. He just called me and told me thanks for thinking about them and he was sorry he could not come with us. I told him not to worry about it and that we would all get together when he is feeling better.

Ritzy got me a "mushy" card. Quite a surprise!!!!!!! His gift isn't in yet, he will just have to wait, haha..........This year I decided to wait and see just what he would do. He did pretty well. I reckon he's a keeper ;-)

As for our own kids, who knows what they have planned. I ticked the daughter off today. Oh well, so tell me somethin' I don't know......She will get over it. Haven't ticked the son off in a while, knock on wood........ told ya about that cart getting upset in the last post...

I thought I was about finished with that cold that had been hanging on since Christmas, but 2 days ago I started sneezing and the nose started getting stuffy. Today one eye won't stop watering on top of all that. I am pretty sure it is allergies. Wonderful, its only February and I am already starting the allergy "stuff".........That's the way it is here in Oklahoma I guess.

Ritzy and I are ready for a quiet evening...................sure hope we get it.

With that Ritzywife is out..............

Where Ya Been???

Posted by: cheryl

Yeah, I talking to myself.......I have been either too busy or too lazy to comment the past few days.
I sit here tonight watching the severe storms move thru Oklahoma. Yup, the calendar says it's February but here in Oklahoma that doesn't seem to matter. Two weeks ago we were dealing with an ice storm and now this week we are dealing with tornados and severe thunderstorms.
Ritzy and I have been doin ok. We learned that his mother moved to the assisted living center with his father this last weekend. It seems so odd and at the same time sad, that they are not in their home anymore. I wish them the best. We will be going up there some time in the near future to help in any way we can. Whether for moral support, or getting the house ready to sell, or whatever is needed.....I have a feeling it is going to be a hard time for Ritzy, but, Ritzywife will be right there beside him, doing whatever he needs and offering support.
Things have "kind of" quieted down in this house since Ritzy's return from active duty. I better watch out cause just when I think things are goin good............................WHOOSH!!!!!! something happens to upset my little cart..............................
That is about all I have for today. I will just sit here and wait for those storms to come in, I guess.
Ritzywife is out.......

This was some day!!!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

If you are 50 or over, you know about having to have a colonoscopy. Yup, I turn 50 next month and my dear Dr. decided it would be a good time for me to have this wonderful test done. I have spent today preparing myself mentally and physically for the test tomorrow.
Spent the day drinking clear liquids and jello. Just started late this afternoon on the Golytely. That is an experience in itself. I still have about a quarter of it to go. Let's just say me and the toilet have spent a lot of time together this evening ;-)
I mixed my "drink" with sweet tea and it has not been too bad so far. I will just be so glad when this is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ain't likin' it at all..........
Tonight is the business meeting at our church. For me that meant spending the day getting the church report ready. It took nearly the whole day too. Ritzy took the report and I guess he will have to make copies and someone will have to read it. At least I get out of that, haha!
The bad thing is this is the one night a month when we have potluck dinner at church. We have some really GOOD cooks at our church. My Mom & Dad for sure are at the top of the Good Cook's List.....Sucky timing for this kind of test...........(((hope my english teacher never reads this, hahaha)))!!!!!
The daughter asked earlier what I was fixing her and her brother for dinner : I said " nothin' ".
She could not believe it. I told her she had to be crazy if she thought I would slave over a hot meal and not be able to eat it, hahaha!!!!! This "kid" is 22 years old and plenty capable of cooking for herself.
I did tell her that if she wanted to go into town I would give her the money to get her and her brother something to eat. Don't know about anyone else but I think that sounds fair enough.
Oh well, after tomorrow this will be just a memory, good or bad though only time will tell........
With that Ritzywife is out for now.