****Winter Storm****

Posted by: cheryl

We are under a "Winter Storm Warning" until Wednesday.  Could see some ice and 10 + inches of snow.......YIPPEEE!!!!
I love snow, even if it means being "cooped" up with the family, haha!!!!  It's also going to get really cold.  I keep telling everyone that it is winter.....it's supposed to be cold.  The only thing wrong with the timing of this storm for us is that Ritzy and I are going to Skiatook with my brother and his wife next Saturday for a music/comedy show.  With the temps not getting above freezing and that much snow------we may NOT be going anywhere soon......
A very busy weekend around here for me.  I do my family's income taxes online and they had me going at it pretty good all weekend.  Ritzy and I already have ours back.  I did some sewing for our Pastor & Family's new baby that is expected this week.  I have some more sewing for myself  lined up for this coming week while being "snowed in".
The daughter's wedding plans are going along pretty well.  Now I just pray for pretty weather in April.  Everyone is in bed and I am about ready to be there myself.  Looking forward to a slow Monday after a very busy weekend.
At least tomorrow everyone will be out of the house early and I can get things back in order.
This bunch thinks I am the only one qualified to do this job, or the only one dumb enough to do it......not sure.....will have to get back to you on that...
I am really getting tired so.....Ritzywife out...........................


Another New Dish

Posted by: cheryl

"Asian"  was the choice this time.  I saw an Asian cole slaw recipe that sounded and looked so good and pretty that I had to try it.  I also found a pepper steak recipe that looked delicious.  I even made home made fried rice for the first time.  It all turned out wonderful.    What can I say.... I love to cook and try new things.....The daughters fiance told me that he was "just going to have to make himself stop eating"..... cause he liked it so much ;-)
Fast forward to this morning........I was sleeping sooooo good when my cellphone rang.  It was the daughter's fiance telling me that if I wanted to see a "great American symbol"  to get my camera and head out the door toward the lake.  There was a bald eagle perched high in a tree on the east side of the lake just 1 1/2 miles from the house.  I told him that my sister-in-law, nephew and myself saw 2 of them the other day while crossing the lake.  They were sitting on the ice. I had forgotten all bout it.

  So, I got ready, grabbed the camera and headed to the lake.  Here are a couple of pictures of this great bird.....He was on the opposite side of the road so I had to go by him and find a place to turn around.  I was driving as slow as possible without scaring him so I could get a photo.   The pictures probably could have been better,  but even after 2 years, I am still learning how to use my camera, haha!!!!  The photo of him "in flight" is when I slowed way down to take his pic but he was not gonna have it.......
All of this before breakfast..............and I am getting ready to take care of that...............
Ritzywife out.................................

We Have A Date!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

April 22, 2011
This is the date chosen for our daughter and her fiance's wedding.....Good Friday.....Ritzywife is happy!!
The daughter wants just a simple outdoor ceremony.  She has her dress bought, and it is beautiful..
She will  make a beautiful bride....just a Mother's observation ;-)
I have been trying out new recipes again, now that the holiday's  have passed by.  One is a  Mexican chili sauce (pictured) that I found online.  It was a hit with the family.  I believe it is the first "authentic" tasting Mexican dish I have made in a long time.  It is delicious!!!!!

Made the homemade bean/cheese burritos to go with the sauce.  The Mexican rice is the "Knorr" brand.  I had never tried this brand before but it turned out wonderful.  Taste and texture were just right.
Even made homemade sopapillas for dessert.  YUMM!!!!
The whole family loved the food!!!  That doesn't happen often when Ritzywife tries out a new recipe.  All I can say is--"this one is a keeper"......
I am going to start a pot of soup/stew for dinner tonight.   All I can hope for is that it turns out like "Papa's", my Dad's.  The daughter thinks her Papa is the ONLY one who knows how to make good soup.  Every time I make mine, all I hear is "this doesn't taste like Papa's"......I am thinking about asking Papa to stop and make the soup for me, hehe!!!
Gotta go get busy....Ritzywife out...............

Holidays Are Over......for now

Posted by: cheryl

Here we are into January and the time just keeps flying by.  Well, the daughter and boyfriend have set a date for their wedding......April 22, 2011.  Gee, (we/she, are/is) going to have to get with it.   It is fun and frustrating watching her think and talk about what she wants.  I am staying out of this until my opinion is asked for, hehe!!!
She wants a very simple ceremony with just a few people present. 
I am STILL waiting on that snow........Looks like it's gonna turn colder in a few days.   Maybe I'll get my wish soon.  Ritzy still thinks I am nuts for wanting the white stuff......but I don't care cause I love it!!!!
I have all my Christmas decorations put away for another year.  It's always sad to see them come down and get put away.  I love the Christmas season and all that is included.......always have......and probably always will....
It has been pretty busy around here.  The days are getting longer.......only by seconds, but they ARE getting longer.  Looking forward to Spring and getting my "gear" ready to fish for the crappie that come into the creek nearby the house.  Can hardly wait!!!!!!!
That's about all I have for now.......Ritzywife out.....................