Nice Weekend but glad it's over........

Posted by: cheryl

We had a good weekend, worked hard, visited, & ate good food. It must have wore me out though because it seems like all I did yesterday was rest and sleep. It sure felt good to do "nothing" for a change. I guess Ritzy is waiting on a flight back to Iraq. He is doing well also. Can't wait for this deployment to be over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I did at home today was the housekeeping..... Went to church tonight, then went down to my sisters to visit with her grandchildren. They are so funny to be around. A nephew called around 9 pm and asked if I wanted some fish (crappie), I told him not tonight so I asked my sister if they wanted them and they did. They were some nice fish. I told my sister that she better let me know when she cooks them ;-)

Crappie are my favorite fish to eat. It seems that they are biting good now, I may just have to go tomorrow. I love to fish......The crappie are usually through biting by this time of year and the catfish have started , but the crazy weather has thrown everything off. The crappie still had their eggs, so they will be biting for a little while. (Must have been why I saw people come and go like crazy at the bait/convenience store across the road all day........)

The place where I have always fished has been under water for most of the spring, I will have to check it out and see if I can go down there.

Last summer I bought 2 new fishing poles to go with 2 "new" reels that my brother found me, I guess it is time to "break " them in. These reels are actually 25 years old but have never been used. They were still in their original boxes....... One is a Mitchell 301 (for lefties, which I am) and the other an Ambassaduer 5000. I love fishing with these reels. When I was 17 my Dad bought me a Mitchell 301 and about 10 years ago that rod & reel, along with a couple of others and my tackle box were stolen. I was heartbroken. I had always had that fishing pole and tackle box. If you are a fisherman, there are things that mean a lot to you that you have accumulated thru the years and keep in your tackle box. I had to start over and now I have replaced all the tackle. It really meant a lot when my brother found this "new" reel and gave it to me. I could not believe he had come across one still in it's original box and never been used. Hopefully I will be able to use it this year......

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