Back Home In Oklahoma

Posted by: cheryl

Ritzy and I made it back home this past week.  It was a fun and enjoyable visit with his family.  We all met at his sister's house for a meal together.  I took pictures of our Northern family to show the new son-in-law.  On our way back home we were a couple of hours from our stop for the night when all of a sudden Ritzy and I heard a loud noise.  We could not see damage on the windshield from inside the at the next rest stop we looked over the windshield and in the black strip along the bottom... there it was.  A bad chip and the starting of tiny cracks.  I was NOT a happy camper!!!!!  Well, before we left the next morning, I found a place to "repair" the damage done by that rock that was thrown by  that 18-wheeler!!!   I was not going to give that thing any chance to grow..... and now..... if you didn't know the damage was there, you'd never be able to find  it.   They did a good job!!   I told Ritzy that for me it was in a good spot because it was invisible from the inside and for Ritzywife...... "outta sight is outta mind"......... hahahaha!!!
I hate those trucks!!!!!!  I have often thought they need their own highway system!!!!!  Although, they probably think the same about us ;-)
The weather here in Oklahoma has cooled off and I am wearing a jacket as I sit here in my home (too stubborn to turn on the heat).  Our  church Harvest Party is tomorrow night.  We will be having games, door prizes,  a pit fire, good food, and good fellowship.  I am kinda in charge, but I have recruited some help.  Some of us are staying after church tomorrow to set everything up.  We  decided to just have sandwiches and get to work.  Looking forward to a fun evening.

Took some pictures of what little decorating I did outside this year, here is one of the pictures:  yup, that's Ritzy in the background........and that's his John Deere tractor he had as a child.  Isn't that cool?!?
The kids that play here always go to that little tractor to play on it.  It has a wagon and that great-niece loves putting "stuff" in there and pedaling all around the yard.
The niece (great-niece's mama) is doing "ok" for now, but there are other personal problems she is dealing with.  We continue to be there for her and the kids and pray that God takes care of them.
You know when one family member hurts, you all hurt.  It's like.... when part of your body is hurting, the whole body feels it.
The daughter is FINALLY feeling ok. No hot flashes or anxiety attacks for the past couple of weeks.  Praise God!!!!  She is starting to feel like herself now, except for that little "pooch" making itself known. It's beautiful tho!!!!!  But......she is in the "cry/laugh" part of the pregnancy...or in other words the emotional highs and lows.  I warned her about it, tho........I told her to just let the tears flow.....that is our body's way of trying to take care of itself  and in the end ....if you overlook the stuffy nose and red eyes..... she will feel A LOT better!!!!!!
By the way, that hubby of hers wasn't understanding all of her mood swings or anything about being pregnant....why should he, he's a guy!!!  Well, while we were in Appleton, we went to a used book sale and as I was looking over the books I walked around a table and there standing on the table staring me in the face was a book entitled "HOW TO BE A PREGNANT FATHER"......can ya believe it?!?  I snatched that one right up.  He now has it in his possession, haha!!!  I hope he makes good use of it...
That is about all the thinking I can handle for now...Ritzywife out!!

Greetings From Wisconsin...

Posted by: cheryl

Yup, you read that right.  Ritzy and I are here visiting his family.  It sure is cool up here.  We are enjoying the weather.  A welcome change from that Oklahoma weather we have just been thru.  Not much going on.  Ritzy has been visiting his mom and dad  every day.  They are in a place for senior adults in a town called "Kaukauna" about 15 minutes away from Appleton. 
Back home in Oklahoma, my niece should be getting out of the hospital today after spending the last couple of weeks in there.  She had blood clots in her lungs and legs, pneumonia and just not feeling well mentally.  This sure is hard on her and her family.  I feel so bad for them and try to think of ways to help.  Without God and His grace we would have never made it this far.
The daughter seems to be doing well this week.  The last post I had planned to go with her to her appointment then go to a dear friends funeral.......but as we all know even the best plans have kinks thrown in once in a while.  While at the Dr's office the daughter was going down to get blood drawn and suddenly felt dizzy and faint.  It was only a 5 minute trip but it took us about 40 minutes to get to the lab.  She laid down for a while then we went to the cafeteria to get her something to eat.  After finally getting the blood drawn and leaving to go home, I was running behind my "schedule" for the day.  I stayed at her home to make sure she was gonna be ok.  I then realized I was not gonna make it to that service, but... staying with my daughter, making sure she and those babies were ok was more important to this mama.
Ritzy and I are having a good time.....he has even sold some firewood while gone.  can you image that?!?  It gets cold and those people start wanting that wood ;-)
The son is holding down the "fort" at home .  I was trying to show him how to run the dishwasher before we left and he informed me that he would NOT be using it.  I said that was ok, but I had better not come home to a sink full of dishes, haha!!!
I am going to get my hair trimmed in a little while, its getting so long.  It gets down to my ears and neck and it is annoying.  I asked my sister-in-law about a hairdresser and she is taking me to the place she uses.  Ooh, it is going to feel soooo good to get that hair cut....
The day is starting and with that Ritzywife is out............


Lovin' This Fall Weather......

Posted by: cheryl

WE DESERVE IT after that brutal summer!!!!!  It has been gorgeous here in Oklahoma.  I am going to hate to see it come to an end.
My "running around" has not slowed any.  I went over to the daughter's  Tuesday to be with her during her checkup and about an hour before the appointment the Dr.'s  office called and had to cancel due to his being in emergency surgery.  His office is in Owasso~~about 5-10 minutes away  Soooo that appointment has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:45.  I am going over again to be with her, let's hope all goes as planned.  After that little visit, there is a funeral service in Chelsea at 2:00 pm that I am attending.  I am gonna be ready for some of that "boring"  that I can't seem to find these days.
My niece that has the brain tumor is back in the hospital at Tulsa as of Sunday.  She has a blood clot on each lung and some in her right leg.  She is very lucky to still be with us.  Her inability to move her right side is sure taking it's toll on her health.  She also has another urinary tract infection.  I went down to Tulsa yesterday to visit with her and her mom (my sister).   They have inserted a filter in her stomach area to catch those clots in her leg and started her on a blood thinner.   All the while she is waiting on her chemotherapy treatments to attack this tumor that has recurred.  The latest MRI showed it wasn't being aggressive right now.  But......she has to be in decent health before they will even think about chemotherapy.  The whole family is under a LOT of stress right now thinking about her and her family, trying to help anyway we can and just trying to "be there" for each other.
Well, if I want to "be there" for that daughter in the morning I had better get off here and get to bed.
Ritzywife out!!

Where Did "Boring" Go? I think it is gone with the (Oklahoma) wind!!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

I thought life would be slowing down after that last post....NOT!!!!  These past couple of weeks have been so busy.  I have been "doing" things for everyone else.  I don't mind it at all, but geez, what is going on here???
I noticed I haven't even had time to post  any new news.  Not that there is much, mind you, but still......
I have been running around going here and there trying to help out wherever and whenever needed.  I'm thinkin that this is about as "quiet" as it is ever gonna be because in 5-6 months those precious twins that the daughter and her hubby are expecting are gonna be here and life will NEVER be the same for Ritzy and I, hahaha!!!!!  That's what I told the expectant parents, told them they better get all the sleep they can now cause once those babies arrive,  a good night's sleep as they know it is.......... just gone....forever ;-)
Ritzy and I took those two "parents-to-be" out to dinner and a movie at Owasso this past tuesday nite.  We ate at Goldie's for a good hamburger and then watched the movie "Courageous" .  It was a really good movie about what God expects a husband and father to stand up for your faith and make the hard decisions to raise your family with morals.  That is not easy in this world we live in today, but it must be done!
Ok, off the "soapbox", Ritzy is splitting some of that firewood, and I am actually having a pretty easy far......
I'm thinking about going into the kitchen to start some sourdough to rising for some yummy bread afterwhile...mmmm... i can already smell and taste it.....

So....Ritzywife is out!