Missing Ritzy

Posted by: cheryl

Well I guess today started out "ok" enough. Got up, had breakfast, coffee..... finished all the housework, laundry.... I was waiting on Ritzy's call. Since he is in a different place the phone calls are a little different. Well, he called and we were talking about his upcoming surgery, if someone would call me afterwards, the next time he might get to call, etc.....and before we could finish our conversation the phone cut us off. We were on one of those DSN government lines. I thought oh well he will call back, but he never did. So here I was - not being able to tell him goodbye, I Love You.........let's just say the rest of the day was - for lack of a better word "crappy"!!!!!! I don't know when I will hear from him again. The surgery is supposed to be between 10 pm and midnight (Oklahoma Time) tonite......I sure don't like the fact that I cannot be there for him.......it sure didn't make it any easier when he said that he wished I could be there with him..........I guess I had better get over it , huh???? I just pray that all goes well and someone will contact me. Might be hard to get to sleep tonite,,, I have had a hard time getting to sleep anyways these last 15 years or so, and especially since last year when I first learned there was a possiblilty that Ritzy could be called up to serve in Iraq. I told him 4-5 years ago that I would not get a good night's sleep until he was totally out of the National Guard. Well, come March 2009 he is out for good!!! ( only 4 1/2 months after this deployment ends) I can hardly wait! For now though I guess I will just be waiting on that call........

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