Happy Birthday Dad!

Posted by: cheryl

We had that cookout at Mom & Dad's. The food was very good, either that or we were all hungry......Us 4 kids showed up at the same time and waited outside while one of the youngest grandsons went in and told Papa that he had some fish for him to look at, (which he really did). Dad came to the door and we were all out there to surprise him. There were about 20 of us there.
My day was pretty quiet because both kids had to work until noon. I got my housework done, got the church report done, and by that time it was time for the cookout.
I talked to Ritzy, he had just finished his first day of work since being back. He was doing fine, sounded kind of tired though. I told him to rest every chance he got until he was sure he was ok.
I was awakened this morning by a niece calling and wanting to bring her SUV to put in my garage. We have a really big garage. There was a really nasty storm northeast of here and headed for us and I was about to sleep right thru it. She came down and we watched the storm, but it started going more east and we missed it. It seems we have just missed them all day long. We'll see what happens tonite. We are under a tornado watch until 1am.
I still have to study that Sunday school lesson for tomorrow.
My son and his cousin are in the living room watching a movie, and these boys don't know where the low volume is on a remote ;-)
I think I'm gonna have a headache before this movie is over, hahaha!!!!!
It is an older movie (Independence Day) and parts of it they are mimicking. It's just about as entertaining listening to those two..............they are crazy!!!!!!
I guess I am outta here for now, we'll see what happens tomorrow........

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