Here We Go Again..

Posted by: cheryl

I thought today was going to be a little slower,,,,not!!!!! After staying up til 2am this morning talking to the daughter and watching the severe weather my head finally hit the pillow. Got a few hours sleep,,, and right away this morning my cell phone started ringing. You see me my 2 sisters and our mom were going out to eat today and everyone was calling everyone to see what the plan was. I said I didn't know this wasn't my idea ;-) Anyways by the time I had fixed hair, put face and clothes on it was about 10am. I had made a pot of coffee which i was looking forward to drinking and had my oatmeal ready to eat, my youngest sister calls and says she wants to meet at 11, (in a town 28 miles away) I told her I was just getting ready to eat breakfast and she said, "Well, don't eat ;-)" I did not see the humor in that because I look forward to my oatmeal and coffee every morning ;-) We all meet up at Chili's to eat and while we are eating, Ritzy calls from Iraq and while everyone else is talking, i spend the next 30 minutes with a finger in one ear and the phone to my other ear, (no i don't talk on the phone like that, it was noisy in there,,, haha)!!! I missed out on all the "gossip" going on at our table, that's ok though ,cause Ritzy is always going to take first place!!! After eating, Mom and 2 of us go to Tulsa to do a little shopping, i know you are thinking ---how do 3 women do a "little" shopping. Well we knew what we were after and it didn't take long. Returned home about 2:30... I still had to go grocery shopping after returning home. When you live in a remote area you do a lot of running different places for different things. I got my grocery shopping done and was headed back home aroung 5pm. Now.... if anyone comes up with anything for me to do this weekend, I am liable to just go crawl in a hole!!!! :-) I am gettin' too old to run around like this (haha!) Come Monday I am supposed to meet a couple of ladies who work in Ritzy's civilian office and have lunch ( they have been very faithful in calling me and asking how i am doing while Ritzy is away, I appreciate that more than words can say) ,, if they ask for any input from me about where to have lunch i am just going to say "surprise me!" ...... Hopefully, I will be able to enjoy that coffee and oatmeal in the morning!!

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