Where Did Summer Go?!?

Posted by: cheryl

It is already October, I feel like I missed Summer because of my being sick.  I finally have the medications under control.  I have been feeling better, except for trying to recover from 2 falls.  The first on was in my kitchen.  I had pulled the bottom range drawer out to put back 2 pans.  I should have put them in at the same time but i dried one.... put it in ....turned around dried the other one and stepped back and caught that drawer and down on my bottom and back I went.  Pulled muscles in the  lower back and thighs.   I was worried about the blood thinner, but I did not hit my head, thank goodness.  Well I was still sore from that when about 2 weeks later I was trying to catch a katydid for the grandsons and my right foot caught on a clump of grass and dirt and down I went again.  I could feel the muscles pull in my left leg and my next to last toe on left foot was bent in a way it was never designed to do.   I was so sore the next day I could hardly get around & for the next 10 days or so afterward.  After a month I am still sore when i stand, but the swelling in my ankle and toe has gone down.  I will be elated when I get back to "normal" again. 
Now the AWESOME news..........Ni-maw & P-pa are looking forward with great anticipation to our 3rd grandbaby sometime around the end of May 2016.  Woo-Hoo!!!!  And as far as we can tell it is only one this time.   The twins are so happy to be looking forward to a little brother or sister. 
I told my daughter that after those twins...one should be a breeze...haha!!
They start pre-school next fall. 
They have been coming to mi-maw's to play and they love it.  Braedy told me that this was his home and he wanted to live here.  That just melts my heart......If that's the way they feel then I have done something right ;-)!!!   Nothing fancy, just fun at Ni-maw's....see:

They do clean up pretty good tho....so handsome:
Ni-maw's boys
I have already planted the thoughts of Christmas in their little minds and we have started singing Christmas songs .  I have their gifts already bought just waiting to be wrapped and put under the tree.  If only we could all see Christmas the way a child sees and experiences it.
I was talking to them on the phone last night and told them to go look out the door to see the moon.  I told them that I was looking at the same moon.  Calvin says -Ni-maw, you can't see the moon, it's at my house.  I told him that it was awesome that I could see it and that he could see it too.  He said "well if you can see it and I can see it, then why can't I see you??"
So I took a picture of it and sent it to my daughter's phone...he still figured that if we both could see it then he should be able to see me.   
He will figure that one out one of these days!! 
Grandparenting is sometimes exhausting, (i am pooped by the time they leave) but it is far more fun and very rewarding........
With that, Ritzywife is out...................................