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That is the question my family is asking right now.  We are all scratching our heads, trying to come up with the answers that tests and Dr.'s can't seem to give.
My 79 year old dad, who has been all his life sharp as a tack and one of the smartest men I have known is suddenly, and i mean within the past 3-4 weeks, and especially the past 3-4 days.....  is not making any sense at all when he talks.  He believes what he is saying to be the gospel truth when we all know it is just something fabricated in his mind.
And I mean wild stuff.  For example he tells about these little black specks invading his body and he chases them under his skin, the black specks are evil.........about people turning into other people or children............when riding in a car he starts shouting out what every billboard or street sign says. Yesterday we were so concerned that we took him to the Tulsa St. John er.  Well after  some tests they sent him home.....they don't know how dad was..........they just think he is an old man going senile.  Now he does have a referral in to see a neurologist, but that is a hurry up and wait situation....
On the way home it was horrible...as soon as he got into the front seat of my sister's SUV, he immediately started trying to get the window down.  my sister locked it......but he kept prying at the button trying to get the window down because as he said---I have to do this to save you all from the devil.  If I let this down God can get in here and I can get the devil.  He would NOT let up.  He kept saying--let me do this......He was buckled in, but he was adamant about getting that window down.  He also kept hitting the lock/unlock button all the way home thinking that would get the window to come down.  I was afraid he would try to open the door but I think he just couldn't see the handle to try.  Earlier in the day he had picked the control button out of his flip phone.  He said  was after that little speck.  He also picked a hole in a christmas card trying to get at that speck.  Those were the main reasons for taking him to the er.
He suddenly could not operate the remote to the tv, or his phone.
When I was growing up-----This is the man in the neighborhood that everyone and I mean everyone called when they needed something fixed.  He and his brother started their own heat and air business many years ago.  THIS PERSON I AM SEEING NOW IS NOT MY DAD!!!
Mom texted me, my 2 sisters and brother to come up there a couple nights ago, she said Dad wanted to talk to us.  Well in between all the crazy talk, the gist of what he was trying to say was----don't wait til the end to tell people you love them, or make things right.  In front of us and our spouses he apologized to my mom about how he could have been a better husband.  He told all of us he loved us.....Now.....my Dad's love is something I NEVER doubted when I was growing up.  He was a good provider for his family, we did things together.  He just never said "I love you" a whole lot, because he was from the generation that thought that wasn't the manly thing to do but, I have always told my parents I love them, and they have always returned the sentiment.
It would be awesome to know what we are up against, but we don't. As I was praying for that this morning, I was reminded that if we knew what we were fighting, where would the trust in God be?  God has promised that He will take care of us.  There has never been a promise that we would be delivered from what ever ails us but that He would always be there to get us through whatever comes our way.  We are trusting Him is this too.  That does not make it any easier to see my Dad having to go thru this.  It is just as hard on Mom too.  As a teenager on up to my adult years I have always prayed that God would bless my parents, let them enjoy their retirement, and be happy in their later years because of all the sacrifice I saw growing up.  Our family has been blessed and will continue to be blessed even when it doesn't look like it from the outside.  We serve an awesome God!
But it is still sad to see your parent go thru something like this.
You know....it never entered my mind that my dad would lose his :-(

Ritzywife out...........................................................

More Post Ablation......

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The past couple of weeks have been interesting.  Most days I have felt wonderful, which may have attributed to me overdoing it and causing some not so good days.  Last week my heart was beating regular but fast, but it got back into rhythm after a couple hours.  I have had palpitations also, but those subside after a few minutes to a few hours.  Thanksgiving morning I was feeling so good that I got up and baked 2 pumpkin pies, made chex mix, homemade mashed sweet potatoes and a green bean casserole.  I was feeling fine until about 5 that evening, when the fast rate began and it finally went away overnight.  The son-in-law had killed a doe earlier that morning  for us to process for jerky and burger, but I was feeling so bad that evening that I was unable to do anything, but............my brother, brother-in-law and sister and sister-in-law stepped up and processed that deer for me.  MUCH APPRECIATED!!    I had been feeling so good that I probably overdid it Thanksgiving morning. Yesterday was my worst day so far. 
Well Friday night I had told the boys they could spend the night because I had felt so good.  Well they did and I guess it wore me out because after taking them home Saturday evening, we returned and I got in bed and on the cpap machine around 9:00pm , but the fast heart rate returned at 10:30.  It stayed that way til 1:00 pm Sunday afternoon.  My longest bout so far.  It was then slower but irregular.  This is a pattern that has gone on since the ablation, it speeds up, slows but irregular, then steady.  I called my Dr.'s nurse that was on call and she reassured me that this was totally normal during this "blanking period" (the first 3months  post-ablation).  I am gonna watch it from now on!!!!
I have my tree up, gifts wrapped and home decorated.  I put up the tree and wrapped the gifts so the boys could enjoy them.  Well, when they saw the gifts all I heard was "Can we open them?" hahaha...
NOPE!!  Told them they have to wait til Christmas.   Tried to explain to them that this was the fun time of anticipation of the Christmas season.
I also had ordered 2 postcards from "Santa".  Well while I was video calling them last night, their mom had got the mail and showed them their postcards and read to each of them what "Santa" had written.  The look on their faces was well worth the small amount it cost to send those cards!!!
Our baby grandson Dawson is scheduled to have surgery on December 1 to open up a ureter tube.  He has "caught" the cold that his brothers had earlier.  The daughter is at the Dr's office with him now to see if he can get any relief.  I hope this does not interfere with his scheduled surgery.  He is also cutting teeth.  Poor little guy.  But he is being a trooper through all of this.  
The sun is shining today so it is gonna be a great day..........Ritzywife out.............................


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Last evening was so nice, I just had to start a fire in the pit.  I find it so relaxing to sit in the quiet of the evening while the sun is setting and listen to a crackling fire.  I was sitting outside waiting on the son and Ritzy to get home for the evening.  Well, Ritzy called and he was running behind, but in his call he told me he was really blessed today.  He wasn't going to tell how me til he got home.....just wanted me to sit there and ponder what he said.  I had no way of knowing what he meant, so I just waited on him.  I already had supper cooked  and waiting on the stove.
Ritzy arrived home, he walked up to me and asked if I knew anything about "this".  Well "this" turned out to be a brand new $650.00 chainsaw that he was trying to save up for.  Bigger than the one he has now.  It seems that someone went to the place where Ritzy does his chain saw business and paid for him a new saw.  All he had to do was go pick it up!!!!  THAT IS AMAZING AND.......................  we serve an AWESOME GOD!!!
What I need to point out is back in the spring/summer someone stole one of Ritzy's best saws.  We just left it to God, and He replaced it with a bigger and better one!!  Praise God!!!
With that....Ritzywife is out...............................


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On November 3rd, I had my cardiac ablation procedure at St. Johns, Tulsa.  I arrived at the cath lab at 5:45 am.  At 6:00 am I was called back to start prepping for the procedure.  By 7:00 I was taken into the actual room where the procedure would take place for more prepping.  By 8:00 am the Dr had started.  I was "out' before he came in...................the next time I saw a clock  it was 12:00 noon and I was back in the room where I had started.  It had taken 4 hours.  I was taken back to recovery room where I had to wait 4 hours before they could remove sheaths from my legs.  That meant no movement from waist down while waiting.  After the sheaths were removed at 4 pm, they had to apply pressure on my legs for 30 minutes.  after this they took me to my hospital room.  I had to lay still with no movement from waist down til 9:00 that evening.  I think this was the hardest part of the whole procedure----laying still from noon til 9 that evening.  WOW!!   Poor Ritzy had experienced a long day of waiting and more waiting.   My Dr. said the procedure was successful.  I have had a few palpatations here and there, but that is to be expected after this procedure.  It usually takes up to 3 months to completely heal from something like this.  I feel really good.
I had to spend 2 nights in the hospital just to be monitored.  I was released at noon on Saturday, November 5th.  I just want to say that my care was excellent from the time I showed up early Thursday morning til I was wheeled out to my truck on Saturday!  They took great care of me and tried their best to see that my needs were met.
So, for this week I just have to take it easy, not lift anything over 5 lbs. or do any strenuous work.  I can't drive til Thursday, November 10th.  For someone who is used to coming and going as she pleases, this is not easy......
  Now on to those grandkids.............they keep asking when I am  gonna be better so they can come spend the night at Ni-maw's & P-pa's.  That's the first thing they ask me when I talk to them.  I just have to wait until I can handle two little rowdy boys.  I tell them Ni-maw is getting better every day and it will be soon when they can come stay with us overnight.  I miss them too!!!
Last week,  I had gone to Keri's and we had picked up the boys from school.  Somehow the conversation turned toward Calvin wanting to operate a crane with a big magnet on it.  We told the boys that those are used at "junk yards".  Then we had to explain that junk yards are where we put things that aren't any good anymore, or things we just don't want, or things that just don't work.  So Keri tells the boys that she will have to take them to a junk yard (meaning - so they can see one)....and from the back of the car, Braedy - with a very concerned voice says:  "Mom, don't junk us!"  At that point, Keri and I both lost it.  She and I  were laughing so hard there were tears.  Well, mama explained to her boys that she would never do that to them and that is not what she meant!!
They are so funny but yet so smart!!  They are loving Pre-K.  Braedy told his mom the other day that his teacher Ms. Pittman knows everything.  That is the attitude to have if you are going to learn anything anywhere.  He has confidence in his teacher.....
Later...............Ritzywife out...............................

Aww "Woodchips"....................

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Well...........same song, different verse.....I had to spend another week in the hospital trying to get this afib condition under control.  On the 6th day  (October 2) I was to be cardioverted early in the morning....we get down to the lab where the cardioversions take place, they start hooking me up to monitors and the  nurse looks at me and says...Well, you are not in afib..there's nothing for us to do.
what a relief...found out my heart had converted back to normal sinus rhythm during the night.  So I was sent home...... but not without making preparations for a catheter ablation to be done on November 3rd.    I have to go sometime this week and have bloodwork done. Three days before this procedure  I take my last Xarelto.(bloodthinner) Two days before i have to give myself injections for a bloodthinner twice a day.....the day before i have to report to the lab and have a TEE (transesophogeal echocardiogram) and a CT Scan to evaluate the heart's anatomy to see where the ablation needs to take place.  Kinda scary, but if this is what is needed then I pray God guides the Dr's hands and mind as to what to do to take care of this.  After procedure,  I get to spend 4 to 6 hours laying completely still...hopefully i am out of it enough that i don't get fidgety.....After spending 2 nights in hospital, I get to come home. 
Now on to the title of this post.....A couple weeks ago the boy's mom had given them their bath before they were about to leave our house.  They were putting on their pj's and Braedy said something...I asked him to repeat it and out came "woodchips".  I asked him what that meant and he said he had thought of a word that he could say when he was upset that would not get him into trouble.  I asked how he came up with that particular word and he said...."well P-Pa cuts wood and I like chips so I put them together"..................we all laughed so hard.  That is genius of a 4 1/2 year old.  We were very impressed........  I have told friends of mine and they love it. 
The boys are loving Pre-K.  They come home singing songs and telling us what they are learning.  It is so fun and rewarding as we watch them react to their learning experience.
Even Ni-maw is learning from them..............
You are never too old to learn..................Ritzywife out.............................

It's Been A While

Posted by: cheryl

I have been quite busy.  I got to thinking about the last time I posted and could not believe it's been 3 months already.  A lot has happened in 3 short months.
In July, Ritzy's mom was not doing well so we made a quick unexpected trip to Appleton, WI. The day we got there we stayed with her and decided to spend the night with her.  It was a good decision because she passed just after midnight with Ritzy and I with her.
WE arrived home, got busy again and I had to take another trip to the emergency room because of my afib condition.  stayed in there a couple of days before being cardioverted and sent home.
I have decided that added stress, not drinking enough water and not getting good rest attributes to me having these attacks.
I have since got my cpap machine, it seems to be working in that i don't feel the tiredness like before.  it's taking some getting used to, but I am doing ok.  The daughter also informed me that I was just gonna be "ni-maw" and not a regular babysitter.  I can't tell you the relief I felt, although I would do it for them.....but I now know it may not be the best choice for me. 
The boys started Pre-K this year and they seem to like it.  I cannot believe how big they are getting.  Little brother is growing like a weed too.  I like to surprise them, by going with their mom to pick them up and taking them out to eat sometimes.
Ritzy is just walking in the door after being gone for the last 8 days.  The Baptist Disaster Releif Kitchen team went to Baton Rouge to help out with efforts going on down there after the historic flooding in Louisiana.
Well I better get off here and visit with Ritzy.........................
til another day......Ritzywife out.................................... 


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At 9:11 a.m. on 5.25.2016 our third grandson was born.  He is a beauty...here see for yourself:

Dawson Duke Fuller
                                                       His brothers think he is a keeper too...

Calvin, Braedy & Dawson
Ni-maw and P-pa are so happy and blessed to have these 3 boys in our lives.
That's the good news........now for the not so good news.  Last time I posted things were going pretty well till later that night at 11:30 pm   I awoke from sleep with a racing heart again.  I could not get it to slow down....I was thinking - oh no not another a-fib attack.  Well I waited til 7 the next morning and called my mom to take me to hospital.  That little trip turned into a 9 day hospital stay.  After trying to get things corrected with medicine at Owasso St Johns, they decided I was going to have to go to Tulsa.  So on Saturday May 14th I was taken by ambulance of course to Tulsa.  On Tuesday May 17th I was cardioverted back into normal rhythm, taken off my present medications and started on a new one.  Because of the new medication, I had to stay in hospital 3 days to be monitored to make sure medication was safe.  Finally on Friday, May 20th I was released.  We go to the Sam's in Owasso to fill my new prescription and they don't have it and................ neither does anyone else around.  I call the hospital and they have to get the Dr. to rewrite the prescription to a different type.  Same medicine just difference in prescription.  Confusing---yes!!!  All this going on and I am just out of the hospital already feeling the anxiety of having to be back in there and they can't locate my medicine.....I was thinking - how in the world am i going to handle this.   But I did.  And remember.....we had planned to keep boys while their mama was in hospital giving birth to baby brother......and this is only 5 days away....................................
Well their nana had to end up keeping them for a couple of days. Ritzy and I kept them after mama, daddy and new baby came home for a couple of nights.  It was a little rough, but the boys were good and we made it...Praise God!!!!
I have a check-up with my regular Dr. this morning.  I am going to take the long way home to go visit that new baby and those two grandsons.  I am ready for a quiet uneventful summer.  I am still dealing with a little bit of anxiety about what just happened, but time will take care of that, I just have to remember that.......
And.......................we have not hardly seen the sun this past month.  I am getting a little tired of the cloudy days.  I want/need the sunshine, that would help tremendously!!!
Ritzywife out..................................................................................

I'm Still Here

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Gee, things got a little busy around here.  I have been fishing, babysitting, taking care of the home, well, you get the picture....and.....I started going to a salon that has toning tables with my mom.  I started because I thought those tables would help stretch my back and stop some of the pain I have been experiencing since my 2 falls last year.  They do help me get limbered up and feel good too.  The only thing is-----it sure is a LOT of running around and that is just not for me.  We are expecting that 3rd grandson in 2 weeks or less.  Now there is some running around I am looking forward to ;-)
His older brothers have been keeping me (Ni-maw) busy too.  We have had so much fun playing, watching tv, and just goofing off together.
Back to the fishing.............I haven't really caught that many this year.....the lake has come up due to rain, the temp of the water was not exactly right for the spawn.  But that doesn't mean we have not ate our fill of crappie.  My brother or nephew would call and tell me they had anywhere between 8-20 fish at a time that they did not want to clean on any given night and I would tell them to drop them off.  Sometimes it would be right after my shower, but that didn't stop me from cleaning those fish and then taking another shower, haha!!!
Here is a bucket of fish my brother left me on one Saturday morning......Calvin is holding the fish and Braedy is just not sure he wants any part of it, haha!!

 If accepted, these two will start pre-school this next fall.  I am not sure Ni-maw is ready for that.  They are smart little "cookies".   They were telling me their ABC's the other day and counting to 10.
About these two...........We were driving to Ni-maw's the other day and there were railroad workers repairing the railroad going thru Oologah and the boys asked what they were doing and I proceeded to tell them they were replacing the "ties" and rock so the train would stay on track.  They asked why it was called a railroad and I told them that was the road for the train and it was made with rails so the train could go over it.  I then told them there was a song about working on the railroad.  Well, I taught them the whole song and they love it.  In fact, the daughter said they sing it all the time.  She said "thanks mom".......
We get to the "dinah won't you blow" part and Calvin and Braedy both say -  "Ni-maw, this is my favorite part".....(I love it)!!!!  When we are together you can bet we are going to be singing that song 5-6 times at least...haha!!
Geez, I have a lot of "stuff" to get done today so I recon I will catch you later.
Ritzywife out....................................


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Yup, you got it, today is Ritzywife's birthday.  This makes #57.  I can't believe it's already here again.
Ritzy has been trying to get me to tell him where I would like to go eat out to celebrate.  I have not been able to come up with anything............til this morning.  I got to thinking what would make me happy and it was clear to me that being around  my family makes me happy.  I decided a nice steak dinner at home with those I love most would make me the happiest.  So, we are going to have a steak dinner, sit by the pitfire and make smores with the grandsons (if they get to come over).
It doesn't take fancy places or things to make me happy.....I love my family and I love spending time with them, especially those two little boys.  That's the perfect birthday celebration for--- Ni-maw, Ritzywife, Cheryl........
We are patiently waiting for the arrival of the newest addition to this clan.  just a few more weeks and the boys' little brother will be here.  I have a big box full of clothing, bedding, feeding items just waiting for him.  Not gonna be caught off guard, haha!  I even have my car seat and stroller......  All this baby is gonna need is diapers and wipes.  But then again, i think they are having a diaper shower for him in a couple weeks.  He is gonna be just fine ;-)  All we have to do is sit back and relax and wait for him to make his appearance to his family that already loves him so much!!!
We just need Mama & Daddy to settle on a name, haha!!!
On to other "stuff"..............Last night  North Tulsa and close to Owasso was hit by a tornado.  It was on the ground for a long time, not a powerful one but it was still a tornado.  During the forming of this thing that we were watching on t.v. I get a text from my daughter saying she and hubby and boys are in the Owasso Home Depot just 3 miles North of where this thing is (and...... she only has 2% of her battery life left on her phone), with the Owasso sirens blaring.........  I start to panic just a bit.  I keep texting her where it is, I take pictures of it on tv and send them to her........... They were all ok after it was all over, but I think Ritzywife, Ni-maw had a few more gray hairs.   There was also a strong storm to our north up in Nowata county, where I had just been a couple hours earlier attending a family member's memorial service.  I am glad that bad weather held off for a while!!    We seem to have been in between both those very strong storms...........ought to be thankful, I reckon.......
The boys were talking to me this morning and they thought it was fun and exciting.........whew!
I am still waiting on the weather to cooperate so the crappie will start coming in to the bank where I do all my fishing.  In the meantime tho....my brother, who goes in a boat has been catching crappie and has brought me some when he just catches a few, i do not mind cleaning them at all...........and boy were they good eating.  Thanks little brother!!!
Gonna make it a great day.....Ritzywife out..........................



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As I was reading some Facebook posts this morning, I was reminded of something I learned a few years ago.
As life goes on, there are good times, bad times, blah times....you get the picture.  Well during one of the more stressful times in my life I was sitting in my living room praying and the front door was open.  I was enjoying a beautiful sunny day.  I was focused on my problems, but as i was sitting in my chair and looking out the door at the beautiful cloudless sky,  God revealed to me that.... yes, I was going to have these kind of days but the reality was - the sun will rise and set tomorrow just like it did today....... the day after that and the day after that and so on..........your problems are only temporary so don't focus on them.  Focus on ME/GOD, that sun is going to come up tomorrow just like it did today and it is not "the end of the world".......and you know that little fact is something that we can take comfort in.  Our problems are real.... but they are only here for a short while and while they may rock the little "world" around us, but with thankfulness I can say... the big picture is.....in reality,  the real world is held in place by it's Creator.  We just need to trust our lives to his control.
I am not saying that every thing is gonna be "peachy", cause it's not.........I am saying that whatever we go through we don't have to go through it alone.  HE wants us to cry, let off steam, get angry,....if HE didn't HE would not have built those emotions in us.  BUT.......the main thing is that we are to lean on HIM and trust HIM to get us through life.  I am not saying it's gonna be easy, cause it seems so unnatural to just let go of everything that we feel we need to hold on to.  This has helped me so much to be able to see beyond the problem or heartache at hand and focus on getting to where I can live my life the way HE wants me to live it and sometimes we have to remind ourselves daily of this little tidbit of information.
Ritzywife out............................................................................

Love Those Grandsons.....

Posted by: cheryl

I spent yesterday watching those grandsons because their mama was busy working.  We were playing "catch" with small footballs and basketballs.  They both have pretty good arms on them....
We watched some T.V., then it was time for lunch.  I warmed up a pizza that I had brought from home.  I liked to have never convinced them that they could not eat it frozen, haha!  They like cold leftover pizza...YUK!!!   Well after lunch we played, talked, watched some more tv.  I had forgot about a couple of pkgs of those club crackers that I had gotten at a Sam's kiosk when the son and I were there last weekend, so I asked the boys if they wanted them and of course they did.  I had to leave the room, soon after leaving  I heard Calvin running to his room crying.  Braedy and I went to him and asked him what was wrong and he said "get outta here, I don't want to talk".....Well.........after a few tries I finally got it out of him that he was crying because he had eaten all of his crackers and there weren't any more.  I of course told him that Ni-maw could fix that little problem, and go get him and brother some of those crackers when their mama got home.  "I had to go to Sam's anyways for a couple of other items" That seemed to do the trick and he quit crying.  And .......it does help that Sam's is only 4-5 miles from their house.  Well mama got home and Ritzywife headed to Sams.  I came back with those crackers and all was well with their world again.
They were jumping on the trampoline so I walked up to it so I could give them a hug and a kiss.  Well Braedy was first and as he was kissing Ni-maw bye he said "Ni-maw, you're my best buddy",  I told Braedy that was so sweet and that made Ni-maw happy.  As I was telling Calvin bye he wanted to pucker up to give me a kiss.  After that he said "Ni-maw, I just love you so much"....I told Calvin that made Ni-maw's heart happy.  Those little boys, as all kids, have so much love to give.  Yes.....they have their moments when you want to pull your hair out, but they are only growing and discovering themselves and the "world" around them.
Ni-maw must be doin' something right  ;-)
It's  times like this that make it hard for Ni-maw to leave.........even tho I had gotten there at 9 and it was now after 4.  Lucky for the son and Ritzy that I had put dinner in the crock pot before leaving.  That thing has kept us from going hungry so many times while I have been watching those boys over the past almost 4 years, hahaha!!!!
Now, shifting gears to another part of the day.  Bradey had gone to the potty and he was hollering for me to come wipe him. (His mama has informed me that he is fully capable) I go in there and ask him why I needed to when he is fully able  and he tells me "if I do it, I have to go to school"....... That was so cute, and I try to explain to him that he doesn't quite understand  that is not how it is.  The deal is - they will be starting pre-K in the fall of 2016....their mama has told them that they need to be able to "wipe" to go to school.  In Braedy's little mind, he's thinking  'If I wipe, I have to go to school'.......
 I told his mama  when she got home that he doesn't quite understand what she is trying to teach him...
Their 4th birthday is quickly approaching, and it's still hard to believe they are growing so fast.  They were liking "Paw Patrol" this time last year and just recently they are now hooked on "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".......Boys do grow up, whether we like it or not........and it's only 4 more months till little brother makes his appearance.  Then we start it all over again :-)
With that, Ritzywife is out..................................................


Posted by: cheryl

We found out at last what Braedy & Calvin are getting....a little brother......yippee....3 boys!!
Plus the  whole handful of ornery that comes with having 3 boys in the home.
Watch out Keri....it will be so much fun raising all those boys.  Their daddy also had two brothers while growing up and he has told us some of the situations those boys got themselves into and all I gotta say is LOOK OUT!!!
We finally got a bit of winter weather this past couple of days.  It's about time!!  Not hanging around long tho.  I sure hope the boys get to wear their snowsuits that we got them.
Ritzy was gone a few days last week with the Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief Team to wind up work in Yukon, Ok after that ice storm from a few weeks back.  He returned home Friday evening.  The boys spent the night with us on Saturday and attended Church with us Sunday.  So it was a full weekend.
Well, it's short today, I am cooking super right now and I have nothing else to say for now....(we all know that won't last long)
 Ritzywife out.......................................................

Wow, it's 2016 Already?!?

Posted by: cheryl

This Holiday season came and went so fast.  I have Christmas 2015 all packed away and waiting for Christmas 2016.  This year was awesome.  The boys made out like bandits, as you can imagine.  It was so fun to watch them open gifts and see their excitement as they opened them.  "It's a box!!" I would hear...I thought -  well gee I could have just wrapped empty boxes, haha!!

Christmas 2015 at Ritzy & Ritzywife's 

 Told you the boys made out like bandits.....see......

Mama & her boys

I love this picture because all three of them have their heads tilted the same way,  so sweet...

Ni-maw had to buy gifts for "itty-bitty" even tho we still don't know if we are having a he or a she.  Hopefully we will find out at the end of this week.
Gee, this Oklahoma winter has been everything but that.  I am still waiting on that cold weather.  It was odd with it being so warm.  Couldn't wear those Christmas sweaters or you would get too hot :-(
Well, if you read the last post.....Nemo survived the stay at Ni-maw"s house.  Whew!!
He is home, safe and sound!!
Ritzy was out by the patio a couple days ago and told me the daffodils are already coming up thru the ground.  No.......... it's way too early.  Told ya we weren't having a winter........
Our neighbor who owns/operates the bait/convenience/cafe store across the road has recently made some changes to the outside of the building...It is so awesome....here....see for yourself.......
Winganon Bait/Convenience/Cafe
In case you are wondering what NVM on the population is it stands for - "NOT VERY MANY" :-)
Well I have "stuff" to do so I guess I better get started......not much....but still  has to get done, haha!
So I will see ya later........................Ritzywife out............