Busy Thursday!!

Posted by: cheryl

I keep wondering when things will slow down, but it doesn't look to happen any time soon....I had to go to three different towns today to take care of all my errands. I finally finished late this afternoon, yea!!!!! Geez the price of gas now sure has me where I don't even want to start my truck let alone drive it all over the place. I could not believe it when I saw $3.69 /gal. on that sign. In one of the towns i actually saw the price of $3.72/gal. It's a shame also to spend that much on a gallon of gas to mow the lawn ;-) May have to get me a couple of goats....NOT!!! It's rough when you live 8 miles from the closest small town and do most of your shopping 30 miles away... The truck pretty much stays parked in garage, haha!!! I told Ritzy today what we are paying for gas and he could not believe it. Ritzy and I are planning a trip to Wisconsin , where his family lives, after he returns from this deployment and we were talking about how much gas would cost for that trip. It's crazy!!! The sad thing is I don't see anyone doing anything about the fuel prices in our government. It's going to get to where people have to decide --- do I eat or do I put gas in the car.........I can remember when gas was 25 cents a gallon. WOW!!!!
I took some pictures this morning to send Ritzy just so he could see some color.... this is one of them, and yes I know the grass needs mowed..... You can see Ritzy's "farm truck" in the background....he has worked this poor little truck to death, ;-) better it than me, I say.....he is so tired of all the brown in Iraq.......It is really pretty in NE Oklahoma right now. Everything is so green and the flowers are really starting to bloom. I love this time of year. Hopefully we will be able to mow the lawn tomorrow or Saturday. It has been so wet that the yard is just now dry enough to put a mower on. I love the way the lawn looks just after it is mowed and I like to watch the birds come out and look for food in the fresh mowed grass. So I will keep hoping it stays dry long enough to get my lawn looking nice for the weekend.........

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