Grandkids are AWESOME!!

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I love watching my grandsons grow and learn something new every day.  They are quite sharp.  They are also very entertaining. The above picture was taken yesterday after they awoke from a nap.  Calvin (on the right) wanted Braedy to come over by him so he could give his brother a hug. I love watching them work out a problem, or try to come up with a solution as to why their "weedeater, chain saw or lawnmower" won't start.  They tell me it's either hot or out of gas.  Those imaginations are expanding.
They are twins of course but they are very different too. 
Braedy's favorite phrase is "WHY ?"
Calvin's favorite phrase is "WHAT'S THAT SMELL?"
I love it....
They do have to learn that picking up something and whacking the other is not acceptable.  The daughter sent me this picture in a text last night:
Ni-maw felt so bad for Braedy I kissed his little head in the picture.   No E.R. tho...she just cleaned and bandaged it, which is what mamas do.  Also I am pretty sure Calvin got a good lecture about  why it is not acceptable to hit his brother....or any one else for that matter...
Ritzywife out.........................................................

everything happens for a reason................. NOT!!!!

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I have been seeing a lot of this lately on Facebook posts or hearing people, out of ignorance, make the statement.
I totally disagree.....tell that to the child who was physically or sexually abused.....or the person who lost a loved one because of a drunk driver........or the victim of a random drive by shooting.......or a person dying of a horrible disease such as cancer.
My son and I have often had this discussion and we usually just have to call a "truce" and each one of us has to realize we are entitled to our own opinion.
I have heard people say - "well it must have been so and so's time to go......that is totally wrong...granted the Bible says our days are numbered but we can make that "time" come earlier by our poor choices in lifestyle or situations we put ourselves in.
Most of the time the things that happen are due to our own or others poor choices....not due to God's will.
Everything that happens in our lives does not come from God....but  nothing slips by Him either.
We can believe the promise that He is there no matter what happens and it is our choice to turn to Him in those times or turn away and blame Him.
Life is hard.....but He promises that He will be there to get us thru life's circumstances, He doesn't promise it will be easy...for if it were easy why would we need Him???
But the statement that "everything happens for a reason" is just wrong for the reasons I stated earlier.
Bad "stuff" happens on this earth because of SIN.  And it will continue to happen til Jesus comes again.
My rant is over.........for now.................Ritzywife out!

What Is "Love"?

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Just like the title of this blog suggests.......these are my thoughts on the word "love".....
As I was sitting here eating my breakfast this morning I just started thinking about love and all it means to me.
I was thinking about when Ritzy and I first started our family we knew/thought the day would come when it would be just the two of us again when the kids had family/lives of their own.  That has not happened yet or I suppose it never will and i will get to that.
There are folks our age that are going/doing/ running around doing their own "thing" whatever that is.....missing out on precious time spent with grandkids, kids.........but Ritzy and I still have our kids and grandkids very involved in our life and I would not have or want it any other way.  We put ourselves out there for our kids/family....they know they can count on us to be there for them.
                                                        LOVE = TIME, SACRIFICE, ACTION
We sacrifice our own time and resources for the ones we love.  Sure I could do all that for myself but at the end of the day where has that gotten me.  But............if I sacrifice that time for the kids or grandkids that is precious time spent with them to grow our relationship that I will never see again.  I just hope when Ritzy and I are gone that these kids/grandkids don't ever doubt that P-pa and Ni-maw loved them and was willing to show it and hopefully that will make them better people and they will pay it forward......
That "time" can be spent a variety of ways---babysitting the grandsons, staying up late (even tho I am exhuasted) to watch a movie with the son, going out with the all adds up to LOVE.  I love and cherish my family very much and I don't ever want those kids/grandkids to doubt their place in my heart. 
It warms my heart to hear the grandkids saying how much they like ni-maw's and P-pa's house or they always say they want to come to our house.  The other day the boys were giving kisses and hugs before going home and Calvin stands in front of me and looks over my head at our house and just smiles and says "I just love Ni-maw's house"...I told him that it made my heart happy to hear that he loved coming here.  A child knows if/when they are wanted.  I get to spend time just talking to them, watching them play, joking around with them where as their parents are focused on providing for their needs.  i told the daughter to not ever forget what is really important in's not the stuff you can's the "stuff" you can't see........relationships, love, stability, safety, letting that child grow into what God intended for them to be.......   providing a home where those kids feel safe and wanted... unlike so many others in this world.  I believe if you provide those things for a child there is no end to the possibilities of what that child can accomplish in his/her life......
And........ that's why they love coming to Ni-maw's because I have that time to spare---yes I could be out doing my own thing------but I choose not to - which brings be back to the title of this post.  I love those grandkids and our kids and like I said "Love" is not a's a is an action!!!!
With that ......Ritzywife is out...............................................................

Another Year.....

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Happy Birthday to me....... Today -  March 31, is Ritzywife's birthday # 56.  WOW!!! I can hardly believe how fast the time seems to go by.
I have an aunt that is a couple years older than me that always calls and sings "Happy Birthday" to me every year.  The grandsons and their mama also called and sang.  Was so sweet to hear 2 - 3 year old boys singing to their Ni-maw.  Ritzy and I have plans for this afternoon and tomorrow.  Gonna be a great birthday!
The other day the boys and I were outdoors and Ritzy was mowing the lawn.  Some of the fine grass and dust particles drifted over to where we were sitting in my swing and I told the boys - would you look at that.....P-pa got dirt and grass on Ni-maw...well Calvin did the sweetest thing----he laid across my lap and said..... 'don't worry ni-maw, I'll protect you'.  that was just too precious.  Well later in the day when they were leaving Calvin was giving me a hug and he backed up and was looking at the house behind me and said  'I just love Ni-maw's house'.......i told him that i was so glad he felt that way and it made Ni-maw happy.  That is what it is all about.  Providing a safe, loving environment for those grandkids that tells them they are "welcome & appreciated" anytime.
Even tho it's a bit early I have been fishing a few times, only because it is so beautiful now.  The fish are not there yet, but they will be soon.
 I spent yesterday planting herbs, putting garden flags and wind chimes up, doing some light cleaning outdoors & fishing.  It was awesome to spend the day outside.  Didn't come in till about 8:30 or so.  I LOVE SPRING,  can ya tell??
Now i am waiting patiently to plant the tomatoes & flowers.  I love geraniums, begonias, that don't have to be "babied" .... and I really love the perennials that don't have to be planted every year, haha!  ;-)
 Again.....I LOVE SPRING,  can ya tell??
Ritzywife out........................................

It's Been A SAD, Exhausting, Crazy Week!!

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The week started out ok/normal enough I guess until Wednesday afternoon when I received a phone call from my son-in-law.  He was trying to call the daughter.  I told him she was probably taking a nap with the boys since it was around 3:00 in the afternoon.  He proceeded to tell me that he was at the hospital because his Step-dad Tony had been taken there with what appeared to be symptoms of a stroke.  I told Steven I would keep trying to contact Keri.  I finally contacted Keri and relayed Stevens message.  After talking we decided that the son and I would come after the boys so she could go be with her husband and  the family.  Her brother and sister-in-law were going to pick her up.   Keep in mind this was the day we were getting snow and the roads were covered.  So off we went to get the grandsons to spend the night because it was going to be a long one for Steven and Keri.  I kept in contact with her throughout the night and into the morning hours.  I didn't get any sleep either.  I was praying for the family, Tony, and the whole situation.  It was heavy on my mind.
I got a text about midnight saying they were having to make a decision to have emergency surgery and around 5 a.m. keri sent me a text saying nothing could be done.  SUCH SAD NEWS!!!!
Well, Ritzy and I decided the help we could give would be to take the boys and let Steven & Keri do whatever they needed to do to help Steven's Mom and family. 
Hence the crazy, hectic schedule up until yesterday.  Yesterday was the memorial service and I told Keri that P-pa and I would just get the boys after the service and go home and they could be free to do whatever needed to be done the rest of the day.  Keri sent a text telling me they would be here sometime around 8 in the evening.  We had already given the boys their baths, brushed their teeth and given them their milk by the time their parents arrived.  They boys were sure glad to see 'mama & daddy'....and I could finally take a breath and relax.
What is so sad is that the boys were told that Paw-paw was sick and they just don't realize what all this means yet. They have asked about him and where he is a few times.   I just told keri to keep showing them pictures of paw-paw and talk about him.  That way he always stays alive in their hearts and minds even tho they can't actually be with or see him and it's ok to miss him or want to see him or be sad because they can't see him.
Tony was a great guy and you could tell that by seeing all the people at his memorial service.  There was easily 400+ people  in attendance to attest to that fact.  He will be missed.  Anita is going to need our prayers in the coming days/months/years...I can't even imagine what she is going through but all we can do is keep reminding her of how much we love her and how much we care about what she is dealing with.  I just pray God's comfort and peace on her always......
With that Ritzywife is out..............................................

Achee Wawa........ino other words "OUCH"!

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I was watching the grandsons here yesterday because their parents were taking advantage of this beautiful spring like weather and finishing up painting the woodwork on their home.
 We were having a blast outside and I got the bright idea to take them down to Ni-maw's fishing hole.  We actually drove on around to the boat ramp because it was less of an incline.  I really didn't want to fish one of them out of the water---haha!!
So we get out and walk down to the water and I tell them they can pick up "little" rocks and throw them into the water.  Well their interpretation of "little" and mine are NOT  the same.  ;-)
Before I could get them separated so they would not accidentally hit each other with a rock, i just happen to look Calvin's way and I saw it coming about a millisecond before it hit.  I heard my whole head have never experienced that sound or feeling before  in my life, nor do i ever want to again.  This is the aftermath:

Calvin saw the blood and started crying and assumed he was in big trouble.  I had to calm/comfort him to assure him that it was an accident all while my head was really hurting.......let's just say all was well after he gave it kisses and Ni-maw gave him kisses and an I love you hug. ( we really got to work on focusing on where we are throwing and making sure no one is in our line of fire.)
Well we got over all that and they proceeded to toss rocks into the water while I made sure no one caught one with their face.
After throwing rocks we went exploring.....we found spent shotgun shells, some really fine river sand that they loved playing in and this big piece of driftwood that they loved playing on:
After playing for a while I asked if they were ready to go get some ice cream at the store and they about beat me to the truck.  Earlier in the day the store's owner ( a good friend of ours)  told me to bring them over to get some ice cream and I was gonna take him  up on that.   He has been so nice to give these two boys ice cream since they were about 4 months old.  They call him "Uncle Ice Cream".  They ate their ice cream and we then went back to Ni-maw's to play some more till P-Pa got home.  When P-pa (Ritzy) arrived they dropped what they were doing and sprinted toward him.  I then informed Ritzy that if he wanted supper he better watch the boys while I went inside and cooked it......
Everyone came in to eat and those boys had worked up an awesome appetite.  After cleaning the kitchen i went in to join P-pa and them  while they were watching tv  til their parents arrived.  I don't know who was more "pooped" --  the parents after spending the day finishing up the painting or ni-maw spending the day keeping track of 2 energetic boys or the two boys themselves after spending the day running, playing, exploring and doing whatever else they could think get the picture.   Let's just say it was a wonderful day for ALL........ and a beautiful day in Oklahoma in the middle of winter  to boot!!
After kisses and hugs they left and Ni-maw took her shower, spent some much needed quiet time in my chair and then went to bed...I sure didn't have any trouble falling asleep after such a wonderful day.
Ritzywife out...................................................

Goodbye Christmas 2014.....Hello 2015!!

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Well.... Christmas 2014 is just a memory, but oh what a great one it is.  The grandsons made this christmas season a blast.  We had so much fun singing, talking about, and preparing for Christmas.  I taught them some Christmas songs and it fills my heart with joy when I hear them singing those songs all by themselves. 
These boys are growing so fast....

Calvin & Braedy
I was going to wait til after the new year to take down the decorations, but "the mood" struck this morning so Ritzywife's "Christmas 2014"  is neatly tucked away til next year. 
I love to just sit and look at the Christmas tree so i put this picture on my phone  so I could enjoy it a little longer after the decorations were down...
Christmas 2014

Looking forward to  our New years dinner/snacks tomorrow.  I told everyone I would fix chicken wings and they all seemed to go for that....besides wings, the menu consists of chips, dips, tortilla pinwheels, meat, cheese, veggies, pickles, olives...I don't think anyone is gonna leave here hungry....
I think we are finally getting some cold weather around here.  It's only 26 degrees out now in the middle of the afternoon.  Could get some nasty weather over the next couple of days.....guess we will just wait and see what happens.  Here in Oklahoma - who knows what's gonna happen?!?
Ritzy and I are gonna go babysit the boys this evening while the daughter has a massage job to do.  Gee, I've got a neck and shoulders that could sure use her services, haha!!  The son-in-law is "on call"  this week so we are volunteering.  Doesn't take much twisting of the arm for us to make ourselves available to watch those two boys.  We love being around them and spending time with them.  Believe it or not Ritzy is teaching them things that are getting them in a little bit of trouble.  Imagine that!!  I get on to him and tell the daughter she needs to get on to her dad and not the boys, haha!!  I guess that maybe  P-Pa's do that to their grandkids just to irritate the kids, haha!?!
After the New year I start counting down to Spring, even tho Winter has officially just begun.  I start anticipating the longer daylight hours, the budding and blooming of the trees and plants and last but not least CRAPPIE fishing!!!
Well I need to go check on the fire, get clothes in the dryer and check out the roast in my new pressure cooker that mom & dad got me for Christmas.
With that Ritzywife is out....................