The "DASH"

Posted by: cheryl

What did  I do with my "dash"?  What did you do with yours?
Did I spend it being the best person I could be, living a life that counted, loving my family, neighbors, and friends....or did I just look out for #1?  I would hope that people that know me can say that I cared passionately about my family and friends.  I was faithful to my convictions & I always tried to be a better person.  I know we are not perfect beings.  What I am saying is this -- that I tried and when I messed up, I did everything in my power to make it right.
Some people will never give their "dash" a thought.  They will just live their lives getting all they can and not caring who they hurt in the process. 
This post may sound a little odd, but I heard it in a sermon today at church and it got me to thinking  about what is really important in this life and what I should just ignore.   If you are wondering or haven't figured it out by now.............. here it is:  Date Born - Date Died.................we all see this on tombstones everywhere. The dash is the time a person has spent on this earth alive.  Such a small little mark but such big implications......when we think about it we all have such little time to make a difference in others lives and in our small part of this earth., so we should all try to make that time count for something. 
A short post tonite, but a lot to think about...............Ritzywife out!