A Beautiful Day

Posted by: cheryl

Today was a gorgeous day here in Oklahoma, the first day that we haven't had rain, clouds or high winds in a long time. Me and the son spent most of the day outside. He mowed while I picked up debris out of the yard,( still picking up limbs from December 2007 ice storm) blew grass off the sidewalk, and used the weed eater. We have quite a bit to mow because we mow our neighbor's yard which is about 1 acre plus our 1 1/2 acres. I finally planted my tomatoes. Hopefully I waited long enough that they won't be frostbitten. I just sat on the patio looking at the birds and watching the traffic go in and out at the little bait/convenience store across the road. I heard a strange bird call and looked to see what kind of bird was there, it was this pretty oriole. I ran into house to get camera to take some pictures, this picture shows the oriole in our maple tree in back yard, (notice the damage from ice storm).. Ritzy called while I was outside and I told him what we were doing. I know he really misses mowing the yard, We would always work outside on Saturdays to make things look as pretty as possible. He always did a good job. The neighbors would always comment about how good Ritzy kept the lawn. After finishing and putting tools away I just sat at table on patio and got to feeling really sad, because I thought about Hubby having to be away during this summer/fall and the times we would miss doing just what I did today. That's when I realized it was time to go in the house for the night.........

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