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My son, who works for my Dad and Uncle in their heat & air business, came home today with a piece of duct tape wrapped around his little finger. I saw it and wondered "ok" what has he done this time. Well he took off the tape and showed me 4 little holes and asked me to "guess" what he had done. You have to understand with him there is no telling. He grabbed his phone and shows me this picture. I think he is "proud" of it..... It made chills run up and down my back... Yikes!! I asked how in the world he stapled his finger. He just said I guess it slipped ;-). My Dad was standing there with him when it happened and I'll just bet he had a good laugh. I remember when I was young and Dad would come home with duct tape on his head, arms, hands, etc.....we just kind of grew up knowing that he had cut or scratched or punctured himself on the job. Who needs Band-aids when you have duct tape????? He said it sure was fun to pull out.
It was a pretty uneventful day at home, thank goodness.....I did have one phone call I had to make that kind of "ticked" me off. I received a letter saying I had not paid a supplemental insurance premium , so I looked online at our bank account and there were the copies of the checks that these people say they haven't recieved. Well ,I call these people up and they say they cannot talk to me, it has to be Ritzy they talk to because it is thru his civilian job. I was a little miffed because I have had no trouble talking to anyone before and told them so, (nicely). When Ritzy first went on deployment and the automatic payroll deduction stopped, I had to contact them so I could get a statement and start paying by mail. I had even asked for a Supervisor today , which I got and I will give them credit for that.... I told them that Ritzy was in Iraq, and I had a Power of Attorney. I also told them they sure have no trouble taking the checks that I sign and send to them. They had to agree with me on that point. So ---- I scan the copies of the checks, a copy of Ritzy's orders, the Power of Attorney, and the bill they sent me and e-mailed it all to them. They said their compliance dept will have to look at all this to see who made the mistake. Well, Duh!!!!! I can tell them who made the mistake and it sure ain't me (pardon the Okie talk)! I know people make mistakes, but when they are treating you like you don't know what you are talking about, it really gets under my skin. I am sure this will get resolved, I am just letting off a little steam!!
Hubby is still sore from his surgery, but he says he is doing ok. I told him that I bet he didn't realize just how much he used those abdominal muscles ;-) he said no he sure didn't......
It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend here, and I can hardly wait to get outside and do yardwork with the son tomorrow. I don't know though, after seeing what he did with a staple gun, do I let him on that riding mower?????? just kidding son........you always do a good job!

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