Mother's Day

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I hope this was a good Mother's Day for everyone. Mine was really good although it sure would have been better with Ritzy around. Like I have said before-----I sure do miss him!!!!! My kids gave me really nice gifts. You know they can suprise you once in a while........We had a good service at church today honoring the mothers.......Ritzy called me around noon from Kuwait, you see he is there for surgery. I sure don't like the fact that I can't be there for and with him, but he will be well taken care of I'm quite sure....He goes for appointment tomorow and surgery soon to follow. I guess he will be there about three weeks total.........All Iknow is someone had better call me and let me know how he is, or I will not be very happy.......
Usually I have bought my own mother her gift way before Mother's Day but this year my sister and I waited until after lunch today to go buy mom's gift. Yesterday storms were breaking out and I wasn't about to be out to get caught in a bad storm. Also, since Ritzy's deployment I have had a hard time getting interested in anything.....may not be the right attitude but it's the one I have.......I'm trying to get better about it though.....I will e-mail Ritzy here in a little while to catch him up on the daily news from home, cause if I don't I have usually forgotten what I want to say when he calls the next day ;-) I will also ask if he remembered to call his own mother ;-) Ritzy will be missed as we start celebrating all the spring , summer and fall holidays.............I am sure that I as well as the other spouses are counting down the months, weeks, and days til thier loved one returns home...................I see Mother's Day as another "holiday" down and a few more to go ....which is probably how I will view each "holiday" that comes up til he returns home........

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I recieved your comment on my blog it's a waiting game, I am not completely in your situation, I live on a military base so I am around a lot of military people, but I have few friends I don't trust easily, and oddly the few friends that I do have, their husbands just came home this week, so when I am going through the grieving phase in a few weeks they are still going to be going through the honeymoon phase and really just aren't going to have much time for me. I have been a military spouse forever, but we were guard for a while so my husband never had to go anywhere because he was recruiting, so this is our first time being seperated. I believe I will be busy over the summer because although my 17 year old will be leaving 7 days after he does to visit her dad, my 12 and 14 year old will be leaving their dad to be coming to visit me, kind of a trade off I guess and so having them around will be great for me, since I don't see them often, I think if one of them sleeps in here with me it would be better but I think they are bedhogs so that wont I have 7 girls between my husband and I. In 20 minutes his leave officially begins which means he is really leaving really soon. Our Church honors our soldiers by posting a flag in front, for each deployed soldier that is a member of our Church there is a flag in front our Church, over the last several weeks when they have been posting the flags I cry during the prayer because I know in 3 weeks time it will be our flag that is going to be posted outside and then DH is going to be gone for 15 months. That is a long time, no one really understands how close I am to my husband, he isn't one of those annoying just do something and get out of my hair guys. We litteraly spend every second of every day that we can together, it is rather sick, he is my absolute without a doubt best friend! I am losing a lot when he leaves. I know how hard it is having your DH gone for the holidays, mine missed his first thanksgiving, halloween, his bday, easter, and I think there is another in there as well this last year as well, to do the training for Iraq. And he is going to miss them all again! On halloween he left at 1:30 in the morning, wow talk about harsh for the kids, one day later and they could have at least had a memory! He is leaving 4 days before fathers day! R U kidding me! I swear the people that set these dates don't have lives or children. I know I will have a great support team through my church, I just don't like living the miltary lifestyle, I never have, we only have 4 more years and then DH can retire so I can just count the time I guess, but I will definately keep your hubby in my prayers, when my DH was in the guard we lived in VT talk about living in a non-military enviroment- wow they are tree huggers. There is no support there. If you ever need to vent or talk or anything I am here. Just let me know. We can go through this together. It is always nice to have someone to lean on.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

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