Olympics Anyone???

Posted by: cheryl

Has anyone been watching the Olympics.  When they first started, I wasn't much interested, but now I am watching every night.  Watched the ladies figure skating tonite and they put on quite a show.  Ritzy went to bed and I just stayed in the living room to watch the sports.  (Hey, isn't that supposed to be the other way around, anyways....)
 I was about ready to go to bed  after watching tv  and realized the son needed something fixed to go with the chicken for his lunch tomorrow.  So.......here I am in my kitchen cooking Rice-A-Roni at 11:30pm.  Nobody but a Mom would understand.....
Now, here I am thinking and writing...........a dangerous combo....
Ritzy said he is soooooo tired of this cold weather.  A couple of weeks ago I would have said I want more cold and snow, but after the kind-of decent weather we have had I am ready for Spring!!!!!!!
Starting to think about the garden and what to plant.  It's gonna have to stop raining or we will have to "mud" everything in ;-)
I love planting and watching things grow.  I hope we have a good growing season.  Last year it took forever to warm up enough for the plants to grow.  Hoping it's not that way again.  Hard to believe in just a few weeks it will be time to start mowing the grass. 
The whole crew is in bed right now (which is where I should be)  but ever since Ritzy was on his deployment in 2007-2008 my sleeping pattern has gone haywire.  You would think that after Ritzy's being back for a little more than a year things would be back to normal, but nooooooo.   he still goes to bed way earlier than I do, & he has a hard time falling to sleep too.  Hope I don't wake him when I go in there in a little while. 
 I have plenty to do tomorrow so I should be in there resting. 
I visited my neice  and her kids today.  The oldest ( her son) was at school, but the three girls were at home.  The baby ( who is 5 months old)  was crying and I couldn't take it so I got her out of her swing.  Well, her older sister who is a little over a year old thought I needed to be holding her to.  I sure had a lapful.  But they are so cute I couldn't turn them down.  After a little while the baby's mama fed her and I put the other one to sleep.
The 4 year old was seeing how much trouble she could get into.  I gotta hand it to her,  she is doing a great job.  this is the same neice who had brain surgery and delivered a baby on the same day last September. She  is now finished with her radiation but still taking her cancer drugs once a month.  I keep her and her family always in my prayers!!!!!!!!

Here are those 2 youngest ones, only 10 months apart, whew!!!!!

Ritzywife is out......................................

Another One Gone..........

Posted by: cheryl

I don't quite know what to think....  Today after lunch at Mom & Dad's, Ritzy came up to me and asked if I noticed anything different.  I looked at him wondering what the heck he was talking about, then he showed me his left hand.  His wedding ring was gone.  I just got this sad/mad look on my face and couldn't say anything. He said he was afraid to tell me last night and that he was waiting till I was in a "good" mood. ( What is that supposed to mean - that Ritzywife is moody????) He explained that it must have come off while he was cutting wood yesterday.  He always wears gloves and it must have come off with the glove sometime during the day.  He said he already looked in his truck, and in the gloves.  We even drove to where he was cutting to see if we could see it, all the while knowing it was a long shot.
You see, Ritzy lost his original ring after having it for only about a year, while mixing concrete for my parent's sidewalk.  I let that go for a while and bought him another one, after a little while he lost that one too.  It had been a while and last Christmas (2008) after he returned from Iraq I bought him another one.  Well, he had this one for 13 months I recon.  What does a girl do, keep buying or just say to heck with it.  I told him I was going to make him have one tatooed on his finger, or put it thru his nose,,,,,, ouch ;-)
You might say "Buy a smaller one"   but I can't because he needs the size I get to get it on his finger.  It makes me sad, but I will get over it.
On to other things, I tried to take a nap this afternoon, but Ritzy and the son saw to it that didn't happen.  Every time I would start to doze off, one of them would come in the kitchen or living room and make just enough noise to wake me.  I was not a happy camper.  I have since gotten over that too.....
I sit here waiting on more snow, YIPPEE!
Ritzywife is out for now............................


Posted by: cheryl

That's what I am.  My neice had a follow-up appointment to discuss her latest MRI today and the Dr. told her he was very impressed with what he saw.  No tumor growth. It will take a while for all the swelling to go down from her sugery and radiation and she will keep getting MRI's taken every couple of months.  I am so thankful for her and her family.  She is always in my prayers.
I had a Dr.'s appointment  today also.  My yearly exam.  Everything went well and for that I am thankful  also ...and the fact that it will be another year before I have to go thru it again, haha!!
I hear we are supposed to be getting some more winter weather in the coming days and weeks.  Ritzy was telling me this evening that he was disgusted with all the winter weather we have had so far. (16 inches of snow)  He has not been able to cut wood since before Christmas, and has people waiting to buy wood.  Looks like it will be a while before we dry out in this part of Oklahoma. 
Everyone (those young adults)  waited til tonight to do their laundry and I am up to make sure the last load gets in the dryer. 
One of my nephews' and his wife are expecting their first child in about 3 weeks.  My youngest sister (the grandmother) can't hardly wait.  When that baby is born I (the oldest of 4) will be the only one with NO grandchildren.  C'mon kids....get with it!!!!
Like I have said before, they aren't even close........
That's about all I have for now.......Ritzywife out..........