One Busy & Tired "Ni-maw"!!!

Posted by: cheryl

Geez, I had the misconception that "life" slowed down as a person got older.  Wow, was I ever wrong!!! I think it has accelerated..... Maybe it seems that way cause it's me that's slowing down, haha!!
I have been so busy, it's hard to find time to keep up with my writing.  Watching those little ones, trying to keep up with my housework, church stuff and everything else has me "pooped".
The son and I went to Owasso last nite to buy groceries, but before that we stopped at the daughter  & son-in-law's to eat supper.  I played with babies and the two guys played x-box while the daughter got caught up on her housework.  Ritzy was no where around because this is his weekend to spend in the woods cutting wood.  He is crazy wanting to cut wood in this kind of weather, but he loves it.... so there ya go.
It was after 10 last nite when we left their house to go buy groceries, and around 1 this morning when we got home.  After putting away groceries, taking my bath and unwinding,  I think I finally dozed off around 3 this morning.  Gonna make for a drowsy day today.  We have a birthday party to go to at 2 this afternoon.  After that I have to go to Vinita to get the food for a party we are having after church Sunday nite.  I am not looking forward to the  shopping at all because of the heat.  Speaking of heat - The next week is going to be brutal here in Oklahoma because of the high temps.  I just hope everyone takes care of themselves and stays safe.
Our family reunion is Sunday at Nowata.  After Sunday morning church, the reunion, getting to church early Sunday evening to prepare the food and then church.....Ritzywife is gonna be one tired Ni-maw!!!
Our garden is just about finished.  All that is left is the okra and a few tomatoes.  The tomatoes probably won't survive this heat in the coming days.  We will just have to wait and see.
The okra will be fine, it loves hot weather.  In fact, I saw it blooming yesterday. I am gonna pick some and fry it the first chance I get......maybe tonite!?!
This Monday July 30, 2012 is Ritzy & Ritzywife's 29th Anniversary.  I cannot believe it has been 29 years already.  Time goes by so fast.  That is one thing I have tried to make that daughter understand with those little ones.  They will be grown and out of the house seemingly in the "blink of an eye".  That is what it seems like to me with my own kids, anyways........
This has been a great 29 years....I could not have asked for a better man than Ritzy.  Sure I get ticked off at him sometimes, but he has always been just what I have needed and I have to believe God knew that when He brought us together ;-)   I look forward to our future together as we grow older and watch our family grow.
*The reunion we are going to is the Ketcum Reunion which was My Grandma Hayes's family.   I just realized when I looked at the date.... that today is her birthday.  She was born in 1910 and passed away in 1986, only 2 weeks before our daughter was born.  I was so sad to see her go. I wanted her to meet her "great-granddaughter" so much.  But, she was in pain and bad health and I hated to see her suffer.  I knew that when she passed she was a lot better off.  I would have lived with this grandma if my mom and dad would have let me, haha!!!* 
Ritzy called a few minutes ago and told me he was on his way home.  It takes about an hour for him to get here, so after he gets here he will have to change clothes and we will be on our way to the party for our 17 year old nephew, then off to Walmart to get the supplies for Sunday nite.  Ritzywife's bed is sure gonna feel good tonite!!!!
Gonna leave it at that..............Ritzywife out..............

Time Goes By Too fast

Posted by: cheryl

It's hard to believe we are already into July.  This July 4th holiday didn't quite seem like a holiday I guess because it fell in the middle of the week.  We had a good time at Mom & Dad's.  We shot off our fireworks at our own home that night.  I knew the babies would be asleep and we didn't want to upset their schedule so we decided to put them down for the night then go out and watch our own fireworks.  Worked out great!  It sure was hot tho......Well, it's Oklahoma in July, I guess it's supposed to be hot, huh?

Ritzy cooked supper tonite on the grill.  I did not want to heat up the kitchen so I got the steaks, veggies and corn on the cob prepared and let Ritzy do his "magic" on the grill.   He did a great job.

This morning the son and I went to Owasso to do some shopping and on the way home we stopped by the daughter and son-in-laws home to see those twin grandsons.  They are growing so fast.  They had their 4 month check-up Friday.  Got their immunization shots too. I know they need them but it sure was hard for [Ritzywife,..Ni-maw] to see those little boys crying :-(
Calvin & Braedy at 4 months
 They are sooo cute!!!!!  They were in a much better mood today.
It's getting late so this Ni-maw had better get some rest.   Got a busy day tomorrow........Ritzywife out...........