Posted by: cheryl

That's right, most of my thoughts tonite are just a vent about what happened at church last nite.  We were to have a vote on officers and teachers last October, but because of the Homecoming plans, our vote was put off till last nite.  In a Baptist church where each church is it's own ruling body, a nominating committee is formed to ask people if they would like to retain their job for  another year or for someone else to mention that they may be interested in the job.  then we take a vote.  well it seems for the last few months i have been getting a "vibe" that something was up.  Turns out there were a couple of people wanting my and a friends job and they called their "group" together to make sure it was done.  The first vote was for the SS Director, Church Treasurer, and Church Clerk.  I am or i should say WAS the treasurer until last nite. 
These people called for a secret ballot even tho the nominating commitee already asked me if i wanted to retain my job for another year to which i said "sure" cause I love doing the job, not for the people but because I love God and want to serve.  Well the secret ballots were counted and I lost.  There were only 18 voters there....we are a very small congregation and it is hard to find faithful people to serve.  My friend kept her job as clerk by only 1 vote.  She had told me she thought something was going to happen and I told her "well, there's nothing I  can do about it.  These people put only 1 name against mine so it was an arranged behind the back scheme.   There have been other things said by this group the past few months to make us suspect they were going to try "something".   When it came time to elect Teachers, this same crew made a motion to just accept them all as nominated.  So that let me know they were after the Treasurer and Clerk job.  Well they reached half their goal.  Because of the way this "went down"  I considered this a personal attack.  If it had been out in the open, I would feel a lot different.  SHAME ON THEM!!  But you know something......you reap what you sow, more than you sow, and later than you sow!!!!
Our young pastor was pretty upset at how these people acted last night....so what does a person do now???  Act like it never happened.....not sure....but I sure been praying about it cause we are supposed to have a fellowship..haha..Saturday nite and church sunday.   Gonna be kinda awkward.  None of these people said a word to me after the meeting except for the one who took over the job.  She asked if I would show her how to do the job---she has had this job before and gave it up cause it was more than she could handle---and I told her "no".  Told her  she could relearn how to do it just like I had to learn how to do it on my own.  She will find out that I have been doing a LOT more than she ever did or ever thought about doing.  These people have no idea how foolish they look doing their little deeds.  You know, God will hold them accountable for their actions and..................I got the best night's sleep last nite that I have ever had.  When I went to bed I didn't know if I was going to be too upset to sleep or not...I think I was still in shock that people who call themselves "Christians" could be so underhanded and conniving.  An afterthought was that I should have requested a show of hands of the ones who voted against me for their accountability.   Oh, and these are the ones who are just wanting a "social club" instead of a new testament church to come to.    I am also the Ladies Sunday School Teacher and Pianist for this church and it's gonna be a bit awkward Sunday when some of these people are in my class.    I spent the day getting all the materials together and taking them up to the church, then sent a text message to the "winner" to let her know she could pick them up.  I also looked up all contact  information she might need and printed it out so she could call and start having the church's mail delivered to her home.  I did not have to do that, but I did.    It's gonna be strange getting out of the "bill paying mode" for my church.  I took this job over when my mom (then treasurer) had a stroke and could no longer do her job.  She eventually got better and we looked for someone else to do the job but NOBODY wanted it cause it was too much work, so i stuck with it and was finally getting the hang of it....Besides I love working with numbers.  Yes, it was very stressful each month getting that report ready and especially at the end of each year when I had to prepare all the tax information, but I loved doing it.  Guess I will have to find something else to occupy my time------like fishing or playing with those two grandsons..huh??
Ritzywife out.....................................