Obedience Tested

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I was on Facebook this morning and ran across a friend's post.  It had this quote from Dr. David Jeremiah on his page:

This is so true.. It made me think back to a situation that was going on in my life a couple weeks ago. My previous post was about the arrival of that beautiful granddaughter.  Well the month  and especially the week leading up to her arrival were really stressful for me, Ni-maw/Ritzywife, as I will try to explain here.
Her Nana (son-in-law's) mother had scheduled a baby shower for May 5, 2018.  That was awesome.......... except for the fact it was going to be held at the Catoosa Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.   When I first heard it might be there, I had informed the daughter that her Granny and Aunts and even I would probably not attend due it it's location.  I was having a real problem with this........I would go back and forth in my head trying to justify going to a casino hotel.  Hey, this was my daughter's baby shower, after all......to saying to myself  - Ritzywife you know who you are and what you stand for....this is not a good idea and it is just wrong for you to be a part of it.  I had voiced concerns about the struggle to a couple friends at church and asked for their prayers about the situation.  Mainly for the daughter to understand that I had to stand up for what I believed, and that I could forgive myself for seemingly "deserting" my daughter.  You see the dilemna...
It had come down to a few days before the shower......I went to the daughter's house to talk to her about my concerns.  During the talk I was in tears because I was so upset and not wanting to hurt her in the process.....She tried to justify that the hotel was a different building.... but I told her that God sees them one and the same, and that's how I have to look at them.  I also tried to explain to her that situations like this are how we as Christians begin to lose our impact or voice in this fallen world......we slowly start to give in to seemingly harmless actions and before you know it.....we look no different from the world......which leaves me to wonder......what am I standing for and what am I standing against??  After talking, she and I came to a point where we respected each others opinion and we were "ok".

The other women, mother-in-law included, did not have a problem with the location because this is just part of their lifestyle......and these are all women who profess Christ in their lives.....makes you wonder........exactly my point to my daughter
i just cannot quite wrap my head around that way of thinking/living.....Gods word even says that it is not possible to profess Christ yet live like the world at the same time.........and all I am saying here is ----i know this would NOT be the right thing for me to do and that is all that matters!
Well, during our conversation that day Keri made the offhand remark that even she might not be able to attend her own shower because of the way she was feeling.  God was already at work!
Friday her dad and I went to help with last minute details and she was having contractions.  I told her to go to the er while we watched  Dawson and picked up the twins from school.  She returned home saying she was supposed to take it easy until Monday the 7th which was the scheduled c-section.
The shower was the next day at 2 p.m.
At 6 a.m. the next morning I received a text from her telling me she had not slept all night and was still contracting. I advised her to go to the er.  Well she left everyone at home and drove herself.   While at the er she was texting me that she was still going to the shower and I could not get an easy feeling about that at all.  I finally told her that I would take her because I did not feel comfortable about her condition and driving.   I had not slept good at all, either....spent the night praying about this situation, mama, and baby girl. 
Well, she calls and says Dr told her this baby girl was gonna make her appearance today May 5th ....the day of that shower that I was having this personal/spiritual crisis about. THANK YOU LORD!!!
The son and I arrive at the hospital at the same time that "dad" arrives.....He barely makes it because a couple minutes later little Ayris Anne Fuller was born.

 * Ritzy decides that morning to go into his office to get  some paperwork done.. I tell him before he leaves that it might not be a good idea because I have a feeling a baby is coming today, but he goes anyway.    I call him after she is born and he is actually surprised...........*

During all of this, in the back of my mind I was thinking about how God had taken care of this whole situation for me and Keri, that I had trusted Him for the outcome, although I had no idea how it would come about.  I personally feel that my obedience was being tested, and it was painful because I felt like I was letting my daughter down........but God.......the best ending to any of our situations in life ever!
Ritzywife out...........................................................................................

*I have thought about asking Keri this question  "Knowing me and what I believe.........Which would  have surprised you more.............. that I would go or that I would not go to that casino for your baby shower?"*


Love, Mom

Posted by: cheryl

Happy Mother's Day 2018!!
Being a mom is one of, if not the most rewarding/frustrating experiences you will ever have.  It is so rewarding in the fact that you see your kids grow and mature and become responsible adults with their own kids.  On the other hand it is frustrating in the fact that they sometimes don't want to listen to "Mom" and her experienced wisdom......the frustrating part is watching them go thru hard times either because of their own choosing or circumstances out of their control.
A Mother's love for her child is the strongest bond here on this Earth..  you don't believe me...just try messing with one of her kids....or grandkids....:-)
Either way I would not trade being a mom for anything in this world.
We have a new granddaughter...yippee....a girl, among all those boys.  She arrived last Saturday, May 5, 2018......and I might add...she is a beauty!  Her name is Ayris Anne Fuller.
Her big brothers adore her.  She is not going to have to worry about anything or anyone ever messing with her.. haha!
Here is a picture of the little doll:

 Told you she was beautiful.  This Nimaw is ready to love on and spoil her just like I have her brothers......
You can tell it is May in Oklahoma.....not by the trees and flowers blooming or
 turning green......but by all the itchy red eyes, sneezing,  and runny noses.......haha!
May and August are not the best months around these parts......but it is beautiful with all the trees leafed out and all the flowers blooming, gardens being planted, and the warm days.
It is about time to go to church.  Ritzy and I are going to church with the daughter and son-in-law this morning.  I hope everyone has a blessed day.
Ritzywife out................................................................................