Oh My........ What A July

Posted by: cheryl

I really don't know where to start so here goes.....After Kaysie's funeral service things were starting to get back into routine then about 4 weeks later at the end of June my sister-in-law's grandmother and a neighbor I have know all my life passed away. 
Since I play the piano at church the family had asked if I could get some music together for the service but in the meantime I am also on the dinner committee at church and on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 the lady who heads that committee and I went shopping for the groceries needed for that meal.  I know that the weeks leading up to that event that I was seriously stressed, dehydrated, and just not rested.  After unloading the groceries at church, we grabbed a quick bite that we had purchased on our way home and then each of us went home.  I had just got home, grabbed some sunflower seeds and my diet coke and headed to my swing.  I got seated and felt an all too familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach.  It has happened numerous times over the years and I always chalked it up to something I ate or anxiety.  Well this time it didn't go away and my heart was beating about 175 times per minute.  I called Ritzy and asked him to stay on phone with me til he got home in case I passed out.  Our neighbors viewing was also that night at 6.  I felt like i needed to be there for my sister-in-law. So.....we went even tho I wasn't feeling right. Well after the viewing ended at 8 my family wanted to go to the church to practice the songs that were going to be sung, i did NOT feel up to it but went anyways.  I still had to get the music together for my to play before and after the service.  I ended up laying down at midnight and getting up at 6 the next morning.  Had to be at church at 7:30 to start lunch for family.  All this time I felt like I could not let the family down.  I don't know how I did it but I got to sleep that night and woke up to the same thing the next morning. Well the day came and went and fast forward to July 4, 2015---I am still having the fast heartbeat and after coming home from mom and dads after lunch....I tell Ritzy that he is going to have to take me to the ER. 
We get there and no meds they give me will slow the heart rate.  One of the people back there casually says.....well, your heart is in AFIB.......WHAT?!?! this may be casual to you but to me it is a shock!!!!
I spend the next 4 days in the hospital, monitoring my BP, heart rate, get started on blood thinners.  My whole life just changed.......They finally had to transfer me to Tulsa St. John's to shock my heart back into normal rhythm.  All this was very scary for me.  I had to have Ritzy be with me all the time, I was afraid to be alone for almost a month, and when he couldn't a friend or relative would come stay with me or I would go to their house.
2 months have passed and I am finally beginning to feel like "me" again after getting used to the new medicines I have to take.  All this time I could not have the boys over and that broke my heart.  Ritzy and I finally let them stay last saturday night.  I missed a whole month of church. 
I am still trying to get this under control by learning to eat the right foods, drinking enough water, no more caffeine, starting to get exercise, keep losing the weight.  Things that are good for my heart.
At times I admit  it is still scary.  But  I trust God to get me through.
Not the Fourth of July I had imagined, with that Ritzywife out.....................................