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(sourdough cinnamon rolls)
Here it is 10:30 pm and these are just out of the oven.  I made some the other night and this afternoon after returning home from lunch and shopping with my daughter and mom, I decided to make some more.  They are sooooo good!!!!  I have a sourdough starter  that I keep on the cabinet and ready to bake with at anytime....
Ritzy and I are eating some of them now.  They are delicious!!!  He has only ate 4 of them, so far, haha!!!  The poor son just got home from work a little while ago.  I put his supper (BLT's) in the fridge.   He has eaten them but said he did not want any rolls.  That kid must be tired!!!!!!!
I did have a very good day, visiting with mom and the daughter,  we look forward to meeting every Wednesday. 
The weather here in Oklahoma has been perfect----sunny skies, light winds, moderate temps.  I say we deserve it after that scorcher of a summer we had. 
Ritzy has been burning a fire in the firepit in the evening.  It is so soothing to sit there on the patio in the swing  and listen to and watch the fire. 
A friend that I have not seen in a long time is supposed to come by tomorrow while on her visit to Oklahoma.  It is going to be wonderful to catch up........
It's time to get the son's workclothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer......
With that Ritzywife is out.....................
(there better be some cinnamon rolls on that cabinet in the morning!)

Ritzywife's "Soapbox"

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Well, sometimes I just have to "vent" a little.  This time the subject is those who have the mindset of  "all about me".......While we need to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually it is never supposed to be "all about me".......
This is a hard lesson to learn, not fun either, but we must learn it if we ever want to be happy in this life.  We make decisions in this life and then we better be prepared to deal with the consequences of those decisions.  Something goes wrong or things don't turn out as we planned and we want to "bail".
The correct order is God first, others second and me last.......when we do things right everything else seems to fall in to place, not by chance mind you but because we have put things in their respective order.  If we don't realize this little fact and decide anyways to  make it always "all about me" when we get old no one will be around, because we didn't take the time or effort to "invest" in them.  I don't know about anyone else but I cannot think of anything worse than being alone, and no one caring whether I was alive or dead.
That is why we make the effort to love our families and friends.  Yes, sometimes it might be hard but our responsibility ( because of the choices we have made)  is to love them and show them we care about them.  Also, if our kids are still at home-- to make our kids feel that there is NOWHERE safer to be than at home with their parents and that their parents are together on EVERYTHING, and always will be there for them................
You might wonder why in the world I would write something like this, but sometimes a person just sees things going on around them in their family or friends lives and wonders how or why it ever got to this point. 
We would all come out better in the end if we could just remember that it is NOT "all about me" !!!

Now that I am thru "venting" I can go on to other things.  I baked more breads today:

sourdough english muffins
sourdough loaves
They turned out pretty good.  While they were on the last rise the son came in and asked why I never made sweetbreads like cinnamon swirl.....told him I didn't know.  I thought well - I have some cinnamon/sugar mixture in the cabinet, I'll just try something.  The loaves on the right have caraway seeds on them and I had a plain loaf in a loaf pan, which is the bread on the left.  I got the sugar mixture and put it all around the loaf in the pan and on top of the loaf also. 
It came out really good.  As it was cooling, the son asked if he could cut it and I said it really should cool  more but go ahead.  He ate a piece and said -"This won't be around very long ;-)"
I tasted it and it was really good!
Guess I will be making some more of that......

After baking the bread, Ritzy and I had a birthday party to attend.  Today is one of our Great-Niece's birthdays.  She turned 1 year old.  When she was born last year she was 10 weeks early and her mama had brain surgery the same day.  It was a scary time for all. It was decided the day before  to go ahead and deliver the baby and immediately do brain surgery on her mama ( my niece) because of problems the tumor was causing.......Today, a year later,  that little girl is doing just fine, and her mama is doing fine also.  My niece still has a few more months of chemotherapy left,  but things look really good for now.
This hasn't been without it's ups and downs and my niece and her family still need our prayers!!!!!!!
Any time "cancer" is involved it is hard on everyone.........
Even thru all of this we still  praise God for this miracle in our family!!!!
God Bless my niece, her husband, and those 4 precious kids!!

Ritzywife out...........................................

Busy Day......

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Today the daughter, her boyfriend, my mom, sister-in-law, nephew and I all met at Olive Garden for lunch.  Had a good time eating and visiting.  The rain from Tropical Storm Hermine started here in Oklahoma.... sure is wet out there.  Keeping that in mind, Before meeting at Olive Garden, I had to stop at Best Buy to pick up Season 6 of The Office for the son.  Being the good mom that I am I got out of the truck (in the rain) and walked to the store.  In my head thoughts of the cement being slick were going on so I was "watching my step"  I made it inside the store and must not have wiped all the "wet" off my shoes cause when my right foot hit the cement floor, the foot just kept going and Ritzywife's buttcheeks kissed the floor.  It was one of those "Geez, I sure hope no one saw that" kind of fall.  I'm sure they did tho, probably got it on tape to watch and laugh over and over.  The young man greeting everyone came over and asked to help and I told him I was fine.  I proceeded to get up and go get what I came in for, that darn blu-ray........I just stood there laughing at myself.  You know I have figured out that if you can't laugh at yourself, you are in pretty sad shape.  I do have a feeling that I am gonna be sore in the morning tho.  Have already took a couple of ibuprofin before bedtime. 
I told the son what had happened tonight and I could see him snicker.  I told him that I literally went thru "hell and high water" to get that darn blu-ray and he had better enjoy it ;-)
Got home and took a short nap before starting a pot of chili for church supper tonight.  I made it in my new enameled french oven.  I love this new pan.  It makes cooking fun and is so easy to clean up. 
Chili sure tasted good!!!!  Ritzy has some for his lunch tomorrow.  I sure am glad he doesn't mind taking left-overs for his lunches at work. 
Tomorrow is the daughter's 24th birthday.   Hope she has a good one. 
Watching the rain on the radar on tv.  looks like it's gonna get pretty wet around here (callin' for 3-6 inches).  I usually prefer sunny weather but we need this rain so bad that I am grateful it's here.   It looks like the HOT weather is gone for this season!!!!!! Come on Fall!!!!!
With that said, Ritzywife is out................

What A Beautifiul Day!!!!

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 Today was perfect.  It's one of those days that you think are never gonna happen after going thru all this hot weather in the summer.  The temperature was  in the
70's and low wind, and not a cloud in sight.   
The only thing wrong with today was-I had to get up early to go with Ritzy to a Dr.'s appointment.  I made up for it  tho cause later in the afternoon I grabbed a nap. 
Made beans and cornbread for supper.  After eating, Ritzy and I spent the evening outside just enjoying the weather and each other's company.  Earlier in the afternoon he had started a fire in the burn pit.  We just sat there in the swing, watching the fire. 
This afternoon I got all my Fall Decorations out.  Decorated the yard and inside the house.  Springtime is still my favorite time of year, but I do love the colors of Fall.  I can hardly believe Labor Day weekend is about here.  The past year sure has flown by.  
Looking forward to Monday and the cookout and fellowship at Mom & Dad's.   It's so fun to watch the little ones play.    Gotta love that bar-b-que too!!  The daughter told me that she asked for chicken.  Just give me some brisket or baby back ribs and I am happy ;-)  She also requested a salad that I make, so I guess I will be getting the ingredients needed for that tomorrow. 
I think I hear my pillow calling...........and with that Ritzywife is out....................