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I ate my supper (dinner) outside tonite. It is pretty decent weather right now so I was enjoying it while I still can, before the hot evenings and mosquitos move in. After eating I walked around the yard and came upon this pretty little egg laying on the ground. It wasn't cracked, I was really surprised.. I took it to my nephew and gave it to him. I just wonder how long it will last with a 6-year old. (ha! ha!) He might surprise me though and take good care of it. We'll see............While there I took little sister outside, we watched brother chase the chickens, poor things. I told him if he scared them they would not lay any eggs ;-) We then went to look at the pigs. Then sister had to wade in their little pool. Where do they get all that energy??????????
I also tried to go fishing earlier today. I bought a new fish basket, some stringers, some tackle, some line to put on those new fishing reels, a new minnow bucket. It seems Ritzy probably did some "cleaning" and tossed some of my fishing stuff. You see , he is not a fisherman. Even I cannot believe I married someone who doesn't fish. One of these days I will have him fishing...... I catch, clean and cook them. He has it made.......... After buying all this I decided to drive to the place where I always fish. Well let's just say there was no way "anybody" was getting there. You see, with all the rain we have received the past few days the lake has come right back up.......... I got about halfway down there and had to turn around. Glad I didn't spend that money on those minnows ;-)
I drove across the lake where people were fishing on the road and they didn't look like they were doing any good either. So I came back home, took my "stuff" back in the house and sat outside and enjoyed the afternoon. At least now if I ever get to go, everything will be ready..........
Ritzy called and if everything went as planned he should be on his way back into Iraq. He is so ready to have this deployment over. Not as much as I am tho!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow is a busy day for me. Day to pay bills, buy groceries, run errands..........
I had better get rested up, sure am glad I only have to do that twice a month!!!!!

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