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Most of us lead such a busy life that we just need to slow down and rest sometimes. That is exactly what I tried to do today. After attending church, I went to Mom & Dad's to eat lunch with my family. The menu today was barbecue chicken wings, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, biscuits, salad, and for dessert - turtle brownies. Great job Mom & Dad!!!! I am so thankful that at least part of our family is able to get together every Sunday for a meal and enjoy visiting each other. We have a great time. After eating a meal like that, all a person wants to do is rest.........but not for me........ That 7 year old great-nephew came home with me which meant no nap for you know who today......thats's ok though, he's fun to have around. I like to kid him a lot. Ritzy called while I was outside enjoying the sunshine. He is still sore, but doing ok. I think he is ready for this to heal so he can get back to his old self. I sure miss him!!!!!!

Our pastor is having a shoulder joint replaced in the morning at 9am. My Mom, Sister and I are going to the hospital. That means leaving the house at 7:30am!!!!! Me and the two kids are all going to be getting ready at the same time in the morning. Although we have 2 bathrooms, everyone likes to use the same room to get ready in. This ought to be interesting.....I just know from the way I am feeling right now it sure is going to be hard to get up in the morning......which means I had better go get some rest right now..................

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