Boy's First Haircut

Posted by: cheryl

Well the daughter finally did it.  She took Braedy & Calvin to get their first haircut.  They were 2 years old in February.  I must admit it did change their looks.  They now look like little boys instead of  babies/toddlers.  But...they are soooooo handsome!!!!!  Ni-maw thinks so anyway...
Here's a look:

                                                      Braedy & Calvin
They are growing up so fast.  It amazes me how much they pick up on and how much they know at only 2 years of age.  Their little minds are constantly going....that is until they crawl up into Ni-maw's lap and go to sleep.  And on that long as they still thinks it's "cool" to crawl up into this Ni-maw's lap... she is gonna let them ;-)
Today - June 6, 2014 -  is my Mom & Dad's 56th Anniversary.  I am so blessed to have them as parents and to have them here so long.  As a child and young adult I always prayed for them - that they would be able to live long enough to enjoy their retirement years.  They both worked hard to provide for us and raise us in a loving home, although we didn't really have any idea what that entailed until we got families of our own.   I'm not saying we didn't have differences sometimes but we always knew the love & support was there.  I believe that love and stability in a home is the most important thing a person can give their kids and grandkids.    To always know there is a safe place to be or go  is a both blessing and a need that we all have.
My fishing this year is not at all what I had hoped.  It was terrible.  I don't know if it was because the weather was not quite right or if the water level in the lake was lower than normal, but the crappie did not come up into the creek to spawn.  They are doing it in deeper water which means a boat is necessary to get to them.
I did catch a few (very few), most were given to me.  Just enough to have a couple of "messes" to fry up and eat.  They sure were delicious!!  Oh well, there's always next year.........But I have a brother that I can bum some off of.....maybe.... if I can get him to feel sorry for me,  (his oldest sister), haha!!
Well I guess that's about it for now... Ritzywife out.....................................