A Better Day....

Posted by: cheryl

Today sure started out better than yesterday, no broken candles, no wrong parts, not as much running around........It was busy enough though.. Mom & I made another trip to Tulsa to visit our pastor, I really should say former pastor because he has just retired at the age of 76. He was recuperating very well after his surgery. He gets to go home tomorrow because he is doing so well. That was good to see. We were finally able to eat that lunch at Cracker Barrel today and I was able to use the gift card that the son got me for Mother's Day. I sure had fun trying to decide what to get ;-) The daughter put in her request of a chicken dorito casserole for supper so after stopping and getting the ingredients for that we headed home. Got home just in time to make it for supper. I had forgotten how easy it was to make and how good it tastes. yummmmmm!!!!! I ate my supper outside, it was so peaceful, I loved it. My neice was here and we got to visit a while. I talked to Ritzy at noon and of course I was at the Cracker Barrel when he called and this was the second day in a row I was somewhere running around when he called. He asked if that was all I did now, and I told him it just happens sometimes ;-) His follow-up appointment was today and he said that everything was healing the way it is supposed to. He has another appointment next Tuesday . I guess it will be decided then about when he will return to Iraq. He better enjoy this "time off" while he can. Although, it's kind of hard to enjoy the time your are off when you are recovering from surgery........ I know....I have gone thru 2 surgeries in my lifetime and it sure isn't fun.... Yea!!!! the only thing I have to do tomorrow is go to mid-week church tomorrow nite..............I keep looking at the weather for the weekend, trying to see if it is going to rain on Memorial Day....I should know by now that it usually does, but maybe we will get lucky this year and it will stay dry......I reckon this is enough "thinking" for one day.. don't want to overwork that poor little brain, you know ;-)

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