Almost Spring.................

Posted by: cheryl

I can hardly wait.  Everything is getting so green and some of the early Spring flowers and trees are blooming.  I love it!
I have had a Dr. appt since last post.  My cardiologist talked to me about what the Holter monitor showed.  Svt's......he said that could be taken care of with another ablation.  I asked him about having afib plus svt's.  he informed me that the Svt's were the probable cause of the afib.  I told him to go for it.  Well I am scheduled for the ablation on March 30th, will spend night in hospital and go home on March birthday........I told the nurse that was just fine because I want to get this taken care of......I have been doing better..still feel the extra beats but not nearly as bad as before.
Little Dawson is doing great too.  He is crawling everywhere.  It is so fun watching him.  He loves hearing Ritzywife/Ni-maw sing.  Always brings a smile to his face and to my heart.  When I am talking to his mom on the phone she says he is waiting for me to sing to him.  I love it!!!!
The boys are loving pre-school.  They are becoming young men.  They turned 5 at the end of February. their birthday Ritzy and I got them each a Galaxy Tablet and I am thinking that was a very good investment.  It settles them down for a while when mama needs a break  plus they learn so much.  Thumbs up Ni-maw!
Dawson's 1st birthday will be here in May.  I already have his gifts taken care of. 
Hope he likes them ;-)
I haven't started fishing yet.  Waiting on the water temperature to warm up a bit.  This ablation is bad timing for fishing but I want it done.....I'm sure I will get some fish one way or another.....
It's beautiful outside today and I am going to try to spend as much time as possible out there.  I hate cold cloudy days, which we have had a lot of since the first of the month.  Everyone have a great day!
Ritzywife out....................................