FALL 2014

Posted by: cheryl

Ready or not - Fall has arrived.  For me it is both a sad and a happy time of the year.  It's sad to see the leaves fall from the trees, the plants turn colors and the garden  stop producing.  To me the saddest thing is knowing in a few weeks the trees will be bare and the daylight hours will be fewer.  
What I love about it is the many colors that start showing.  God's creation is beautiful in each season if we will only look for it!!
Ritzy and I have started enjoying  our pit fire each evening now that the weather is cooler.  I don't know what it is - but there is just something awesome about sitting outdoors by a quiet, warm relaxing fire  in the evening.  Kinda  gets rid of the stress of the day.

Speaking of time passing.....can ya believe this ?!?
 Those two grandsons are riding those bikes that our friends bought them when they were only a few months old.  They found them at a garage sale and could not pass them up..  The daughter and I were talking about the bikes the other day before I left and I told her they should be about ready to ride them.  They were on their tricycles at the time ( and apparently listening to our conversation)..  Well I left and stopped at Sonic to get me a tea to drink and she calls and says "Mom, you are not gonna believe this"....she goes on to say that after I left....Calvin parks his tricycle and goes and gets on one of the bikes and just starts riding.  Braedy, seeing his brother...of course follows suit.  I told her that I was gonna have to come back and see "this".  Well here they are and they know they are doing something special.  They were having a ball.  so....I guess the next items on Ni-maw's list of  'Things to get the grandsons'  are --  knee pads, elbow pads and helmets, hahaha!!!
I sure hope they wait a while before they start popping wheelies!!!
That's about it for now, Ritzywife out..............................................................................