Aren't These Beautiful??

Posted by: cheryl

Tomrrow is Mother's Day. My daughter came in the dining room carrying these. I really like them. I just had to take a picture. My neice always makes me, her mom and granny our corsages. I recieved mine tonite. It sure is pretty. Can't wait to wear it to church tomorrow. It seems that while I was napping this afternoon there was severe weather to the east. One town , Picher in NE Oklahoma was destroyed. that's too bad. There were people who lost their lives also. I always hate hearing that. God be with their families. We just missed the bad weather since it formed to our east. I can't believe I slept thru it all. The wind is blowing pretty good outside right now. This weather here in Oklahoma sure has been strange these past few years. About the weather----I usually go fishing about 1 mile west in a little creek. The crappie come in there to lay their eggs. Of course I bought my fishing license and now I can't go because the Oologah Lake has been up way too high because of all the rain we have recieved this spring. It had just started down and here comes more rain.......This year the weather did not warm up long enough for the water to get the right temperature for the fish to come in and spawn anyways. It kept getting warm for a few days and then really cool off.... I have a nephew who brings some catfish by once in a while for me. I don't mind cleaning them....I told him to tell his Dad (my brother) I sure could use some crappie. They go fishing in their boat a lot.... When I was growing up my Dad said he would only take us fishing if we baited our own hook, got the fish off the hook and helped clean I am ususally the one in our home who does the fishing, cleans and cooks them. Ritzy has it made ;-) That's ok though because I love to go fishing and I love to eat 'em........It's about time for the catfish to start biting along the road that crosses the lake. I don't know how the lake being up so high is going to affect the catfishing this year. Last year because of all the rain, this lake got to within a couple hundred yards from our house. The elevation of the lake was a little over 661 which is above the flood pool and our house is at 668 feet . I believe that is the highest I have ever seen it and I have lived here for a long time. If the rain doesn't stop it is well on it's way again. How I got from flowers to fishing who knows,,,,,,,, but those are my thoughts for this day anyways........

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