Water Everywhere!!

Posted by: cheryl

I was wondering what my thoughts for the day would be about because it was a pretty uneventful day. Cloudy and rainy for the most part. I had been checking the radar off and on all day to keep up with the movement of the rain. As I was getting ready to leave for church I saw that we could get "some" rain before I returned home. Well church was over and someone said there was a bad storm on the way so people left in a hurry, but not me.....I just had to stay and talk to some friends and then we heard it......Rain was falling hard and fast. We thought it would stop in a few minutes but no.......after 45 minutes I decided to go ahead and "tough it" and leave. Oh my Gosh!!! I had to walk about 20 ft. in the rain to my truck at the church and about another 25 ft in it once I arrived home. You have heard the term "drowned rat"......let's just say I now know what one feels and looks like. I had to walk in about 6 inches of water all the way to my back door. I listened to the TV and our area had received between 4-5 inches in less than 1 hour. WOW!!!! I have never seen that much rain in so little time. Would be OK with me to not ever see it fall like that again. Tomorrow, I am going to have to check those tomato and pepper plants I planted this last week and make sure they are still in the ground and not washed away. I heard the weather man say that here the next week things are supposed to return to "normal"..... After going thru 2 years of drought and then the last 2 years have been very wet, I am not sure what "normal" is anymore here in Oklahoma......... ;-)

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