Just One of Those Days......I guess

Posted by: cheryl

Today started out really early for me. My mom, sister and I had to go to Tulsa to the hospital for a friend's surgery, mom and sister had to run a couple of errands, and we were going to stop and eat lunch before returning home. This morning while everyone was getting ready at my house, I was at a table and my son grabbed a gatorade out of the refrigerator and put in on the table where I was, but it didn't stay where he put it, it slid over and knocked that pretty candle he had gotten me for Mother's Day off and broke it. We just kind of looked at each other and said "oops"........later after arriving at the hospital around 8 am because the surgery was supposed to start at 9 am, the family told us they took him at 8, so we were thinking hey we might get out of here early..........wrong!!!!! When the phone in the waiting room rang at 11:30 they had called to let everyone know that he was just now going into surgery. We thought well here goes the afternoon ;-) At 2 pm we finally left because mom had to get back home with a tractor part she was picking up for dad. So......no lunch.....Arrived home around 4pm, so I started cooking supper . Mom called at 5 and said she was on her way back to Tulsa,( which is 50 miles away) because they had given her the wrong part, and if she was lucky she would get there by closing time which was 6 pm.........What a day!!!!

I fixed supper, we ate, and while cleaning the kitchen, I saw the son go outside not thinking anything about it and in he walks with a brand new candle just like the one he broke this morning.....I said how did you do that?!? He had his cousin pick it up on his way home from work. I thought that was about the sweetest thing he could have ever done.............and told him so....Like I have said before, these kids sure can surprise you once in a while.... It's only 7:20 and I am tired and ready for bed!!!!! Mom called and informed me that she and I are going back to Tulsa tomorrow to visit our Pastor, who had the surgery, because we could not see him today. I just hope we aren't planning on leaving as early as we did today. Gee I only got a half a bowl of oatmeal and NO coffee down by the time Mom stopped by to get me this morning.......At least let me have my coffee ;-) Hubby has a follow-up appointment in the morning. I hope it goes well. I don't know if he will call right after his appointment or not, which will be midnight Oklahoma time.....It's always ok for him to call anytime he wants........I could stand to be what some people would call "bored" for a while..............wouldn't bother me a bit ;-) Ritzy, if you ever get a chance to read this : I love you and I sure do miss you!!!!!!!!!!

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