Busy. Busy. Busy.....

Posted by: cheryl

Since the last post, that's how it has been around here.
We all finally got over whatever it was we all  had.  The boys finished Pre-K and will be starting Kindergarten in a month......where has the summer break gone????
I did not get to even go fishing because the lake flooded and it is just now back to normal.
I have been trying to recover from all the things brought on by my ablation from last November.  I am finally starting to feel like Ni-maw/Ritzywife.....I just have to watch it and not become overly stressed or tired.
My Dr. and I decided it was time to get me off the Lexapro that I have been on for the last 10 years.  I started taking it because of the so called "panic attacks"  I was having.  We have since realized those were a-fib episodes and not panic at all.  I have been taking half of a pill for almost a month.  He said I could probably stop by the time of my next appointment which is this coming Monday.  That is just fine with me.  The less medication, the better......plus i have read that anti-depressants can cause arrhythmia so I am glad to soon be off this.
Our garden had a lot to be desired this year.  Nothing produced.  Ritzy and I were talking about getting the soil tested......maybe it is worn out......or................starting a new garden spot to let that area rest.  Thank goodness for good neighbors that give us some of their bounty.  A couple of them gave us some onions and cucumbers.  I just sliced some of each and put vinegar on them.  They are in the refrigerator now............a cousin sends home zucchini with the son.   gonna bake some in the oven tonight....yum......
Ritzy and I are hoping to be able to start building a new house in the coming months.  It will be on the same land the current house is on..... just further up the hill because of better drainage there.
I have the plan drawn up and my brother is figuring out all the materials needed.
It will be a family affair.  The only thing we don't do is pour and finish the slab.
Nothing fancy or huge.  I don't do fancy..... and years ago when I cleaned houses I realized that the more house you have---the more you have to clean :-)
 I took Braedy and Calvin to see Spiderman yesterday.  It was a surprise, they didn't know I was even coming over.     I always take a goodie bag for each of them.....WE had a good time.....the movie was about over and I heard Calvin crying and looking under his seat.  I got him, calmed him down and asked what was wrong, well... he had lost his beef jerky...........I told him not to worry cause Ni-maw had extra.   That made everything ok again ;-)
Took them to Whataburger then home.  I stayed and watched the three boys while mama mowed the lawn.
Luckily I had put chicken in the crock pot before I left and there wasn't much to do to finish supper when I got back home.......
I am taking it easy today,, as you can tell..............
Ritzywife out.......................................................