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Today.... July 30, 2014 .... marks 31 years that Ritzy and I have been married.  It has been a time of delight, sorrow, amazement, wonder, but mostly a time of loving God and  each other and being there for each other.
I cannot believe how  time seems to fly/drag by at different stages in life.  When Ritzy was still in the national guard and deployed in the homeland twice and overseas once....the time seemed to drag on and other times the time just flew.  Oh you don't necessarily notice it daily, but when you take a moment and think in terms of months or years...where did it go??
31 years ago Ritzy and I held our ceremony on  my Aunt & Uncle's covered patio.  I wanted a simple outdoor ceremony. They also lived next door which made it very convenient.. I had played the piano in several fancy church weddings and I was ready for something different.  My mom sang and I even played the piano for my own wedding.  I had "taped"  all the music on cassette (I am telling my age), and the ceremony was perfect.  I have seen where hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars are spent on the dress alone.  We spent about $200 total on this wedding.  My dress was one I found in the Sears catalog with a cost of $25.00.  It was perfect for me.  It did and does not matter how much or little you spend,, what matters is your level of commitment to God and each other!!!  You have made a choice..now stick with it....and, I might add.....if your relationship with God is where it is supposed to be, then your relationship with your spouse will be where it needs to be!!!!
 It had been a hot July and this day was no different but about 2-3 hours before the ceremony a cold front came thru with a little bit of rain which cooled the temps down to where they were in the 70's.  God is so good!!!
 The blessings that have followed are:   a son, a daughter, a son-in-law and two precious grandsons!!!

Braedy & Calvin

Here is where the time is flying....these little boys are almost 2 1/2 years old.  They look so grown up.  I love spending time with them.  They love "Ni-maw's/Ritzywife's" house.  They always say---go to ni-maw's house????  and if I am over at their house....they, especially Braedy comes to me and says with such a serious look ---ni-maw no go home.  Melts my heart!!  But......as much as they love me, when Ritzy or "P-pa" is around, it's like Ritzywife is yesterday's news.  They do love Ritzy and love being around him.  He is always letting them just follow him around  and also taking them next door to the bait/convenience store to get ice cream.  The owner, who is a good friend of ours, told Ritzy when they were only a few months old to bring them over for ice cream anytime. They love it!!
Ritzy and I may not have much else to invest ......but we certainly have the time and love to invest in our kids and grandkids....... and  I believe those two things are the most important investments a person can make.    We all, especially children, have a desire to know that someone loves them and wants to spend time with them.
Ritzy........I love you and look forward to our future!!!!
Ritzywife out............................................................