~~~~~A Blur~~~~~

Posted by: cheryl

Yup, that's what this past week has been.  Don't really  know why, but it just has.  I still don't know fully what is going on with my neice and her brain tumor returning.  My sister has finished all her treatment and she is doing great.   Matt is fine after rolling that work truck.  Ritzy has been working hard all week.  He mowed the yard and did some garden work today.  My cousin, who lives next door thinned out her strawberries and brought me some "starts" of the plants.  Ritzy built a raised "bed" for them this afternoon and has already planted them.  I worked with my new embroidery machine for most of the day.  It sure is fun, but it takes a lot of concentration to design the patterns I want to sew.  This evening we fired up the Weber grill and cooked some fresh garden veggies and some rib eye steaks.  The steaks had been marinating in the refrigerator since about 2pm this afternoon.  The food was wonderful!!!!!
I have finished studying my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow and am now taking some personal time before going to bed.  Ritzy is watching "The Green Hornet" on tv.  Talk about cheesy.....hehehe!!!!!
We are having "Family Night" at church tomorrow night.  It's gonna be hot, but fun.
I could really "go" for a Coke float right now, but I know better.......I would NEVER get to sleep, it's just not worth it......ahh, the joys of getting older...... hmmm ;-)
That's about all I have for now....Ritzywife out..................

Well........The Day Started Out Good.....

Posted by: cheryl

We had a wonderful day until about 5:30 this evening.  My sister, sister-in-law, niece, her 4 kids, my mom and I visited my daughter for most of the day.  We ate lunch and watched a movie together at her house.
 My sister has had to go to Tulsa every day this week for radiation treatments twice a day.  She had a lumpectomy about a month ago.  Things are going very well for her.  My sister-in-law has been going with her.  Today was my daughter's day off and she wanted me and "granny" to come down for a visit.  Well, I said we would but my niece ( my sister's who is taking radiation) daughter could not be left alone at home.  So....... we would just all come down for a visit.  My niece is the one who was diagnosed with brain cancer 2 years ago.  Things were going well until last Thursday when she had a couple of bad spells and was rushed to the hospital.  there was some swelling in her brain and we were all given a dose of reality.  She sees her doctor and surgeon tomorrow.
 It came time for the sister to leave to take her second treatment today and everyone left except for the neice's 2 oldest kids and I.  We stayed for a while, let the kids play and  we left for home.  fast forward to 5:30 pm.
I had just walked in the door, grabbed some bacon and started frying it  for BLT's when my cell phone rang.  It was the son and the first words out of his mouth were "Mom, I have some bad news".......He proceeded to tell me that he had had a blowout and rolled his work truck about a mile north of Talala. I told him I would call my dad and uncle ( his bosses).   How he came out of it with hardly a scratch and some bits of glass in his hair is beyond me.   I turned off the fire, left everything on the cabinet and told Ritzy he could take the kids home and I was going to see our son. 
When I arrived, the truck was pretty banged up, all the contents from the bed  were laying beside of the road and the brand new ac (air conditioning) unit that he had just picked up in Tulsa was sitting beside the road and both rear tires of the truck were blown.  Matt was doing ok, he was talking to the medic.  
Needless to say, the ac unit as Dad said was "toast"..........My uncle told me to take Matt to an emergency room to get checked out.  We left the scene and drove BACK (for me) to Owasso to St. John's.  We were there just a short time before we were ready to go.  I was impressed!!!
While all this was going on, I was also thinking about tomorrow, because I was supposed to be taking my niece to her doctor's appointments.  Well, it was about 10:00pm ( we were at McDonald's finally getting supper)  when she called to let me know that her mother-in-law was going to take her, because she wasn't sure when I would be back home, and I might be too tired.
Ritzy and I were supposed to have left for Wisconsin yesterday.....but, with the niece's problems arising I decided I may be needed here and...............I have had an uneasy feeling about leaving for the past week or so.  I CAN tell you this...that if I had gotten that call while away, I would have been a basket case, which I proceeded to tell Ritzy and my kids. 
You never know what is in store for the day......all we can do is handle what comes our way the best we can..............and with that Ritzywife is out!

Time Sure Slips Away

Posted by: cheryl

I looked at my last post and it was almost a month ago..........geez, where does the time go?!?

I've been busy fishing, being a housewife and mother, taking care of church business and so on....
As I was sitting here at my computer I suddenly realized that tomorrow was June 8th.......The reason I almost panicked is that tomorrow is our son's (firstborn) 27th birthday. WOW!!!  Again I have to ask "Where the heck does the time go?"
Our garden is doing well, my flowers are looking great....but this dry weather we are having is not good.  We are needing some rain and I am not sure when it will come.  It has been unseasonably hot so far here in Oklahoma.  Gee, you just never know what to expect when it comes to the weather..........Ritzy and I are going to Wisconsin next week and right now it is in the 90's up there.... I sure hope it cools back down to normal temps before we get there. 
My fishing is done for the year.  The crappie have spawned and are now in deeper water.  I ended up doing pretty well.  Got lots of fish in the freezer and had all we could eat while fishing....even gave some away.  I am going to take some up to Wisconsin with us and show them Northerner's how to cook fish and hushpuppies. hahaha!!!!
Well, its past 10 pm and I still haven't had my bath so I had better go...Ritzywife out..................