Nice Sunset.....

Posted by: cheryl

This is what I saw tonite looking out my dining room window as the sun was setting. My son came in and asked for my camera, he took the picture.

We had just finished mowing the lawn and weed eating.

All that after a very busy day for me, him too, I'm guessing, since he works at my Dad's Heat & Air business and they are really busy this time of year. In fact Dad just called and told me to tell the boy that they are all going to have to work a few hours tomorrow. They hardly ever work on Saturdays. We mowed tonite because there is a "chance" for rain tomorrow and Sunday. I told the boy when he got home that we were not taking any chances, the lawn was getting mowed tonite. Well anyways, it's done and I don't have to worry about it at least 'til next week, haha!!!!

Ritzy called earlier in the day and he has arrived at Camp Bucca.....he was glad to be back....I am so thankful that we can talk every day. I love hearing his voice.............

Tomorrow is my Dad's 71st birthday. I called my Mom, brother and sisters and we are all going to just show up Mom & Dad's at 6:00 tomorrow nite for a "surprise" birthday cookout and party for Dad. I bought all the fixin's today, my sister is making the cake and the other sister and brother are bringing chips or pop. You see Dad knows about the "suprise" anniversary party in a couple of weeks, but he knows nothing about his own birthday party tomorrow. We are just going to have hamburgers and hot dogs, chips, pop, tea, birthday cake and ice cream...........sounds like fun ;-)

We like to eat and have fun together.........can you tell???????

I guess after all that running around today, I can take it easy's about time!!!!

Both kids have to work, so it will be a quiet Saturday at my house...........which I am very much looking forward to.......although I do have to close out the books for our church since it is the last day of the month. I do the monthly report, and that in itself is an all day "job" sometimes. It shouldn't take over a couple of hours this time though. I have heard that before ;-)

I am ready to call it a day........later..............................

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