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Not much thinking going on today. Been too busy. Had to do some running around for the daughter. I guess even tho they are grown, they still need ( and probably always will ) our help once in a while. You see she closed out a bank account about a week ago and opened up a new one in a new bank--before she thought about those rebate checks coming soon. Soooooooo, I had to open up her old account in the old bank -- which was only 40 miles away, "oh well mom never has anything to do" is what she thinks. I keep thinking and Ritzy keeps asking "are they ever going to leave the nest?!? She had moved out but is back, the boy has never left and it doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon. But I am ok with that for now since hubby is gone, I would not like to be here alone, don't misunderstand, i like my alone times but i certainly don't want it all the time. I keep telling my kids if they don't start their families soon, me and their dad are going to be too old to babysit. The grandkids will be babysitting us ;-)....Ritzy tells me that some of his friends are reading this,,, to them i would like to say "Hi" &... well, i would appreciate it if you all would keep an eye on him for me,.......make sure he is behaving himself ;-) ...hmmm after writing this it looks like there was more thinking going on up there than i expected. have a good day !!

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