I'm Still Here

Posted by: cheryl

Gee, things got a little busy around here.  I have been fishing, babysitting, taking care of the home, well, you get the picture....and.....I started going to a salon that has toning tables with my mom.  I started because I thought those tables would help stretch my back and stop some of the pain I have been experiencing since my 2 falls last year.  They do help me get limbered up and feel good too.  The only thing is-----it sure is a LOT of running around and that is just not for me.  We are expecting that 3rd grandson in 2 weeks or less.  Now there is some running around I am looking forward to ;-)
His older brothers have been keeping me (Ni-maw) busy too.  We have had so much fun playing, watching tv, and just goofing off together.
Back to the fishing.............I haven't really caught that many this year.....the lake has come up due to rain, the temp of the water was not exactly right for the spawn.  But that doesn't mean we have not ate our fill of crappie.  My brother or nephew would call and tell me they had anywhere between 8-20 fish at a time that they did not want to clean on any given night and I would tell them to drop them off.  Sometimes it would be right after my shower, but that didn't stop me from cleaning those fish and then taking another shower, haha!!!
Here is a bucket of fish my brother left me on one Saturday morning......Calvin is holding the fish and Braedy is just not sure he wants any part of it, haha!!

 If accepted, these two will start pre-school this next fall.  I am not sure Ni-maw is ready for that.  They are smart little "cookies".   They were telling me their ABC's the other day and counting to 10.
About these two...........We were driving to Ni-maw's the other day and there were railroad workers repairing the railroad going thru Oologah and the boys asked what they were doing and I proceeded to tell them they were replacing the "ties" and rock so the train would stay on track.  They asked why it was called a railroad and I told them that was the road for the train and it was made with rails so the train could go over it.  I then told them there was a song about working on the railroad.  Well, I taught them the whole song and they love it.  In fact, the daughter said they sing it all the time.  She said "thanks mom".......
We get to the "dinah won't you blow" part and Calvin and Braedy both say -  "Ni-maw, this is my favorite part".....(I love it)!!!!  When we are together you can bet we are going to be singing that song 5-6 times at least...haha!!
Geez, I have a lot of "stuff" to get done today so I recon I will catch you later.
Ritzywife out....................................