Been Busy!!!!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

The past couple of weeks have been very busy. Last week I started redoing my bathroom. I just finished tonite. I love the way it turned out. Put up "beadbord" wallpaper and country bath border. Painted the closets dark blue with coffee trim. Put tiles around tub. But first I had to take off the old ceramic tiles. Did that tonite. We just finished cleaning our mess up. Ritzy cut and glued the tiles and I put them on the wall. Last weekend the family put a metal roof on our house. Looks good. Now Ritzy gets to paint the gutter. I already have the paint waiting on him. haha!!
I put new border (apples) in my kitchen yesterday. Now all I have to do is put new border in the living room. I am waiting on that to arrive. All this started when I decided to redo our bedroom a couple of months ago. My body is saying (((((enough already))))).....
I cannot beleive it is November already. The weather still feels like summer. I think it is supposed to cool off in a couple of days, tho.
We are planning a trip to Wisconsin with the kids in December, weather permitting.
We have never visited during the "holidays" all these years we have been married. Ritzy was always afraid of having to drive in bad weather. Ritzy, the kids and I discussed this trip as being our Christmas present. You get to a point and receiving "things" doesn't matter near as much as spending time with family. You never know how long you have with them.
My neice has only 2 weeks of her radiation treatment left. She was saying today that on her birthday, November 30, they will be taking an MRI to see the progress of her treatments. I told her it would be a wonderful birthday present not to have any of that nasty thing left.
I have gone with her a couple of times to watch the kids while she takes her treatment. It only lasts 10-15 minutes. We just stay in the car and I play with the kiddos.
WOW, I have "nothing" planned for tomorrow. What will I do???????
I'm almost sure something will come up. It always does.....
I'll be giving this body a rest, I guess....sounds good!!!
It is getting late so I better go.
Ritzywife out!