It's Been A While

Posted by: cheryl

I have been quite busy.  I got to thinking about the last time I posted and could not believe it's been 3 months already.  A lot has happened in 3 short months.
In July, Ritzy's mom was not doing well so we made a quick unexpected trip to Appleton, WI. The day we got there we stayed with her and decided to spend the night with her.  It was a good decision because she passed just after midnight with Ritzy and I with her.
WE arrived home, got busy again and I had to take another trip to the emergency room because of my afib condition.  stayed in there a couple of days before being cardioverted and sent home.
I have decided that added stress, not drinking enough water and not getting good rest attributes to me having these attacks.
I have since got my cpap machine, it seems to be working in that i don't feel the tiredness like before.  it's taking some getting used to, but I am doing ok.  The daughter also informed me that I was just gonna be "ni-maw" and not a regular babysitter.  I can't tell you the relief I felt, although I would do it for them.....but I now know it may not be the best choice for me. 
The boys started Pre-K this year and they seem to like it.  I cannot believe how big they are getting.  Little brother is growing like a weed too.  I like to surprise them, by going with their mom to pick them up and taking them out to eat sometimes.
Ritzy is just walking in the door after being gone for the last 8 days.  The Baptist Disaster Releif Kitchen team went to Baton Rouge to help out with efforts going on down there after the historic flooding in Louisiana.
Well I better get off here and visit with Ritzy.........................
til another day......Ritzywife out....................................