Just Another Day

Posted by: cheryl

As I sit here in the dining room and watch the sun set, which is a beautiful one by the way, I think about how the day has gone. Ritzy called this morning,, it's funny , when he calls he is getting ready to shower and go to bed and my day is only starting real good, usually only on my second cup of coffee ;-) I don't know how to explain this feeling I have knowing that he and I aren't even on the same "shift".......sometimes it just bothers me more than usual....don't know why - just does........ makes me feel even more alone......granted a majority of the time things are "ok", but there are still days like today when things are just blah. there are things we want to talk about when he calls but our time is limited so we just cover the most important, one subject being -- "I Love You & Miss You!!!" and "Are you taking care of yourself??"
I going to turn in early tonite, we had severe storms roll thru here between 2 and 3 am this morning, I stayed up to watch. Had a tornado warning for our part of county.... maybe I am just tired and it is catching up with me. The kids are getting ready to go out for the night and I am thinking--- here goes another Friday nite alone. Don't get me wrong, there are times I treasure being alone,,,, but not all the time..... ;-)
I sure will be glad when Ritzy gets back.......He is going to have to have surgery while on this deployment (sometime next week) I guess I probably feel sad because I can't be there for him,,,,,,,all I know is they better take darned good care of him!!! Well the sun is just about gone and it's time to end this day and look forward to what tommorrow might bring.......

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