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That was the sound that woke me up this morning as more thunderstorms rolled across this part of the state. It quit for a very short while,(just long enough for me to get to church) and started storming again while we were having Sunday School. I believe we recieved 2 1/2 inches of rain today in our area. We were lucky though, places southwest of here had wind damage and very bad hail damage. With hail the size of a baseball the auto windshields or anything else in the way didn't stand a chance. This has been one crazy weather year here in NE Oklahoma. Come August though we will all be wishing for some of this rain we are complaining about now. What is it, can we just never be satisfied?????? All I care about is it drying up enough to get my lawn mowed every week. sounds kind of funny, huh???
Don't know why, but I want the yard to look nice.....just ask Ritzy ;-)
He called today while I was eating lunch at Mom & Dad's. We talked while everyone else ate their lunch. By the time I got off the phone everyone was finished eating. So I just sat there by myself and ate while everyone else was clearing the table........haha!!! I don't care, though because that phone call from Hubby is gonna come before anything else!!!! He also called just a few minutes ago. WOW 2 times in one 24 hour period. Made my day!!!!!!
It looks like we could see more rain or storms this week.......oh well, what can you do?????
My fishing plans were just not meant to be, I guess.............unless I want to go in some of these creeks around here and catch some catfish. That's too messy, when I was younger I wouldn't think twice about going, but I find as I get older I am getting pretty picky about everything......Whether that is a good thing, who knows??????

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