Busy Holiday

Posted by: cheryl

This Christmas season has been one of the busiest I have ever experienced.  I thought things were supposed to "slow down" as we get older, just like our bodies do, haha!!!   Not so, I am finding out.  Ever since Thanksgiving it seems I have been going non-stop. 
The daughter and son-in-law left today for home, the son followed to help them transfer stuff from their garage to the storage barn.  Also, to help hang their tv on the wall, and to set up the baby crib.  I was cooking beans and cornbread and the daughter came in my room and said, ahhh you're having beans and cornbread?????  That is one of her favorite meals.  I told her that as soon as her dad got home I could bring the cooked meal to their house and we could all eat together, plus, the two younger guys might need the older guys help, haha!!
We were stopped at Oologah getting gas when the daughter called and asked about a bracelet that someone lost during her wedding in April, she couldn't remember who lost it.  Guess she found it while moving stuff around.........I said, yeah it was mine......My sister had given it to me while I was busy decorating that afternoon and I was so busy that I just put it in the box of decorations.  Well after the wedding decorations were taken down and some discarded I got to looking for that bracelet and could not find it anywhere.   I just assumed that I had thrown it out by mistake and never thought I would see it again.  Well.......I now have that long lost birthday gift.  YIPPEE!!!!!  I called my sister and told her the good news.....she could hardly believe it....I am not gonna let it get away again!!
This family devoured those beans and that cornbread.  What didn't get ate, the daughter wanted for tomorrow.  There wasn't much left, but I gave it all to her.  The guys got the t v hung on the wall while Ritzy sat on the couch and watched.  Keri and I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few items. 
Ritzy and I are now back at home..............alone!!!!!  The son is going to stay there a while to play video games.  It is quiet in Ritzywife's home for now, and I am enjoying it.   I don't want it quiet all the time, mind you........... but sometimes quiet sure sounds good!!
I am thinking about when to take down the Christmas decorations........when the mood strikes is when it will get done and not any sooner.......
It keeps gettting closer to the twin's due date ( if they go to term it is the first week in April), and we are all getting excited.  I just feel for Keri and all she is having to deal with right now.  I have no idea of how uncomfortable she has to be feeling, but it will surely be worth it all to welcome those two precious baby boys into the family.........  My prayer is that she and those babies will stay healthy and have a good delivery.
Don't have any New Year's plans.....we just get together and eat some good food and play games or watch t v at mom's or our house.  New Year's Day we go to Mom & Dad's to eat those black-eyed peas for lunch.
That's about all I can come up with tonite so for now................Ritzywife out!

Almost the New Year

Posted by: cheryl

Well, Christmas 2011 is just a memory now.  We had a wonderful day.  Going to church, then to mom and dad's for lunch and then opening gifts and watching the little ones play. Came home to take a nap then back to mom and dad's to eat leftovers.   Last nite we opened our gifts here at home.  I think everyone was pleased with what Santa brought them. And yes.........according to Ritzywife - there is a Santa!!!!!
I wasn't planning on doing anything today but the son suggested going to Owasso.  I decided to go with him to get a few groceries and see what I could find in the after christmas sales.  I must say, I was very pleased with the bargains I found.  I am set for next year for all my gift-wrapping and decorating needs.  Woo Hoo!!!!
After all the running around these past few days, I am ready to slow down a bit.  I spent the rest of the day cooking dinner, putting some stuff away and finding a place in my kitchen for some of my gifts to "live".  
Watched a movie with the son-in-law and daughter tonite on t.v.   Well it was just the son-in-law and I that finished the movie,  the daughter fell asleep.  Was a good movie tho.  I told the son-in-law I was glad he suggested watching it.  They are spending the nite tonite.  I think that he is probably in there right now playing on the X-box.
I love this time of year and being together with loved ones.  The only thing that could have made it better would have been to see some of that "white stuff" falling from the sky.  I don't know when we will see any of that, but heck Winter just got started, so I guess I will just wait and see what happens.
It is just so hard to believe that 2011 is just about gone.  It is gonna be 2012 before we know it and then Springtime and time for those precious baby boys to be born.
I bought each one of them a Spongebob fishing pole for Christmas.  Two reasons for that, the daughter loves Spongebob and the son-in law doesn't care for the show at all.  I did it to be onery.  Well.......that son-in-law told me tonight that he just realized what was on the fishing poles, hahahaha!!!!!  I told him I did it just to irritate him, (in a good way) ;-)
Well, he got me back this year............and I might say he did a great job.  After what I did to him last year I deserved what I got.  He told me last year he would get me back, and i was thinking he had forgot about it.  We were up at mom and dad's and I was handed a gift. In it was a note telling me how they were going to take the "high road" and get me a "nice" gift.  I open the bag and pull out a t-shirt that I can see a target on and it also says "SUCKER".  Then I proceeded to get bombarded with silly string.  I had no idea who was shooting because i was hiding behind the shirt.  I found out tonite that it was the son-in-law, the daughter, the son and Ritzy doing the "shooting".  Can ya believe it------Ritzy was in on it?!?!?  I put that shirt on last night and wore it for a while.  it surprised them cause they told said that they thought I would just throw it away.  Heck, why throw away a perfectly good t-shirt.........
We had a good time, and that is what it is all about, I believe---having fun and good times with your family and friends!
I have had all the fun I can handle for a while, at least for a day.........so.... Ritzywife out.......

Almost Christmas Already....

Posted by: cheryl

December is just about a distant memory.  I sit back and wonder where did the month go.  I just realized I haven't even posted this month.  Been quite busy.
I was able to go see those precious grand-babies  on ultrasound yesterday.  The daughter is 23 weeks along and the babies are at 1 1/2 lbs each.  Dr. said everything looked fine.  I am lovin' this so much!!!
I guarantee you this -- those babies have more under the tree than anyone else ;-)
I know they are not here  yet but, that's just fine.....
My niece was able to come back home yesterday after being in the hospital since Thanksgiving. 
The son-in-law took Ritzy fishing Saturday and they caught 40-something fish.  I think Ritzy actually enjoyed himself.  Way to go Steven!!!!  You accomplished something that I have not been able to do in 28 years of marriage --- get Ritzy to go fishing.......
Steven just knew there were more fish in that "hole" and he was right on.  He and his dad have caught 94 crappie 2 nites in a row.  They did not go today because of the wind and rain. 
That brings me to our plans for tomorrow nite.  We get to go over to the daughter and hubby's to enjoy a meal of fried crappie, hush puppies.  Steven's parents are coming over also.  I am going to make one of my peach cobblers that everyone likes so well, especially Ritzy and that son-in-law.  YUMMY!!!
I am basically finished Christmas shopping.  I just have to sew a few things and then it's all done.  Woo Hoo!!!!   Now to just sit back and wait.... Haha, who am I kidding, when do I ever have the opportunity to "just sit back and wait"?!?    We have a Christmas dinner to attend this Saturday.  It is a get-together for my Mom and her family.  Haven't decided what I'm going to fix for that dinner yet. 
Well, i am pretty tired so I am just gonna call it a nite.....Ritzywife out.

Happy Birthday!!!

Posted by: cheryl

Today is Ritzy's birthday.  He catches up with me in age at least until next March.  The son, son-in-law, daughter Ritzy and I all went out to eat tonight at Red Lobster.  It was wonderful.  Great food and great company.  In fact, we had a whole room to ourselves.  Don't know how that happened, but sure glad it did.  We all love seafood.  Heck, who am I kidding, we just love food!!!!

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my parent's home yesterday.  Talk about good food.......yummmmm.......
My neice who has the brain tumor was able to be there.   I found out after arriving that I was "in trouble".  I always make my "Orange Salad" on holidays and my sister, her mom, always makes her green salad.  Well, as it turned out, neither salad was made this year, and boy did we hear about it.  When Kaysie learned her mom wasn't making her salad, she thought oh well that's ok cause Ritzywife would certainly bring hers. NOT!!!!   Wasn't even on my radar this year.  Instead I had sweet potatoes on the brain.  I made homemade candied sweet potatoes from real potatoes.  Did not need a can opener for these!!
Her son, the great-nephew was thinking I was bringing a pumpkin pie, well......I brought 2 pecan pies.  I was in trouble with him also.  I guess I am just going to have to make a pie and salad just for those two, haha!!!
After eating, I came home and laid on the bed all afternoon.  I was tired and no one was going to stop me from taking that nap.

About the niece......we thought things were going along ok til yesterday when she was taken back to the hospital because of a large bruise under her skin causing pain and some pretty bad siezures.  The bruise is due to the blood thinners/chemotherapy.  It has been rough the past day and a half.

A lot of my friends went shopping last nite and today.....they are NUTS!!!!!!  I did that a few years ago.  Never again.......
As of right now I have no plans for tomorrow and I like it that way....but if I wait long enough I'm sure something will pop up.  It usually does......
It's getting late and with that Ritzywife is out...............


Chinese......Yumm, Yumm

Posted by: cheryl

the insides of the egg rolls

assembly of an egg roll

stir-frying rice noodles
egg rolls

Yumm, Yumm...

I got brave enough to try cooking Chinese food tonight.  What I cooked was a lot easier than I had ever imagined.  Don't know why I ever waited so long now.  I was watching a TV show the other night and they were showing how this food was made and I could not believe the cravings I got from watching all that.

Ritzy and I  ate at a Chinese restaurant in Owasso last Friday nite and it was wonderful.  I decided then, that I was going to give it a try at home.  Boy, am I glad I did.  The only thing on the plate not made in my kitchen is the fried rice.  Schwan's has a wonderful fried rice so I used  that for tonight.  I have made the fried rice from scratch before and it turned out pretty good. I was running short of time tonight so I opted for "easy".

As Ritzy and I were eating tonite, I told him that I even surprised myself at how well the meal turned out.  I was worried that it would not have any  or little flavor so I added a few extra flavorings .  He told me that the egg rolls were better than the restaurants.  Woo Hoo!!!!!!

I love to cook!!!!!  I came from a family that loves to cook and takes great pride in their cooking !!!  Now... when I get to craving egg rolls, all I have to do is just make them instead of getting those frozen ones or waiting to go out to eat.  YIPPEE!!!

Now, on the the weather....It isn't even Winter yet and I am freezing.......which leaves me to wonder how I am going to do when Winter actually arrives here in Oklahoma, hahahah!!!!!
It is raining outside now and it has only been in the 30's and 40's the past couple of days.  Thank goodness for electric blankies!!!!!!  I would not survive without mine....I am thinking I need to invest in one of those electric  blankets that are made to be used when sitting and just relaxing ;-)      Maybe I'll send Santa a "hint" about what Ritzywife would like for Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, I have just about finished all my shopping for the season.  I went for "easy" this year and ordered a lot of it.  Now all that's left to do is WRAP!!!  I have threatened anyone's life here in this house if they even come near my closet, haha!!
I have been seeing friends and family putting up their  Christmas decorations and it's starting to rub off on me.  I am going to wait until after Thanksgiving tho. Just too busy for now.....

Changing the subject:
Isn't this beautiful?!?

As I was cooking tonite, I knew Ritzy was home, but didn't see him come in the house.  He asked me to turn around and showed me these flowers.  I asked if they were for his "girlfriend".....He said they sure were!!!!
He is so sweet........He sure surprised me !!!!!  I told him "thank you"  and that I loved them and him. 
Ok,  enough with this mushy stuff. 
Well, I am cold, so I am going to turn my electric blanket on to "Fry", I  mean High and go take a nice warm/hot bath to get warm and call it a night.   Ritzywife out...........................

BOY, OH BOY!!!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

That's what I found out today.  That daughter  and son-in-law are expecting twins and they found out today that those babies are both boys!!! Wow.....all the daughter said when she called was...mom, it looks like I'm gonna be outnumbered..........I knew exactly what that meant ;-)
Ritzy and I were at the Claremore Taco Bueno eating out tonite and I asked him if he realized that it would only be 4 (short) months before things were going to change forever......I am so looking forward to these babies!!!!!!  Now that I know what they are, I can start buying and making  "stuff" !!!!!!!!
Still haven't figured out how I'm gonna go fishin' and babysit at the same time this next Spring, tho, hahaha!!!!
My niece found out today that her Oncologist wants to start her chemotherapy this coming Thursday, even tho she has not been able to get her port put in.  They will just have to use an  i v.   He is not wanting to wait any longer for her treatment.  She has to take 1 treatment every two weeks  for 6 times.
As I said earlier, Ritzy and I were at Taco Bueno tonite......... eating tacos of course.  After that we went to our former pastor's home to get a couple of kittens.  The last kitten we had disappeared so we thought we would try 2 at a time so they could play with and look out for each other.  They are cute, one is mouse gray and the other is black and white.  The preacher's kids had already named them "Mouse & Oreo".  I think we will just keep those names, they're cute!!!!!!   Now, I will just have to wait and see if they are good mousers.......cause I hate mice!!!!!!  They will be outside kittys of course.  Ritzywife does not like four-legged creatures in her home!!!!!
I am about ready to call it a day, so...Ritzywife is out...........................


Posted by: cheryl

That's right....Oklahoma has experienced 2 significant earthquakes in the past couple of days.  The first one was in the wee hours of saturday morning.  I slept right thru that one.  The next one which occured at 10:53pm on Saturday nite, well, that one I was lucky enough to experience.
Ritzy and I were on our way home from a wonderful Gaither Homecoming Concert that night.  We were stopped at the light in Oologah at the HWY 169/88 crossing and while stopped I felt the truck moving.  I thought...well,  I just didn't have the brake pushed in hard enough, but I could not push it any more, then the light changed, we were on our way and I just shrugged it off.  A couple miles down the road I get a call from the son who was at home, along with the daughter and son-in-law and he proceeds to tell me about the earthquake.  He said he heard a low rumble then the whole house shook.  They were excited about it.  My words to him were - dang it, I missed this one too
then I said, oh wait, no I didn't miss it and proceeded to tell him about the experience back at the light.  He told me what time it happened and I realized that was the time we were waiting at the light.  WOW!!!!!!
2011 has been a year to remember for Oklahomans.  We had the record breaking snowfall and cold temps in the winter, terrible tornadoes in the spring,  drought and record breaking heat in the summer,  and now the earthquakes in the fall, it leaves a person to wonder what is in store to finish out the year here in this great state of ours.
On to other things...my niece who has that brain tumor had to be taken to the hospital saturday nite because she had a seizure that scared her mom (my sister).  It seems they were on their way to Tulsa at the same time we were on our way back home.  I told my sister that if she needed me, we would go straight to the hospital, but she told us to go on and if needed she would let me know.  I had plenty to do once I got home anyways.  I had to prepare my Sunday School lesson for the next day and I also had to make a copy of our Church Bulletin........those little jobs kept me up til almost 2 in the morning.   Good thing I at least got that extra hour to sleep.......I still haven't caught up on my rest tho.
The great-niece wanted to come home with us after lunch at Granny's, so I let her......that meant no Sunday nap for Ritzywife.....but my mom and dad had been watching the kids and they were tired so I helped out where I could.  The niece was sent home around 4:00 Sunday morning, and I was still awake, waiting for my sister to text me to let me know what was going on.  When she told me they were on their way home was when I was finally able to relax and go to sleep. 
Ritzy and I have a funeral to attend tomorrow at noon and I have to get our church report ready for Wednesday's business meeting.  The daughter wants me to go to an appointment with her Wednesday, so here comes another busy week.    I will have to start on that report in the morning and finish it tomorrow afternoon. 
All this thinking is making my poor little brain tired.......
I am about ready to call it a day/night and with that Ritzywife is out....................

Back Home In Oklahoma

Posted by: cheryl

Ritzy and I made it back home this past week.  It was a fun and enjoyable visit with his family.  We all met at his sister's house for a meal together.  I took pictures of our Northern family to show the new son-in-law.  On our way back home we were a couple of hours from our stop for the night when all of a sudden Ritzy and I heard a loud noise.  We could not see damage on the windshield from inside the truck....so at the next rest stop we looked over the windshield and in the black strip along the bottom... there it was.  A bad chip and the starting of tiny cracks.  I was NOT a happy camper!!!!!  Well, before we left the next morning, I found a place to "repair" the damage done by that rock that was thrown by  that 18-wheeler!!!   I was not going to give that thing any chance to grow..... and now..... if you didn't know the damage was there, you'd never be able to find  it.   They did a good job!!   I told Ritzy that for me it was in a good spot because it was invisible from the inside and for Ritzywife...... "outta sight is outta mind"......... hahahaha!!!
I hate those trucks!!!!!!  I have often thought they need their own highway system!!!!!  Although, they probably think the same about us ;-)
The weather here in Oklahoma has cooled off and I am wearing a jacket as I sit here in my home (too stubborn to turn on the heat).  Our  church Harvest Party is tomorrow night.  We will be having games, door prizes,  a pit fire, good food, and good fellowship.  I am kinda in charge, but I have recruited some help.  Some of us are staying after church tomorrow to set everything up.  We  decided to just have sandwiches and get to work.  Looking forward to a fun evening.

Took some pictures of what little decorating I did outside this year, here is one of the pictures:  yup, that's Ritzy in the background........and that's his John Deere tractor he had as a child.  Isn't that cool?!?
The kids that play here always go to that little tractor to play on it.  It has a wagon and that great-niece loves putting "stuff" in there and pedaling all around the yard.
The niece (great-niece's mama) is doing "ok" for now, but there are other personal problems she is dealing with.  We continue to be there for her and the kids and pray that God takes care of them.
You know when one family member hurts, you all hurt.  It's like.... when part of your body is hurting, the whole body feels it.
The daughter is FINALLY feeling ok. No hot flashes or anxiety attacks for the past couple of weeks.  Praise God!!!!  She is starting to feel like herself now, except for that little "pooch" making itself known. It's beautiful tho!!!!!  But......she is in the "cry/laugh" part of the pregnancy...or in other words the emotional highs and lows.  I warned her about it, tho........I told her to just let the tears flow.....that is our body's way of trying to take care of itself  and in the end ....if you overlook the stuffy nose and red eyes..... she will feel A LOT better!!!!!!
By the way, that hubby of hers wasn't understanding all of her mood swings or anything about being pregnant....why should he, he's a guy!!!  Well, while we were in Appleton, we went to a used book sale and as I was looking over the books I walked around a table and there standing on the table staring me in the face was a book entitled "HOW TO BE A PREGNANT FATHER"......can ya believe it?!?  I snatched that one right up.  He now has it in his possession, haha!!!  I hope he makes good use of it...
That is about all the thinking I can handle for now...Ritzywife out!!

Greetings From Wisconsin...

Posted by: cheryl

Yup, you read that right.  Ritzy and I are here visiting his family.  It sure is cool up here.  We are enjoying the weather.  A welcome change from that Oklahoma weather we have just been thru.  Not much going on.  Ritzy has been visiting his mom and dad  every day.  They are in a place for senior adults in a town called "Kaukauna" about 15 minutes away from Appleton. 
Back home in Oklahoma, my niece should be getting out of the hospital today after spending the last couple of weeks in there.  She had blood clots in her lungs and legs, pneumonia and just not feeling well mentally.  This sure is hard on her and her family.  I feel so bad for them and try to think of ways to help.  Without God and His grace we would have never made it this far.
The daughter seems to be doing well this week.  The last post I had planned to go with her to her appointment then go to a dear friends funeral.......but as we all know even the best plans have kinks thrown in once in a while.  While at the Dr's office the daughter was going down to get blood drawn and suddenly felt dizzy and faint.  It was only a 5 minute trip but it took us about 40 minutes to get to the lab.  She laid down for a while then we went to the cafeteria to get her something to eat.  After finally getting the blood drawn and leaving to go home, I was running behind my "schedule" for the day.  I stayed at her home to make sure she was gonna be ok.  I then realized I was not gonna make it to that service, but... staying with my daughter, making sure she and those babies were ok was more important to this mama.
Ritzy and I are having a good time.....he has even sold some firewood while gone.  can you image that?!?  It gets cold and those people start wanting that wood ;-)
The son is holding down the "fort" at home .  I was trying to show him how to run the dishwasher before we left and he informed me that he would NOT be using it.  I said that was ok, but I had better not come home to a sink full of dishes, haha!!!
I am going to get my hair trimmed in a little while, its getting so long.  It gets down to my ears and neck and it is annoying.  I asked my sister-in-law about a hairdresser and she is taking me to the place she uses.  Ooh, it is going to feel soooo good to get that hair cut....
The day is starting and with that Ritzywife is out............


Lovin' This Fall Weather......

Posted by: cheryl

WE DESERVE IT after that brutal summer!!!!!  It has been gorgeous here in Oklahoma.  I am going to hate to see it come to an end.
My "running around" has not slowed any.  I went over to the daughter's  Tuesday to be with her during her checkup and about an hour before the appointment the Dr.'s  office called and had to cancel due to his being in emergency surgery.  His office is in Owasso~~about 5-10 minutes away  Soooo that appointment has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:45.  I am going over again to be with her, let's hope all goes as planned.  After that little visit, there is a funeral service in Chelsea at 2:00 pm that I am attending.  I am gonna be ready for some of that "boring"  that I can't seem to find these days.
My niece that has the brain tumor is back in the hospital at Tulsa as of Sunday.  She has a blood clot on each lung and some in her right leg.  She is very lucky to still be with us.  Her inability to move her right side is sure taking it's toll on her health.  She also has another urinary tract infection.  I went down to Tulsa yesterday to visit with her and her mom (my sister).   They have inserted a filter in her stomach area to catch those clots in her leg and started her on a blood thinner.   All the while she is waiting on her chemotherapy treatments to attack this tumor that has recurred.  The latest MRI showed it wasn't being aggressive right now.  But......she has to be in decent health before they will even think about chemotherapy.  The whole family is under a LOT of stress right now thinking about her and her family, trying to help anyway we can and just trying to "be there" for each other.
Well, if I want to "be there" for that daughter in the morning I had better get off here and get to bed.
Ritzywife out!!

Where Did "Boring" Go? I think it is gone with the (Oklahoma) wind!!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

I thought life would be slowing down after that last post....NOT!!!!  These past couple of weeks have been so busy.  I have been "doing" things for everyone else.  I don't mind it at all, but geez, what is going on here???
I noticed I haven't even had time to post  any new news.  Not that there is much, mind you, but still......
I have been running around going here and there trying to help out wherever and whenever needed.  I'm thinkin that this is about as "quiet" as it is ever gonna be because in 5-6 months those precious twins that the daughter and her hubby are expecting are gonna be here and life will NEVER be the same for Ritzy and I, hahaha!!!!!  That's what I told the expectant parents, told them they better get all the sleep they can now cause once those babies arrive,  a good night's sleep as they know it is.......... just gone....forever ;-)
Ritzy and I took those two "parents-to-be" out to dinner and a movie at Owasso this past tuesday nite.  We ate at Goldie's for a good hamburger and then watched the movie "Courageous" .  It was a really good movie about what God expects a husband and father to be....to stand up for your faith and make the hard decisions to raise your family with morals.  That is not easy in this world we live in today, but it must be done!
Ok, off the "soapbox".........today, Ritzy is splitting some of that firewood, and I am actually having a pretty easy day......so far......
I'm thinking about going into the kitchen to start some sourdough to rising for some yummy bread afterwhile...mmmm... i can already smell and taste it.....

So....Ritzywife is out!

Isn't This Cute???

Posted by: cheryl

Isn't this great?!?  This past weekend the son and I were headed to Owasso to buy groceries.  To get to HWY 169 we go west on the Winganon Road.  This cement drum has been on the side of the road for the past 30 or so years.  I guess you could say it has become a "landmark" around here.  Well, the past few years it has been painted red, white, and blue.  But......Saturday we saw someone just beginning to work on it and this morning the son called while on his way to work and told me what he was seeing.  I jumped up, grabbed my camera and headed out the door.  This is so cool!!!  I posted it on Facebook and the News on Six website.  It quickly  became one of their website headlines, WOW!!!  I don't know if it will make it to the news on tv tonite or not, but that's ok, at least it got some recognition.  The people who did it deserve to be applauded for their work......they did a great job!!
This past weekend was a busy one around here.  It actually started before the weekend.....Ritzy and I took Wyatt and Halley (great-nephew & great-niece) to the Chelsea Jamboree Thursday nite.  For $20 each they could ride all the rides as many times as they wanted all nite.  We grabbed some of that wonderful "carnival food" also.  Then Friday, Ritzy came in the house and was checking out the utility room when he discovered water around the water heater...............well, we then went to Bartlesville to pick up a new water heater.  Ritzy waited on the son to get home so they could install it.  Saturday we were all running in different directions, Ritzy was busy with his woodcutting, and the son and I went grocery shopping.  Sunday was church and Sunday nite we had a cookout at the church.  So.......I am hoping for a quiet week coming up.....we'll see.
The son just called and asked if i could meet him at the highway around 4:45 this evening.  He needs some clothes. I guess he is going down to help his sister and her hubby move some furniture.  I have told the daughter ( who, I remind you is carrying those precious twins) to not do any heavy lifting or straining!!!!
Puts kind of a "kink" in my dinner preparations but I guess we can just eat a little later than I had planned ;-)
Someone just came to the door and as I was standing there talking to them, I realized how beautiful it was outside and then asked myself why in the world I was in the house and not out there enjoying the wonderful weather...........
That being said.....Ritzywife is out!!!!



Posted by: cheryl

I know people and things change all the time, but here recently the changes have been quite dramatic.
After going thru a summer of 100+ degree temps, today the temperature stayed in the 50's.   WOW!!!!
I am needing a blanket on the bed tonite......gonna soon be time for the electric blankie......
I fixed chili for supper tonite, it just seemed the right thing to cook after the cooler temps.  The daughter and son-in-law came over for supper.  It is so fun to watch the daughter going thru the "changes" that pregnancy is bringing about in her.....
I have been seeing the "change" in my sister, niece and the whole family after the niece's biopsy last month.  Our niece has gone to my sister's and her husband's home to be taken care of.  She is unable to do anything for herself.  They had to "change" out the bathroom to make it handicap accessible.  There is now a hospital bed in their living room for the niece to sleep in.  She has to get around by wheelchair or the Hoveround that Mom and Dad found at at an  unbelievably low price.   Someone has to be there 24/7 to help her.  This "change" in my niece affects the whole family.  Everyone is having to adapt and help out where needed.    I have been watching the toll it is taking on her kids also.  They are wondering when their mama will be "normal" again.  That is a hard one!!!!!!  They are wondering why she just can't talk like and do what she used to .
You know, I learned a couple of years ago when Ritzy was deployed that our "normal" can be changed in an instant, and we had better be able to cope and adapt or we are in a lot of trouble.
Ritzy and I took the two older kids to the Bluegrass & Chili Festival this last weekend.  We had a lot of fun.  The weather was finally cool enough to enjoy the event this year.  I haven't gone in years past because it was just so darned hot.  I could never understand why they would hold a chili festival near the end of summer. 
I can hardly believe summer is almost gone and Fall is soon going to be here.  I need to start getting my fall decorations out.  I hope I can remember what I did with them, hahaha!!!!   no seriously.......
Another "change" that happens as we get older, I guess ;-)
I played the piano for my Dad's cousin's funeral today.  There were a lot of family members there.  I had the chance to talk to a few Aunts & Uncles and friends.
Like I said earlier, changes are all around us.......it's up to us how we react.  We can fight it or we can find a way to just do the best we can with what we have and be thankful for what we do have.
That being said.................Ritzywife is out!

Welcome September!!!

Posted by: cheryl

WOW it's September 1st already......although is is still supposed to be over 100 degrees here in Oklahoma for the next couple of days.  But in a few days our temps will be in the 80's. WOO HOO!!!!!!  I have forgotten how that feels.  This will be a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.
I have been busy running back and forth to the hospital to visit my niece.  She is now in Rehab and will be there for the next 2-4 weeks.  the rehab will be very hard, but something that has to be done to improve her life.  She still has to deal with the tumor after rehab is done.  I know she misses her kids and home and they miss her.  She has been in the hospital since August 3rd.  This has been quite a "learning experience" for all of us. 
Our family cookout is monday, and it won't be quite the same knowing the niece is in the hospital.  Her husband and her mom (my sister) will probably be there and they might take the kids down to see her.  I told Ritzy last nite we all should just take the "cookout" to her.......
Ritzy is busy getting his firewood ready for his customers.  It will be time to start up the woodstoves, fireplaces before long and they want that wood in place and ready to go.
I spent time yesterday with the daughter.  We did some errands and ate lunch together.  I told her to keep taking good care of those "babies"..... I just feel for her having to deal with the nausea part of being pregnant.  I told her that once those babies are born, she will realize that everything she had to go thru will have been well worth it ;-)
That's about all I have for now...........Ritzywife out......


Posted by: cheryl

That's right.....the daughter called yesterday and informed me of this little fact.  I asked her if she was "toying" with me and said it wasn't funny.  She said NO, Really Mom......Oh my gosh, when I finally composed myself-- I was so happy.  I got to see the ultrasound pics today.  They are 6 weeks and 2 days along according to the ultrasound.    Those precious babies are beautiful.   My prayer is that they be safe along with our daughter/their mother.  I called my sister and she was just silent and shocked, the sister-in-law just squealed.  I called and told Ritzy and he just said---Are you kidding me?  It was just so funny the way he said it.  He sounded very happy.  I was kidding the daughter, because my mom always told me that a person pays for their raising.  Well I "smarted off" and told mom that she must have been really bad if I was her payment.  she failed to see the humor in that.  Well I told Keri that if she was having twins then she must have been twice as bad as I was, haha!!!  I have to say that her hubby is elated also.  The "morning sickness" isn't necessarily in the morning and seems to show itself when she eats anything spicy or fatty, or fried.  I told her she may have to change her eating habits for a while and to really watch what she eats.  I really feel for her, because as any mom will tell you-----Morning sickness is NOT fun!!!!!!
My mom and I spent some time at the hospital with my niece today.  She still is having trouble expressing her thoughts and identifying pictures that her therapist shows her and remembering things that just come so easy for us.  Her right side movement is still very limited.  I don't know if this is all from that new tumor or the biopsies performed.  We are also still waiting on the second biopsy report.  These results will decide the next course of action.  She will likely be put into rehabilitation in the hospital for a while after it is decided how to handle this new tumor growth.  It is not going to be easy either way.  It is so hard to see her in this way, knowing the way her life was just 2 weeks ago.  It may never be the same.   She is separated from her kids.  You know they miss her and she misses them.  The two oldest ones started school today.  The son is in the fourth grade and the daughter is in Kindergarten.  The other two girls are soon going to be 3 & 2.
It is just so strange....the feelings we experience knowing the heartache we are going thru with our niece, and the elation we feel about the daughter's pregnancy.
That's about all I have for now.......Ritzywife out..........................

Very Busy...

Posted by: cheryl

I have been pretty busy with running to the hospital the past couple of weeks.  My niece has had 2 brain surgeries in the past 10 days.  The first one did not give the results the surgeon was hoping for, so yesterday she underwent another.  These were only biopsies, but they were sure hard on her.  She was just getting better when they did the second one.  by saying better i mean that she was starting to be able to say words that could be understood and moving her right arm and leg a little bit.  Last night after her second surgery, i saw her for a few minutes before we had to go and she was talking a little plainer and had some movement on her right side.  That was so good to see!!!!!   But........the fact remains that she is unable to care for herself in this condition, let alone her kids.  That is what is hard face.  Another thing to remember is that tumor is still in there, growing and causing problems.  They won't do anything about the treatment until they know what they are treating, so we sit and wait on the pathology reports.  The Dr. thinks it is either problems caused by radiation or the cancer has come back as a different type.  We all knew this was possible two years ago.
Now on to some "venting"......I use Facebook and see people write comments about their perception of events and it just really has me scratching my head.  I see comments about my niece doing better, or doing just fine etc... and  then see others comment about how God is good, awesome, in control..etc. You know what I mean.  Well....... our circumstances do not dictate how God is doing.  FYI, people---He is all those things, all the time!!!!!   It does not matter if things could not be any better, or be any worse for us,  God never changes.  What are these people going to say when tragedy strikes--they are the ones who will be saying "well, it must have been God's will"......to that I say-- "B A L O N E Y" ( I have another b-word, but better not use it)  Sometimes things happen to us that are not God's will, but because we live in a flawed world and we ourselves are flawed, we are faced with tragedy, heartache, & troubles.....the one thing God does promise is that He will be there for us, whenever we call out to Him.  Ok, I guess I can get off my "soapbox"  now....
To change the subject...My daughter just called and told me they were bringing over steaks to cook out tonite.  YUMMY!!!!  I would be a fool to turn that down ;-)
Also, this same daughter has confirmed that a grandchild is definitely on the way.  Ritzy and I are so happy for the daughter and her hubby and for ourselves I might add ;-)
This is gonna be fun!!!!!!  This kid is gonna be Cherokee/Delaware (daughter) & Creek (son-in-law) indian.  He/she better come out lookin' like a little indian baby, hahahaha!!!!
With that.....Ritzywife is out!!!!

~~~~Geez, It's A Hot One~~~~

Posted by: cheryl

I know, it's been a while.  I've been waiting on my internet to get back up to speed.  This Oklahoma weather has gone  extreme this past year.  Back in the winter we were -30 degrees and now it is 109 degrees  and climbing as I write this.  Our garden started with so much promise, we had beautiful green bean plants, bell and hot pepper plants, okra, onions, potatoes, and tomatoes.  But because of all the hot, dry weather there wasn't much to harvest.  The potatoes were few and  small.  The green beans didn't even get a chance to produce a "mess".  The pepper plants have given up very  few peppers.  Usually okra does really well in the hot weather, but this summer the weather is so darn hot even the okra is having a hard time.  The saddest thing of all is the tomato plants.  I've gotten a few tomatoes..... the plants have looked the best of any Ritzy and I have ever had, but this weather is really doing a "number" on them.  Ritzy told me last night that he wasn't sure he could do anything else.  He has been watering them every evening, but that is no competition to the 100+ degree temps we have had since June.  I went outside yesterday afternoon just to see how hot it felt sitting in the sun.  took a thermometer with me and that thing went up to 120 degrees (in the sun).  I didn't last long out there.  I came back in to the comfort of my a/c.  I really feel for the people who have to work out in this mess.
Heard on the news that July was one of the hottest on record in our state.  June was also a hot one.  We were getting August weather in June this year.  I remember last year we only had a couple of 100 degree days.  This year is totally different!!!!!  I keep asking Ritzy, the son and the son-in-law if they are being careful out in this heat. I know they are "big boys"  and able to take care of themselves, but I told them that was just the "mama" in me ;-)
My daughter informed me the other night that there might be a grandchild on the way. WOO HOO!!!!!! This will be Ritzy and my first one....and it is about time!
My niece goes into the hospital tomorrow for her 2nd brain surgery in 2 1/2 years.  We are all a little anxious. It's gonna be a long day.....  I don't know how things are going to turn out, but I do know that  we will all be there for each other no matter what.......
Ritzy and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary last weekend. (7.30.1983)...I cannot believe how fast these years have gone by.  He asked what I wanted to do, and I told him that going to see a movie was ok by me because last weekend we had 2 birthday parties,  and a family reunion to attend.  I realized that the movie "Cowboys & Aliens" was playing and asked him if  we could go see a movie with that handsome Harrison Ford in it for OUR anniversary, haha!!  We both enjoyed the movie and our time together.   
Last night I watched "Rango" at home with the son.....Now that movie was "cheesy".  More dumb than funny.
I still enjoyed watching a movie with my son, tho.  Ritzy was outside getting wood ready for the winter.  He is crazy....!!
I hope everyone is able to stay cool.....Ritzywife out!!!!!

~~~Can't Sleep~~~

Posted by: cheryl

It is almost 2:00 am and I am sitting here at this darn computer.  Too much is racing thru this poor little mind of mine.  My niece's brain tumor has decided to come back.  It has been only 6 months since she stopped her chemotherapy and had her last MRI which showed nothing.  Well in only 6 months time that thing has regrown to the  size of a golf ball and starting to cause her problems.  A couple of weeks ago she had a couple of bad seizures, which is how we found out it was back.  She has been seeing her team of Doctors and is waiting now on the ok for surgery. Tonight she experienced more seizures.  Her husband took her to the hospital, I guess they took another look and said nothing had changed and sent her home.  WHAT'S WITH THAT??????  Good grief, they know that thing is gonna come out.......but they have to wait on the procedure to be "approved".  Meanwhile we all sit and wait.  I told my sister (her mom) tonight that I was so sorry they were having to go thru this ordeal. I realize the whole family is experiencing  this nightmare,  but they are a lot closer to the situation than we are.    I just feel so bad for her kids and husband.  It seems that now she will not be able to be alone.......just in case she needs help.  she has a one year old, a two year old, a 5 year old and an 8 year old. 
Our  daughter has had a rough week.  She saw a doctor about a problem with her hand and they prescribed some steroids for her.  Well after a couple of days taking them she started to get dizzy.  This kept happening until finally today when she said she has felt better.   She was worried about that hand because that is how she makes her living.  She is a massage therapist, and a darned good one I might add.  Well, after giving the hand some rest, she says  it is doing better.  I sure hope so.  It is not a good experience to see your kids or family hurting and not be able to do anything about it.
My niece's surgery should be anytime during the next couple of weeks to end of the month.  That is all fine and ok, except Ritzy and I had rescheduled our trip to Wisconsin for the end of the month and now it looks as if it might get put off again.  Things sure are taking a crazy turn this year.
We will EVENTUALLY get up there.......
Oklahoma is drying up fast.   Lawns and gardens all around us  are begging for water.  It sure got hot and dry early this year.  Ritzy has been watering our garden. The few veggies we have been able to pick  have been wonderful.  Even tho he is watering, a good rain still can't be beat.  And the heat is keeping the plants from producing like they normally would.  I think they go into "survival mode"........
Well, I think I am finally getting sleepy.....gonna get off here and try to get some rest.
Ritzywife out...................................

~~~~~A Blur~~~~~

Posted by: cheryl

Yup, that's what this past week has been.  Don't really  know why, but it just has.  I still don't know fully what is going on with my neice and her brain tumor returning.  My sister has finished all her treatment and she is doing great.   Matt is fine after rolling that work truck.  Ritzy has been working hard all week.  He mowed the yard and did some garden work today.  My cousin, who lives next door thinned out her strawberries and brought me some "starts" of the plants.  Ritzy built a raised "bed" for them this afternoon and has already planted them.  I worked with my new embroidery machine for most of the day.  It sure is fun, but it takes a lot of concentration to design the patterns I want to sew.  This evening we fired up the Weber grill and cooked some fresh garden veggies and some rib eye steaks.  The steaks had been marinating in the refrigerator since about 2pm this afternoon.  The food was wonderful!!!!!
I have finished studying my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow and am now taking some personal time before going to bed.  Ritzy is watching "The Green Hornet" on tv.  Talk about cheesy.....hehehe!!!!!
We are having "Family Night" at church tomorrow night.  It's gonna be hot, but fun.
I could really "go" for a Coke float right now, but I know better.......I would NEVER get to sleep, it's just not worth it......ahh, the joys of getting older...... hmmm ;-)
That's about all I have for now....Ritzywife out..................

Well........The Day Started Out Good.....

Posted by: cheryl

We had a wonderful day until about 5:30 this evening.  My sister, sister-in-law, niece, her 4 kids, my mom and I visited my daughter for most of the day.  We ate lunch and watched a movie together at her house.
 My sister has had to go to Tulsa every day this week for radiation treatments twice a day.  She had a lumpectomy about a month ago.  Things are going very well for her.  My sister-in-law has been going with her.  Today was my daughter's day off and she wanted me and "granny" to come down for a visit.  Well, I said we would but my niece ( my sister's who is taking radiation) daughter could not be left alone at home.  So....... we would just all come down for a visit.  My niece is the one who was diagnosed with brain cancer 2 years ago.  Things were going well until last Thursday when she had a couple of bad spells and was rushed to the hospital.  there was some swelling in her brain and we were all given a dose of reality.  She sees her doctor and surgeon tomorrow.
 It came time for the sister to leave to take her second treatment today and everyone left except for the neice's 2 oldest kids and I.  We stayed for a while, let the kids play and  we left for home.  fast forward to 5:30 pm.
I had just walked in the door, grabbed some bacon and started frying it  for BLT's when my cell phone rang.  It was the son and the first words out of his mouth were "Mom, I have some bad news".......He proceeded to tell me that he had had a blowout and rolled his work truck about a mile north of Talala. I told him I would call my dad and uncle ( his bosses).   How he came out of it with hardly a scratch and some bits of glass in his hair is beyond me.   I turned off the fire, left everything on the cabinet and told Ritzy he could take the kids home and I was going to see our son. 
When I arrived, the truck was pretty banged up, all the contents from the bed  were laying beside of the road and the brand new ac (air conditioning) unit that he had just picked up in Tulsa was sitting beside the road and both rear tires of the truck were blown.  Matt was doing ok, he was talking to the medic.  
Needless to say, the ac unit as Dad said was "toast"..........My uncle told me to take Matt to an emergency room to get checked out.  We left the scene and drove BACK (for me) to Owasso to St. John's.  We were there just a short time before we were ready to go.  I was impressed!!!
While all this was going on, I was also thinking about tomorrow, because I was supposed to be taking my niece to her doctor's appointments.  Well, it was about 10:00pm ( we were at McDonald's finally getting supper)  when she called to let me know that her mother-in-law was going to take her, because she wasn't sure when I would be back home, and I might be too tired.
Ritzy and I were supposed to have left for Wisconsin yesterday.....but, with the niece's problems arising I decided I may be needed here and...............I have had an uneasy feeling about leaving for the past week or so.  I CAN tell you this...that if I had gotten that call while away, I would have been a basket case, which I proceeded to tell Ritzy and my kids. 
You never know what is in store for the day......all we can do is handle what comes our way the best we can..............and with that Ritzywife is out!

Time Sure Slips Away

Posted by: cheryl

I looked at my last post and it was almost a month ago..........geez, where does the time go?!?

I've been busy fishing, being a housewife and mother, taking care of church business and so on....
As I was sitting here at my computer I suddenly realized that tomorrow was June 8th.......The reason I almost panicked is that tomorrow is our son's (firstborn) 27th birthday. WOW!!!  Again I have to ask "Where the heck does the time go?"
Our garden is doing well, my flowers are looking great....but this dry weather we are having is not good.  We are needing some rain and I am not sure when it will come.  It has been unseasonably hot so far here in Oklahoma.  Gee, you just never know what to expect when it comes to the weather..........Ritzy and I are going to Wisconsin next week and right now it is in the 90's up there.... I sure hope it cools back down to normal temps before we get there. 
My fishing is done for the year.  The crappie have spawned and are now in deeper water.  I ended up doing pretty well.  Got lots of fish in the freezer and had all we could eat while fishing....even gave some away.  I am going to take some up to Wisconsin with us and show them Northerner's how to cook fish and hushpuppies. hahaha!!!!
Well, its past 10 pm and I still haven't had my bath so I had better go...Ritzywife out..................

What I Have Been Doing

Posted by: cheryl

I finally remembered to take a picture of the fish before they were cleaned.  The last post, I stated that I wasn't sure when I would go fishing Tuesday this week.  Well I got to the "fishing hole" around 9 that morning and left at dark.  The son and I ended up with 60 crappie.  Tonite we had 30.  I have put so much fish in the freezer, I can't believe it.  I told someone today that I'm going fishing now for the pure love of fishing and not because I need the fish.  It will all be cooked-----you can bet on that, hehe!!!
We have caught between 250-300 crappie so far this year.
I have a sore spot on my thumb from dropping so many of them into the basket ;-)
I had to stop fishing this evening to go to a wedding rehearsal.  Got back and cleaned the fish.  It is now 11pm and I just finished eating my supper (pizza)......sure hope I get to sleep tonight.
It is supposed to rain late tonight and early in the morning.  I hope it does so I will stay home and not go to the fishing hole, haha......I need the rest.......I woke up yesterday morning at 7 and went back to bed, thinking I would get up in a few minutes....the next thing I knew, my phone was ringing and it was the son asking me if I was fishing and I said no because it was kind of rainy outside.  He asked if I had just woke up and I said "yes".  He then  asked if I knew what time it was and I told him I didn't.  he proceeded to tell me that it was 10:45am.  I could not believe I had slept that long.  I guess I needed the rest........
Speaking of rest, that's where I am headed........Ritzywife out.........

Where Does The Time Go???

Posted by: cheryl

It seems as I get older, the time just goes by faster......I saw the last time I posted on here and could not believe it had been a week already.  I have been pretty busy.......fishing, of course.   The fish slowed down on the biting due to the weather.  It's about to get straightened out now, but the spawn is about over. 
I put some more crappie in the freezer tonight and there is a"mess" in the refrigerator to cook later this week.  I cooked some spoonbill (paddlefish) and hush puppies tonight.  My brother gave it to me last week.  It was pretty good but doesn't compare to crappie.  It has a stronger flavor and  a tougher texture.  It almost tastes like chicken.
I have a wedding to play the piano for this weekend.  My niece is getting married on Saturday afternoon.   It's great to see all these kid's grow up and start their own lives.  I think I am helping serve refreshments also.
Still pondering whether I am going to go fishing early in the morning or wait til the sun is up for a little while ;-)
Ritzy and I are planning a trip to Wisconsin later next month.  I am looking forward to getting away and visiting our family up there.  I really hope is is warm up there.  It has been crazy here in Oklahoma weatherwise.  It gets warm, cools off, gets warm cools off etc.....I am ready for it to get warm and stay that way....and with that Ritzywife is out~~~!!!

Still Fishing

Posted by: cheryl

Yes, the fish are still biting.  This past weekend was great.  The son and I caught 35 crappie on saturday.  On Sunday (Mother's Day) we did not have night church so we went fishing and caught 29.  I don't know what happened ....but today I caught only 10 fish.  Really surprised me.  I was looking to catch more.  But, I can't complain......we are getting all we can eat, give to friends, and put in freezer to enjoy at a later date.
I was down there at 5:45 this morning and fished til 8 this evening....got a LOT of sun.   I think I will "sleep in" tomorrow.  I have some bookwork for the church to get done and I just want to spend some time outside in the yard.  When the son gets home from work, if he wants to go...then, I will probably go fishing.

I had an interesting experience while fishing today........I was looking around and when I looked back I noticed a snake just a few feet in front of me.  That snake picked the wrong rock to "sun" on.  I started beating that thing senseless with my fishing  pole, a couple of rocks, and a big stick.  "You don't mess with Ritzywife"  haha 
My brother-in-law finished him off.   I hate snakes!!!!!
There are 3 different reactions when a person is faced with danger.... Fight, Flight or Freeze.  Well, my reaction is FIGHT!!!!!  and that snake soon found that out, hehe!!
With that, Ritzywife is out......


Posted by: cheryl

I haven't been on here very much in the past couple weeks.  I have been way too busy preparing for a wedding. Our daughter was married on April 22 at the Will Rogers Dog Iron Ranch near Oologah, OK.
We were praying for good weather.  It had been stormy and cold and the day of the wedding it was supposed to be stormy.  But.... the bad weather stayed south of us and everything worked out fine.  The only problem was that annoying wind.  We had to improvise on the table coverings.
Here is a picture of the newlyweds during their "first dance" as a married couple.

Everyone had a wonderful time.....but Ritzywife was "wore out"!!!  I am just now recovering.  But, you know...  I would do it all over again.  I guess that's just how mom's are ;-)
The next day was spent returning rented items.  Ritzy got that job along with taking the couple to the airport (early)...  I spent the whole day putting my house back in order.  I thought I would never find the top of my table, haha!!  Caught up on some sewing for the son, and all the other things that had been neglected due to wedding preparations.  Now if this rain would just let up a bit so I can get back to fishing..We needed the rain, but geez.....
We did not have evening services at church yesterday.  After eating Easter lunch at Granny's, I came home , crawled on top of my bed, covered up and slept the afternoon away.  After finally getting up at 7 to take my bath, my son said that I would not be able to sleep in the night.  Well, I had no trouble getting that sleep. 
Now, we just have to wait on the garden to dry out so we can finish planting our tomatoes, cukes, and pepper plants.   Oh yeah, and this crazy weather......i am ready for it to warm up and stay that way!!!!!!
Ritzywife is tired of these "cold spells".....  Ritzy just got home and the son will be home soon, so I had better get to the kitchen.....that being said, Ritzywife is out............


Posted by: cheryl

That is where Ritzywife has been the past couple of weeks.  I caught a fish on that new rod and reel I received for my birthday.  So, I have it "broke in".  Have been eating crappie and boy do they ever taste good!!!!
Yesterday I left the house at 7:30 am and returned home at 8:30 pm.   Made for a long day, but I caught 21 crappie.  YEA!!!
I only went for 4 hours today  because the fish just weren't biting......only caught one and that was by accident.  My sister-in-law came over and asked how i "hooked" my minnow, so I grabbed a pole with the intent of showing her, I started reeling  in and realized there was a fish on it.  The only fish I caught for the next 4 hours. 
I did take a few days off  fishing so Ritzy and I could take a much needed mini-vacation to Oklahoma City.  We visited the 45 Infantry Division Museum and just "chilled" out in our hotel.  We got to meet up with an old friend and have a meal and wonderful visit.  I have known her since childhood.  She and Ritzy worked together for a while in Perry, OK after he moved to Oklahoma from Wisconsin.  (She is the one who introduced Ritzy to Ritzywife ).
I can hardly believe it is just a little over a week til our daughter's wedding.  Everything is coming together nicely.  I have been watching the weather and now it looks as if it is going to be a sunny day, a little on the cool side for this time of year but we can handle that........this is important because it is an outside wedding with no back-up plan ;-)
I plan to get up very early in the morning to go fishing.  This is before a cold front/low pressure system moves in.  The fish should be biting.   After the system passes it will be a couple of days before the fish will bite again.  Next week is going to be crazy.......I have wedding preparations to make......and some fishing to do!!!
That being said.....Ritzywife is out...............

Happy Birthday!!!

Posted by: cheryl

Today is my birthday....(#52)......WOW, I can hardly believe it.  Time is so precious, it seems to creep by until you get out on your own and start a career or family.  Then, it just seems to fly by.  I still find myself wondering where all the time has gone over the past few years.
My family had a "Taco Dinner" and cake and ice cream for me tonight at my sister's house.  We had good food and a fun time together.  My brother gave me a red rod and reel "Crappie Rig" for my birthday.  Red is my favorite color and fishing is my favorite pastime.  I plan on using it very soon.
My sister-in-law and nephew brought me lunch and we sat and played a board/card game all afternoon.  The nephew wasn't showing much mercy on his Aunt on her birthday....he won nearly all the games.......
It has been a wonderful day.  Ritzy is taking me out of town for a couple of days next week to celebrate.  This week was just too busy.  I am really looking forward to that.  He had told me a few months ago to pick out a place to spend a couple of days and nights.  I picked Oklahoma City.  I have always wanted to see the 45th Infantry Division Museum.  Ritzy served in the 45th Infantry (National Guard) for over 21 years  so I feel  we need to go visit the museum to learn about the history of our great Oklahoma National Guard.
It will be so nice to just "get away" from the stresses of our normal routine for a couple of days. 
I spent yesterday altering the daughter's wedding dress.  Talk about stress....WHEW!!!!!  I think we about got it where she wants it.  The wedding is only 3 weeks away.......
I am probably gonna need a vacation after that too, hehe!!!
It is getting late and this birthday girl is getting tired so I better get my rest because as you know ~~I am not getting any younger~~Ritzywife out...............

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

Posted by: cheryl

I can hardly believe it.  I didn't have a speck of green on today and nobody noticed.  I did it on purpose, just to see if anyone would be brave enough to pinch Ritzywife, haha....
This month is flying by.  Spring is just a few days away and the weather is finally feeling like it should.  Today was beautiful, but I couldn't be outdoors due to a nasty cold that I acquired from someone.  I was also busy, busy, busy in the house today.  The daughter and future son-in-law moved into their house the night before last.  That meant that I could FINALLY get my house back in order.  I did not waste any time doing so.  It took the whole day, but "mission accomplished"....
The only thing I have left is to arrange my sewing table and craft items in the storage/sewing room.  That will be a fun job, tho.
The wedding is slipping up on us, just a few weeks away.  We are all trying to see if we have forgotten anything....I am almost sure there will be something we didn't think of but, you know....it will be just fine in the end.
The fish are starting to bite and I have not had a chance to go yet.  They are just beginning to come in to start their spawn for this season.  My brother and sister-in-law went fishing tonite and only caught some small ones.  My brother met the sister-in-law and the nephew at our house after work and they all went fishing.  I was frying chicken strips for supper  and realized it would not take much more effort to cook for 3 more........I realized brother was probably hungry after working all day.   I called my sister-in-law and told her I had a "doggie bag" to hold them over til they got home.  When they came in the house, I told them they may as well sit down and eat....we were just finishing and there were still plenty of side items left.  So, they ate and we got to visit for a little while.  I love doing things like that for my family.
Earlier  in the day,  I was talking to her on the phone and was telling her that I had a table that had some storage space in it that I wanted to give to the daughter because it was just too big for where I had it, but i needed a place to put my cookbooks and some other items.  She said she had just what I needed and she and the nephew brought it out.  It was perfect.  Now my dining table is where it is supposed to be ( not pushed against the wall) and 4 people can sit around the table.  I told you  I had been cleaning, ;-)   Before, there was that baker's table, my dining table, chairs, a file cabinet for the church and another small table in the dining room, plus some tote boxes due to the daughter's move back in November.  Not Anymore....  The only thing in the dining room now is the dining table and chairs. YIPPEE!!!! 
I should not be having any trouble falling asleep tonight, but we'll see.  Ritzy is sleeping right now and I am about ready to call it a day.   That being said....Ritzywife is out!

Spring Is Just Around The Corner

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Only 3 weeks away, and it is playing hide and seek.  It warms up a few days then turns cold.  Hard to believe it is March 1st already.... Ritzy and I have been switching between turning off the heat and turning on the A/C - turning off the A/C turning on the heat for the last couple of weeks.  It's just that time of year in Oklahoma.
He told me that he was talking to his brother in Wisconsin last night and found out we have received a lot more snow than Wisconsin so far this season. 
Ritzy was also telling me that his parents are doing fairly well.  His mother fell and broke her hip.  She had to have hip replacement .  Ritzy's brother said the recovery is going to be very slow.  We will be going up there in a couple of  months.  His brother already invited us to stay with him and his family. Gee, I sure hope it isn't as hot as last year.  Their home does not have air conditioning.  The week we were up there was one of the hottest times during last year.  hmmm
Ritzywife is thinking about that garden and planting flowers....and let's not forget crappie fishing!  I love this time of year!!!!!!  Don't get me wrong, I love the snow, and it is beautiful......but my favorite time of year is Spring.  I love watching everything come back to "life".   My jonquils are up and getting ready to bloom.  The only thing is - this is when we usually get a heavy snow.  We will just have to wait and see. 
I hope the weather cooperates with my fishing plans this year.  We live close to a creek that runs into the Oologah lake.  The bank is rocky and the crappie come up in there (if the water temp is right) to spawn.  This goes on for about 6 weeks starting in late March-early April thru May.  But the temperature has to level off.  Has to make it in the 70's - 80's during the day and not drop below 60's at night.   The way we are going now....it's going to be interesting to see how things turn out.  If I am lucky it doesn't flood me out of my fishing hole.  That's the bad thing about where I fish.   If we start getting a lot of rain, the lake rises and floods out the creek.  Then the only way to get to where the fish are is by boat. 
The daughter and her fiance are about to get their house ready to move into.  They have spackled the walls in the bedrooms, bathrooms, painted and are getting new carpet tomorrow.  This has turned into more work than they had planned, but they are about finished.  Still have to replace the kitchen countertop.
She is getting things ready for her wedding day, also.  All this while both of them are working full time.  Oh well, they are young....they can handle it ;-)  that's why you do this stuff while you are young, haha!!
I have a Dr.'s appointment in a couple of hours.  Its's that yearly exam every woman looks forward too......not!!!  I just keep telling myself that tonight it will only be a distant memory, hehe!!
Speaking of tonite, after returning home from that appointment, I have to get supper started.  Think I will go with chicken.  Last night we had homemade chicken and noodles...and yes, the noodles were homemade too.  The daughter and fiance came home and got the noodles out of the refirgerator and headed up to "granny's with them.  She said granny (my mom) wanted some too........The future son-in-law said they were delicious.......
I also tried a new recipe out  on hubby and the son.  I saw the recipe in a magazine the night before.  It was a German pancake.  It tasted pretty good, and was so darn easy to make. 
Ritzy told me last night that he did not know how he would have survived all these almost 28 years without Ritzywife's cooking ;-)
 I thought that was sweet.  He sure can put that food away tho,  I just look in amazement at the amount he eats and stays so fit.  He ate 3 bowls of noodles last nite!!!!  plus dessert.....I did good to eat one!!
I am glad that he likes my cooking......I love to cook for my family.....even tho sometime's it can be a challenge, but, I like challenges too.....
Speaking of cooking, I am going to have a new stove delivered tomorrow.  The stove I have used all these years doesn't have a see-thru door, it is also one of the cheaper models made.  I thought I deserved a nice stove for all this cooking.  This one has 5 burners on top, a grate all across the top, the middle can be used for an oversized pot or griddle, and better temperature control, a lot of other features and the most important (to me)  a self-cleaning oven.  I will probably be giving my brother a call to come help Ritzy install it.  All it will cost is a  steak (cooked on the Weber grill) dinner and a homemade cobbler.  No problem for Ritzywife.....
Wow, when I sat down here to write, I thought I had nothing to say.....but as you can see, that was not the case.
Ritzywife out...........................

What Season Is This, Again....Anybody Know????

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On the last post was a picture my son took while on his ride to work.  It showed the outside temperature to be -27 degrees.  Here it is exactly one week later and it is 75 degrees.  A 100 degree difference in only one week.  WOW, this is crazy.  Ritzywife is threatening to turn on the AC unit.  It seems we have jumped from the freezer to the oven.......hehe!!  All that beautiful snow is just about gone.  I had about forgotten what my yard looked like...  You want variety.....come to Oklahoma!!!!!
I am starting to get  "Crappie Fishing Fever".....  You fishermen out there know exactly what I am talking about.
I was reading on a weather site the other day about what to expect in the coming months.  They said to expect dramatic changes in the temperatures.  They won't last long, but it will turn cold, them warm etc....
With the daughter's wedding coming up in April, that is not exactly what I was wanting to hear.  I told Ritzy last night that I was going to wait until I know what the weather is going to be like before I buy my clothes for the wedding ;-)
Speaking of the daughter, she came into our room early this morning wanting a thermometer.  We found it and she proceeded to tell me she had been up half the night with fever/chills, back hurting , rapid heartbeat, and just not feeling well.  I took her blood pressure and it was normal, her heart rate was a little fast.   She was holding a cold wet cloth on her face and neck to try to "cool off"... She said that some of her co-workers had come to work sick, but she didn't know if she had "caught" anything off them.  I asked her again to show me again where the back pain was.  After that, I told her that it was possible to have either a kidney infection or kidney stones.  Told her a trip to the Dr.'s office was probably going to be needed.  That is where she and her fiance are right now.  He texted me a while ago and said they were waiting to take a ct scan, because the Dr. thinks it could be kidney stones.  It sure is hard watching your kids hurting and not be able to "just make it go away".....  I was going to take her, but he offered and I figured they are about to start a life together and they need to learn how to take care of each other.  So, here I am at home....She said she had a full day at work, but I told her that sometimes these things happen and her boss knows how hard a worker she is, so try not to worry about it.  Just an observation here--My and Ritzy's kid's  work ethic is one of their  qualities we are really proud of.  They both know their jobs and they do them well.  Sorry for the bragging ;-)
After the daughter and her fiance left, it was around 8:30 am.  I debated on whether to go back to bed, or just stay up.  Well the bed won. I didn't get up til 10.  Psst, don't tell Ritzy.   Oh well, I will probably tell on myself tonight.
This warm weather had me thinking about supper tonight.  When Ritzy gets home I am going to ask him to get the Weber charcoal grill out and fire it up.  I have some steaks thawing right now.  I am usually not a steak eater, but that sure sounds good now....Sure glad  Northeast Oklahoma is not included in that "burn ban"....
I have a feeling this is going to be one of those days where at the end of the day I am going to be scratchin' my head wondering where the time went.....
Ritzywife out.........................................

How Low Can You Go?!?

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Can you believe it?!?!?  Oklahoma is in the freezer....... That was the temperature (NOT WIND CHILL) here in Winganon this morning.....We have had the most amazing weather that I have ever witnessed.  First of all we dealt with a blizzard about a week ago and a couple of days ago both  record snowfall and cold temperatures.  There is about 3 ft. of snow on the ground in our yard and drifts up to 4 & 5 ft.
The Oologah lake ( just a mile west) is frozen with about a foot of snow on top of the ice.
Even though all this is going on......it is still beautiful, so I am trying to enjoy it instead of whine about it.  Here is a picture of the latest snowfall added to the snow we recieved last week:

My patio table and chairs are almost covered up and the swing by the porch is covered.  That red thing peeping out of the snow is a lawn chair.  Ritzy sure has had his fill of shoveling snow for a while.  He was even at the roof shoveling snow  by the porch to prevent ice dams.
Speaking of the lake ...here is a picture of the snow drifts ON the lake taken from the  road crossing the lake looking to the north. 
Ritzy and I made a trip into town to get the poor little birds some seed.  We grabbed a snack and I asked if we could just go park on the road and just look at the lake for a while and eat our lunch/snack.  Just a chance to be alone and out of the house.  With all this bad weather and 5 adults in the house.......there isn't much "alone" time for anyone.
I hear it is supposed to warm up by this weekend....then we will be dealing with the slushy mess this melting snow will create.  Ritzy and I are having to put off starting our garden becuase of the snow...Usually have our potatoes in by middle of February to first of March.  That is just so hard to imagine.... seeing all this "white stuff" around.
Well, it's time for Ritzywife to get off here and fix this crew some supper.
Ritzywife out....................

******2011 Blizzard******

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Well, as you can see - we did get that snow.  All 18-20 inches of it. The top picture is our a/c unit outside the back door, buried in the snow. the bottom picture is my porch swing on the other side of the back porch buried in the snow also....   It was amazing to watch it snow so hard and tso long.  That wind was really blowing.
All the family was stuck at home yesterday.  They are still here today.  Ritzy shoveled snow in the driveway and sidewalk.  He had to do the sidewalk 3 or 4 times.  By the time he would get finished it would be covered again.  We could not open our back door all the way til he shoveled some of the  snow away.
The daughter's boyfriend (fiance) thought he would drive his 4-wheel drive to work and get the equipment to pull people out of the ditch.  Well, he got stuck, but he was close to the place where the equipment was so he got the loader and graded a road, did a little work and finally got his truck unstuck and headed to the house.  He was 3.5 miles away (across the lake) when he called and said he could go no further.  There was a truck stuck in front of him and an emergency vehicle behind him coming after those people in front of him.  I tried to tell the daughter to tell him to go with those people cause it was COLD outside.  But NO!!!!!   He gets out of his truck and starts walking in knee-deep snow to the house.  All this is about to get the best of me.  So I go to the  kitchen and proceed to make some potato soup.  Well the daughter comes in the kitchen and proceeds to tell me that she is going to go meet her guy.  I do not like the idea, but I really can't blame her.  I make sure she has enough warm clothes and she goes on her way to meet him.  He is at the bridge at this time, about 2.5 miles away.  I holler at Ritzy and tell him she needs a light because it is after 5 at this time.  He comes after a light and I tell him that she is not to go alone.  He goes with her and after a while I hear him come in.  I ask where they are and he said his feet were getting too cold.  He only had on rubber waders at the time.  He gets his feet warm, puts on his army boots and heads back out the door.  He meets up with them finally about a half mile away from the house.  About 30 minutes later they all walk thru the door.  I was a mess while all of this was going on.  When that soon to be son-in-law walked in I told him how glad I was that he was ok, but then I grabbed his shirt and told him that if he EVER tried anything like that again, that Ritzywife was going to "punch his lights out."
After all that.... we all grabbed a bowl of soup and had our supper.
I hope everyone stays put today......&
I hope to get outside to take some more pictures later.
Ritzywife out...................................

****Winter Storm****

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We are under a "Winter Storm Warning" until Wednesday.  Could see some ice and 10 + inches of snow.......YIPPEEE!!!!
I love snow, even if it means being "cooped" up with the family, haha!!!!  It's also going to get really cold.  I keep telling everyone that it is winter.....it's supposed to be cold.  The only thing wrong with the timing of this storm for us is that Ritzy and I are going to Skiatook with my brother and his wife next Saturday for a music/comedy show.  With the temps not getting above freezing and that much snow------we may NOT be going anywhere soon......
A very busy weekend around here for me.  I do my family's income taxes online and they had me going at it pretty good all weekend.  Ritzy and I already have ours back.  I did some sewing for our Pastor & Family's new baby that is expected this week.  I have some more sewing for myself  lined up for this coming week while being "snowed in".
The daughter's wedding plans are going along pretty well.  Now I just pray for pretty weather in April.  Everyone is in bed and I am about ready to be there myself.  Looking forward to a slow Monday after a very busy weekend.
At least tomorrow everyone will be out of the house early and I can get things back in order.
This bunch thinks I am the only one qualified to do this job, or the only one dumb enough to do it......not sure.....will have to get back to you on that...
I am really getting tired so.....Ritzywife out...........................


Another New Dish

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"Asian"  was the choice this time.  I saw an Asian cole slaw recipe that sounded and looked so good and pretty that I had to try it.  I also found a pepper steak recipe that looked delicious.  I even made home made fried rice for the first time.  It all turned out wonderful.    What can I say.... I love to cook and try new things.....The daughters fiance told me that he was "just going to have to make himself stop eating"..... cause he liked it so much ;-)
Fast forward to this morning........I was sleeping sooooo good when my cellphone rang.  It was the daughter's fiance telling me that if I wanted to see a "great American symbol"  to get my camera and head out the door toward the lake.  There was a bald eagle perched high in a tree on the east side of the lake just 1 1/2 miles from the house.  I told him that my sister-in-law, nephew and myself saw 2 of them the other day while crossing the lake.  They were sitting on the ice. I had forgotten all bout it.

  So, I got ready, grabbed the camera and headed to the lake.  Here are a couple of pictures of this great bird.....He was on the opposite side of the road so I had to go by him and find a place to turn around.  I was driving as slow as possible without scaring him so I could get a photo.   The pictures probably could have been better,  but even after 2 years, I am still learning how to use my camera, haha!!!!  The photo of him "in flight" is when I slowed way down to take his pic but he was not gonna have it.......
All of this before breakfast..............and I am getting ready to take care of that...............
Ritzywife out.................................

We Have A Date!!!!

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April 22, 2011
This is the date chosen for our daughter and her fiance's wedding.....Good Friday.....Ritzywife is happy!!
The daughter wants just a simple outdoor ceremony.  She has her dress bought, and it is beautiful..
She will  make a beautiful bride....just a Mother's observation ;-)
I have been trying out new recipes again, now that the holiday's  have passed by.  One is a  Mexican chili sauce (pictured) that I found online.  It was a hit with the family.  I believe it is the first "authentic" tasting Mexican dish I have made in a long time.  It is delicious!!!!!

Made the homemade bean/cheese burritos to go with the sauce.  The Mexican rice is the "Knorr" brand.  I had never tried this brand before but it turned out wonderful.  Taste and texture were just right.
Even made homemade sopapillas for dessert.  YUMM!!!!
The whole family loved the food!!!  That doesn't happen often when Ritzywife tries out a new recipe.  All I can say is--"this one is a keeper"......
I am going to start a pot of soup/stew for dinner tonight.   All I can hope for is that it turns out like "Papa's", my Dad's.  The daughter thinks her Papa is the ONLY one who knows how to make good soup.  Every time I make mine, all I hear is "this doesn't taste like Papa's"......I am thinking about asking Papa to stop and make the soup for me, hehe!!!
Gotta go get busy....Ritzywife out...............

Holidays Are Over......for now

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Here we are into January and the time just keeps flying by.  Well, the daughter and boyfriend have set a date for their wedding......April 22, 2011.  Gee, (we/she, are/is) going to have to get with it.   It is fun and frustrating watching her think and talk about what she wants.  I am staying out of this until my opinion is asked for, hehe!!!
She wants a very simple ceremony with just a few people present. 
I am STILL waiting on that snow........Looks like it's gonna turn colder in a few days.   Maybe I'll get my wish soon.  Ritzy still thinks I am nuts for wanting the white stuff......but I don't care cause I love it!!!!
I have all my Christmas decorations put away for another year.  It's always sad to see them come down and get put away.  I love the Christmas season and all that is included.......always have......and probably always will....
It has been pretty busy around here.  The days are getting longer.......only by seconds, but they ARE getting longer.  Looking forward to Spring and getting my "gear" ready to fish for the crappie that come into the creek nearby the house.  Can hardly wait!!!!!!!
That's about all I have for now.......Ritzywife out.....................